Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top 5 Office Furniture Finish Options of 2014

When designing a new office, it's important to take note of the latest trends and style cues from industry professionals. That being said, in today's article we'll be highlighting the top 5 office furniture finish options to use in 2014. From long time classic colors like cherry, to innovative new finishes like white, this post is sure to help you design a professional work environment that will wow your valued clientele.

Cherryman Ruby Series Conference FurnitureAny interior design team will tell you that you just can't go wrong using cherry finished furniture in your office. This classic color option is available in both wood veneer and laminate products from a variety of top brands. The availability of cherry desks, conference tables, reception stations, and wood seating makes it a versatile option for use in 2014. You have to be careful when matching products from various brands however. With so many different cherry tones offered this year, it's easy to end up with furniture that doesn't quite match. Needless to say, not all cherry finishes are created equal.

Popular Office Furniture Lines Available in Cherry Include:
Cherryman Emerald FurnitureAnother classic finish option that will always have it's place in business is mahogany. Typically used for traditional wood veneer office desks, this luxurious finish shows class and sophistication in the workplace. Outfitting your boardroom with stylish mahogany furniture will surely earn you a host of positive compliments from office guests. Those looking to save a buck will be happy to know that several of the industries most popular office furniture manufacturers are now offering mahogany laminate tones to help you capitalize on this elegant look at a fraction of the price of wood veneer products.

Popular Office Furniture Lines Available in Mahogany Include:

Mayline Luminary SeriesOften used in home office furniture configurations, the light tone of maple wood is a great way to make your workspace feel larger. While maple is definitely used in business applications, the popularity in 2014 has definitely been geared more towards the home office crowd. Light tones like maple offer a welcoming look while creating a neutral look for matching accent wall paint.

Popular Office Furniture Lines Available in Maple Include:

In 2014, the use of mocha (also referred to as espresso) laminate tones has been a major trend! This darker finished look offers modern appeal and a sophisticated look. Mocha office desks, conference tables, and reception area furniture solutions are being manufactured by nearly every major player in the industry. We have to admit, this is one of our staffs favorite colors to recommend as it really looks great in any space. The use of mocha and espresso finished products also shows minimal wear and looks great for years!

Popular Office Furniture Lines Available in Mocha or Espresso Include:

White Office Furniture
 Last but certainly not least, no trend has been more popular in 2014 than the use of white accented office furniture in the workplace. Whether used sparingly like on hutch doors or modesty panels or for entire desk configurations, White is offers a neutral look that's sure to match any accent products you choose. White is also associated with elegance, class, and sophistication. Top selling white desks and conference room products create a contemporary feel that's guaranteed to wow any guest while keeping your space on the cutting edge of office fashion.

Popular Office Furniture Lines Available in White Include:
No matter the finish you choose for your professional workspace, it's important to let your own personality shine. Be sure to incorporate tones you feel relate to the mood of your business and capture your individualistic nature. Hybrid color options are always available for those who really want to stand out from the crowd. Brands like Global Total Office provide nearly 20 finish options for all of their best selling desks and table collections. Be sure to meet with your furniture provider of choice for additional line suggestions and finish options to help inspire your project.

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