Thursday, February 6, 2014

Top Selling Conference Table Styles of 2014

With all of the innovative new products on the market in 2014, the conference room makeover project has become incredibly popular. Businesses are looking to increase their meeting area productivity and functionality through the use of multi media conference room table solutions. In today's article we'll showcase 5 of the most popular conference room table styles sure to inspire your project and get you started on the right foot!


Alba Racetrack Table by Global

Racetrack conference tables have been around for some time now. Also referred to as oval top tables, this top selling style provides an excellent look in both traditional and modern spaces. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM all offer racetrack conference tables for sale in various sizes to meet the specific needs of any meeting space. Products like the GRT8WLTM Alba series 8 ft. racetrack conference table add an additional element of industrial style with a metal leg design that's sure to impress. Priced at $549.99, if you enjoy the racetrack look, this is an awesome product to consider for your project.

Boat Shaped

Mayline TransAction Tables

Boat shaped conference room tables are classified as having curved sides and squared off ends. This popular look adds a bit of class to meeting areas both small and large. The top selling boat shaped conference tables on the market today incorporate power features that assist with presentations. Units like the Mayline TAC12BB TransAction table feature a hybrid design with wedge style ends that really wow office visitors. In 2014, cutting edge boat models like the TAC12BB are sweeping the nation. This trend is a definitely a great way to show design ingenuity in the workplace.


Modern Meeting Table with Round Top

Those with limited space will most likely be shopping round conference tables for sale from key brands like Offices To Go, Lesro Industries, and Cherryman. Typically available in 36", 42", and 48" versions, round meeting tables are a great way to incorporate modern style without taking up to much valuable square footage. Round tops provide ample elbow room for guests and typically accommodate up to 4 people. Models like the VL-868 Verde Series Table from Cherryman offer extra flair with the silver legs and choice of two unique surface finish options.


Rectangular Sorrento Conference Table

The rectangular conference table shape will always have it's place in business. This classic design has been a top seller year in and year out for popular furniture manufacturers. Typically used in traditional boardroom environments, wood veneer models from lines like the Mayline Sorrento Collection offer a luxury look with two tone finish combination. While modern rectangular tables are available, most searching for a cutting edge look will be more interested in hybrid shapes like those mentioned above. If you're keeping it classy and professional, there's perhaps no better choice than rectangular! This timeless shape will never go out of style in the conference room.


BXK132S Bungee Tables Set

Last but certainly not least, modular conference table designs are perhaps the hottest trend sweeping the world of professional office furniture. This style consists of a set of tables capable of configuring into a variety of popular shapes and disconnected for storage when not in use. It's no secret that modular tables save space, but they also make for easy to clean meeting environments that can really save time. No more bending under the table to pick up debris, modular conference room tables typically feature wheels that allow users to simply slide tables to a desired position when needed. Perhaps no modular table set on the market today offers more versatility than the BXK132S Global Bungee Tables Set with flip top design. This unique product allows businesses to incorporate the best features from both meeting areas and training rooms to create multi purpose work environments that are designed for the highest levels of business functionality.

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