Monday, March 31, 2014

Design To Inspire: Tips for Creating the Perfect Waiting Room

Designing a waiting room can be a pretty tough gig, especially if you've got no experience. But don't worry! We're here to help you. Design is part vision, but it's also part science, and almost everyone has a creative bone if they seek it out. Waiting rooms are all about the guests you have, so if you know what your guests like an what they're coming in for, your design project will be a piece of cake. Here's some great tips to help you create the best environment for your guests!

Use Enticing Colors

Colorful Waiting Room

Colors are an important part of setting the atmosphere in any environment. If certain ones are especially prominent, they can have both a visual and psychological effect on the individuals in a room over time, so it's important to choose colors that look good together, promote the business, and leave visitors at ease. Color theory is a subject that all interior designers must learn, so it's never a bad idea to familiarize oneself with the basics before decorating. Since waiting rooms are a part of business, company colors can be fun, but you'll want to mute them or use them sparingly if they're too outlandish. If you choose a solid wall color, try to spice things up with accent furniture and comfortable fabric guest chairs for waiting room use. A mix of solid and varied colors, with smooth, stunning textures and patterns will keep the eye interested!

Create An "At Home" Feel

Homey Waiting Room

Comfort is the goal of almost all waiting rooms. Nobody likes to wait forever in a place that not only looks boring, but also leaves you with cramps. To avoid this, the best tactic is to create an "at home" feel for your waiting area. Choosing affordable waiting room sofas with modern design and accenting them with loveseats, chairs, and tables will help create the illusion in your guests that they are, perhaps, at a friend's house, rather than waiting for their name to be called. Providing plenty of entertainment in the form of wall art, fish tanks, magazines, books, or even television make great distractions too. All of these things will leave guests less inclined to pester the receptionist about wait times, and it will make time fly faster for everyone!

Modern Decor Is In

Modern Waiting Room

When is it ever not? Modern decor is always in; that's why it's modern decor! If you want to appeal to the current crowd, decorating with the contemporary is the best way to do it, and lately, there's been no reason not to. With fancy lighting fixtures, stylish vases, organic curves, colors, and textures, modern decor has never looked better! Design companies everywhere are putting new spins on classic waiting room furniture for sale, giving a trendy spice to everything, from seating, to wall art, even to office plants. White upholstery has become all the rage recently, and everyone has been picking up white seating for office and waiting room use. Never be afraid to spring for a funky new chair if you like the way it looks, even if you worry it might be a bit out there. Chances are, if it's got smooth curves, metal accents, or an ergonomic design, it's a style that will be "in" for quite some time.

Modularity Matters

Global Ballara Layout M

Any office efficiency expert could talk for hours about the importance of modularity. (Fortunately, we won't put you through that here.) For those of you that don't know, "modularity" simply refers to a style of design with a focus on efficiency. It's a more prominent in traditional office environments, but it's beneficial in waiting rooms too. Choosing furniture that can be easily reconfigured is a huge bonus for a changing workplace. As your company's needs alter, it saves a lot of time and money if your furniture is adaptable. Simple, versatile furniture sets for waiting room use, like the Global LAYOUT-C Ballara Furniture Layout and other Ballara layouts, come with a fixed amount of chairs and tables that can be switched around or altered to meet the changing demands of your workplace.

Accent To Perfection

Accented Waiting Room

Now that your waiting room is all but finished, it's time for the fun part! Accent decorating is often an interior designer's favorite task because it allows them the most opportunity for expression, and the same is true for waiting rooms. Accent furniture is the designer's outlet for setting the mood. It is the greatest opportunity for embellishment and to unite all the design choices you have made. With lamps, rugs, vases, tables, wall art, and plants, the options are virtually endless. There is always something that will fit in the room either to serve a function or round out the look. Some popular accent choices for waiting rooms include fun lighting fixtures for guests to read magazines by. Television stands can double as storage centers. Plants, wall art, and even aquariums can occupy the attention of guests for long stretches of time. The goal is to make your space pop, so guests are comfortable, intrigued, and impressed!

Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Interior Design Tips That Promote Creativity In The Office

Creativity is a big part of rising to the top these days, especially in business. Companies that invest in revolutionary minds to work for them reap the benefits of the unique marketing and design strategies that come from creative people. Brand names like Apple, Google, Etsy, Facebook have made creativity the driving source of their company success, and they invest in it like it's going out of style. If you want to promote creativity in your workplace, check out these top seven design tips to inspire!

Create an Identity

What's a person without their identity? Knowing what someone does, what they like, and what they stand for defines who that person is, and the same is true of businesses. If a company works hard to brand itself, people will learn to recognize it real quick, sometimes even by a color scheme! To create an identity for your business, try to go with uniformity. Pick individuals with diverse skills that can get along with others to be your employees. Showcase brand colors in the design of your office space, and furnish with uniform sets of office desks or affordable workstations with modular design where users can all feel equal. Starting with a base of equality and a strong sense of identity will make your company more recognizable to customers, and it will create a sense of community among co-workers.

Share Desk Space

This tip will come as great news for small businesses with even smaller budgets. Today, most businesses depend heavily upon computers and technology, but with the explosion of laptops and cellular work in the office, it's almost silly to stick to the "one person, one desk" rule. Places that rely heavily on laptop work and mobile users need far fewer desks than the owner may anticipate. Of course, it's never a good idea to rid your workplace of desks totally, but since many mobile users may find it more comfortable to type from a sofa or bench, it's probably better to get a few large tables for boardroom applications or shared desks than it is to get a bunch of expensive individual desks. Save the money.

Create an Inspirational Environment

It's hard to get creative juices flowing in a place with no windows, fluorescent lights, and whitewashed walls. Given enough time in a room like that, anyone would go a little stir crazy after a while. If you want a creative workplace, you have to design it. Creative individuals need inspiration from somewhere, and it falls on the designer to ensure that a place looks inspirational. There are all sorts of interior design themes to go with, from rustic, to modern, to western, and anything else you can dream up. Company colors are often excellent identity builders to decorate with. Sometimes, discount colorful task chairs for office use can represent your company without costing a fortune on new interiors.

Make It Personal

While the whole of the workplace should represent your business, the key to creativity is letting employees express themselves. Allowing them to make their workplace personal by giving them the freedom to decorate their individual cubicles for office use lets them surround themselves with the things they know inspire them. Family photos, drawings, artwork, and plants all promote a healthy work environment for the individual. Some successful businesses even allow employees to bring in their dogs or cats on occasion. Even fish make quiet, low maintenance companions to represent beauty and creative freedom. The point is to liven up the workspace and let employees be themselves.

Let Creators Create

Creativity does not come in one form. Different people are going to have different ideas about how to market and brand your business. Good business owners will listen to every one. Letting employees express their ideas in their own way is the most conducive environment for creativity. Try to allow them the equipment they need to express and present those ideas. Conference rooms, boardrooms, and training areas are all excellent places to express and share strategies. Deck them out with affordable presentation aids for office use so ideas are more easily shared.

Healthy and Comfortable

Promoting employee health is good for everyone. It reduces costs for the company and improves the work experience of everyone that works for it. Choosing healthful furniture like healthy office products with ergonomic features can reduce pain and improve user health in all sorts of ways. Ergonomic office chairs can alleviate everything from back pain to joint problems to poor circulation. Keyboard trays and monitor arms can reduce muscle cramps, neck pain, headaches, and even specific ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome. Top off the healthy workplace with beneficial plants to act as affordable air purifiers for office spaces. Plants like golden pothos, peace lilies, lemon balms, and spider plants purify any harmful VOCs in the air, contributing to clearer thinking and a healthier, fresher workplace.

Different Needs, Different Space

Our last design tip for a creative, productive workspace revolves around the concept of "zoning." This term refers to the idea that different work activities should happen in different spaces, or zones. And it makes total sense. Quieter areas are better for concentrated, private activities like writing or brainstorming while louder, busier areas are more conducive to the spread and share of ideas. Giving employees different spaces for the different activities that need to be done helps ensure that those activities actually get done. The proper environment will create the right atmosphere for a number of specific tasks, and employees will feel comfortable doing them.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's New: White Office Chairs by Offices To Go

Any industry professional will tell you, white office chairs are in! This popular trend started building momentum in late 2013. Interior design teams were craving the ability to add neutral tones for office makeover projects and the top seating manufacturers heard the call! In 2014 we are seeing a plethora of stylish white chairs for every area of the workplace. In today's article, we'll be highlighting several new and affordable models from one of our favorite brands, Offices To Go. Enjoy!

Offices To Go 11730 Chair in WhiteFirst up, the 11730 model white conference chairs with polished frame features. If it's contemporary style you're in search of, this versatile chair is the choice for you. Priced at only $221.99, the 11730 offers a high end look that would indicate a much higher selling point. This comfy product is a great way to add designer style to professional meeting areas and even executive work environments.

Offices To Go White Executive Chair 2787Second on the list is the Offices To Go 2787 Executive Chair in White Luxhide leather. This ergonomic seating solution comes standard with user friendly attributes like a high back design, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and padded arm rests. The charcoal arm and base details compliment the white upholstery to perfection. You'll be sure to earn ample compliments with this product.

White Office Chair by OTGIf you're looking to impress valued clientele on a budget, the 2700 model Offices To Go White Luxhide Chair might just be the choice for you! This line of white office chairs for sale works perfect in executive areas and conference room seating applications. The embellished padding design offers much more than just good looks. This chair is supremely comfortable! At only $225.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a more functional and versatile fit at even twice the price.

OTG2701 White Office ChairAs a slightly more conservative alternative to the high back 2700 chair, the 2701 Mid Back Offices To Go Chair is an affordable choice for home and business use. This white upholstered chair priced at only $219.99 is poised to be a top seller in 2014. Standard features like polyurethane reverse curved arms, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and tilt lock with tilt tension adjustment make for a comfortable sit during those long days at the office. It's also a pleasure to look at!

Cool White Leather Computer ChairLast but certainly not least, Offices To Go enhanced their popular 2788 model chair by adding white Luxhide upholstery as an option. This contemporary white computer chair offers a unique appeal that works great in nearly every office application imaginable. At an everyday low price of $203.99, this product is one of the best office values 2014 has to offer! The list of ergo friendly features includes single position tilt lock, pneumatic height adjustment capabilities, molded arms, and much more. If you're looking for a comfortable chair in line with the latest style trends, look no further than the OTG 2788 model. You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Global Accord Series

Global is a brand that's well known and respected for it's extensive furniture lines. As a manufacturer that produces everything from chairs, to tables, desks, and more, Global is definitely one of the top contenders in the office furniture world. Their high end works can be seen from the tallest high-rises to home offices all over the nation. With quality versatile designs, durability, and affordable prices, it's not hard to find the Accord Series by Global either! Enjoy this review of the popular brand line.


2670-4 Accord High Back Chair by Global

Any of the chairs in the Global Accord Series are perfect for any modern office. Created by the world-renowned furniture designer, Zooey Chu, they not only boast excellent comfort, but also incredible style. Most models like the 2670-4 Accord High Back Chair by Global feature a pleated, "ribbed" styling or effect on the backs of the chairs. The clean lines created by this look provide a sense elegance not commonly achieved by other chair designs. Accord chairs boast a sling back style that's both modern and professional enough for trendy cubicles and upscale businesses alike.


Global Accord Versatility

The simplicity of design in the Global Accord Series enable the chairs to fit just about anywhere. The clean, non-intrusive lines don't stop the eye, but allow the chairs to contribute to the rest of the room. The sling back design is very popular nowadays, and with the chairs being available in a huge array of colors, they easily fit in with almost any existing decor. The 2676-2 Global Accord Mesh Back Chair features a breathable mesh back for those that prefer it. Like all Accord chairs, it is framed by polished aluminum arms for modernity. This combination of chair choice, color options, and upholsteries help to make the Accord chairs some of the most versatile modern task chairs for sale on the market today. They work equally well in home and executive offices, cubicles, desk offices, and tasking applications, but the make super impressive guest seating in meeting rooms, conference areas, and boardrooms too.


2676LM-4 Mesh Back Accord Chair by Global

To contribute to versatility, the Global Accord Series boasts eleven different chair designs, all with different combinations of features to appeal to the unique personality in all of us. Some options, like the 2676LM-4 Mesh Back Accord Chair by Global offer a comfortable mesh upholstery, which better compliments individuals that work in warmer offices. Other models, for example, the 2670LM-2 feature black leather as an upholstery. Some chairs 2671-4 offer the same level of quality design in a mid back styling that works great in cubicles or at small office desks, and there is even a drafting chair available. Almost all Accord chairs boast useful chair features like tilt tension, locks, and mobility in addition to their prospective individual designs.


Front and Back View Global Accord Chairs

Global Accord chairs can range in price from modest to moderate. As with most furniture lines, the chairs with average quality boast an average price, while the chairs with more expensive upholsteries and higher end features come at a higher cost. For most dealers, the 2671-4 Accord Mid Back Chair by Global, with it's small back tends to be at the lowest end of the price spectrum, while the 2678LM-6 Global Accord Drafting Stool incorporates more advanced features, giving it the highest price tag. Fortunately, none of the prices are too far of the normalcy scale, and users are typically happy with what they pay for. Given the wide array of features, color options, sizes, and versatility, Accord chairs are definitely priced according to their value. The hardest part for most users is just choosing what they'd like.

Overall Grade

Global Accord Chairs

Overall, we give the Global Accord Series an A. As a whole, the entire line offers extensive diversity for lovers of mesh and leather upholsteries. The chairs offer plenty of features, with each model boasting a unique combination, and all chairs providing tilt tension control for standard comfort. The chairs are reasonably priced, and offer exquisite design. Accord chairs will turn heads anywhere, from the cubicle to the conference room, and they certainly look good doing it. They make a valuable addition to almost every office they stand in, and are certainly worth their grade!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Configure A Professional U Shaped Desk Configuration

U shaped office desks are a popular choice for both modern and traditional work environments. While out of the box configurations are available, those with specific space requirements are often forced to design layouts using individual components to meet their unique needs. In today's article we'll highlight the versatile desk pieces needed to design a professional U shaped desk commonly available in a wide variety of sizes from the industries best brands.

Offices To Go Espresso Desking Configuration

For the purposes of today's article, we'll be highlighting individual components from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Desking Collection. As a favorite amongst interior design teams and business professionals this top rated collection is a highly recommended choice that's sure to improve your corporate decor.

1.) Choose A Desk Shell

71" Offices To Go Desk Shell

Any professional workstation configuration starts with the main desk shell. As the focal point of your layout this piece is where the majority of your business will be conducted. The SL7136DS Rectangular Desk Shell used in our sample layout above is a versatile choice that allows for a variety of storage additions. This 71" unit can also be outfitted with your choice of a a left or right hand return.

2.) Choose A Credenza

Offices To Go Credenza Shell

The second step in designing a U shaped desk layout is to select a credenza. This piece serves as the rear of the U shape and acts as an additional worksurface and area for adding storage components. Be sure to choose a credenza with the same length as your front desk shell whenever possible as it provides a more professional look. The SL7124CS 71" Credenza Shell will work perfect with the shell mentioned above.

3.) Add A Return

48" Desk Return

Once you've chosen a desk and credenza shell to start your configuration with, it's time to choose a return. This piece will be used to connect the front and rear sections of your workstation together. While a variety of sizes are available for both large and small U shaped executive desks, a 36" to 48" wide units are the most common. A desk return width will determine how much operating space you have between the front and rear desking sections while providing additional worksurface. The addition of a return makes for a versatile configuration that can also be used easily in corner applications.

4.) Provide Storage

Box Box File Desk Pedestal

Now that you've created the basic U shaped structure, it's time to outfit your station with storage. The most common office desk pedestals include both suspended and full size models with a variety of drawer configurations. Most professionals will recommend full sized models as they provide more storage and are far easier to install than suspended units. File file pedestals and box box file pedestals are the most typically used styles in U shaped configurations. When designing a custom layout, using a variation of both styles will provide you with the best organizing potential. Use 1 file file pedestal in your credenza and 1 box box file pedestal in your desk and you'll be just fine for starting out.

5.) Add A Hutch

71" Overhead Storage Hutch

While an overhead storage hutch is not a must when creating a U shaped station, they do provide an enhanced executive appeal and additional storage space. The addition of a hutch will add to your expenses but the improved organizing potential and upscale style may be worth it to you. This luxury feature is typically available with a choice of wood or glass doors and situates directly above the credenza section of your station.

In addition to the components listed above you may choose to add matching wood lateral file cabinets, bookcases, or other pieces to set your workstation apart from the competition. For that reason, choosing a full service line like the Superior Laminate Collection listed in today's article is a must. The versatile and interchangeable list of components will ensure you leave room for future growth while capitalizing on the latest style trends.

Monday, March 24, 2014

5 Common Office Chair Adjustments for Improved Workplace Efficiency

All too often, when people get a new ergonomic office chair, they're shocked at the comfort, but they may never realize the chair can actually support them much better. Ergonomic office chairs are precision instruments of comfort, and they are almost always equipped with dozens of adjustable comfort controls for personalization. If you just got a new office chair and are unsure of what it can do, check for these common high tech features and experience an all new workday!


Offices To Go Mesh Executive Chair

Height is typically the easiest part of chairs to adjust, and most people can find the lever for it in a snap. Unfortunately, too many people adjust their chair's height wrong, either putting their chair too high or too low. The proper way to sit in an office chair is in a series of right angles. The elbows, back, and knees should all be at right angles when sitting, and the feet should be flat on the ground. If the chair is too high and the feet aren't flat, it can lead to pain and stress on the body, since the floor doesn't support the legs as well. If the chair is too low, it can push the legs up, preventing proper circulation. To prevent this, adjust the chair's height so you have your feet on the ground, but can still work comfortably at your desk. On most fabric office chairs with ergonomic features, the height adjustment feature is under the seat in the form of a lever, button, or rotating knob.


Adjustable Armrests

Too many people take their chair's adjustable arms for granted, either not bothering to adjust them or removing them entirely. For most people though, armrests are a critical aspect of a healthful work environment. When the arms aren't placed at right angles to the body, circulation through the arms, wrists, and hands is hindered. Over time, this can cause pain, cramps, inflammation, arthritis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome, which may have to be surgically corrected. This is why making use of armrests and retractable ergonomic trays for keyboards is so important. Most armrests can be manually adjusted by hand, no buttons or levers required.


RFM Carmel Chair with Lumbar Support

Too many people suffer from office related back pain caused by hours of slouching or poor posture in a task chair. This is why, for most Americans, lumbar support is the key to a healthy, comfortable work environment. The spine is naturally curved in an S-shape in which the spine and the abdominal muscles work together to support the upper body. However, when one slouches forward for a long time, perhaps to type or see a computer screen, the abdominals weaken and the spine takes all the weight, putting it under tremendous pressure, slowly deforming it into more of a C-shape than an S. Lumbar helps by forcing the lower back inward and guiding the spine back into it's proper place. Fortunately, most chairs like the 8215 Carmel Ergonomic Chair by RFM provide lumbar support already built in, but there are those with adjustable lumbar for those that prefer it.


Tilting Office Chair

According to a recent report by, reclining has been reported as one of the most comfortable ways to sit in an office chair. This could be because, when the body reclines, pressure is taken off the spine and back to be supported by the chair. All of this means that the tilt feature on an office chair is one of the most important features one can have. Almost all ergonomic mesh chairs for sale have some type of tilt feature in the seat or back, adjusted by manipulating a lever, button, or knob somewhere on the side of the chair. It adjusts the tension with which the chair supports the body. Heavier individuals usually need more tension in the chair's back, while lighter individuals need less. Either way, tilt is an important attribute for improving efficiency by promoting comfort and maneuverability on the part of the user.


Global Obusforme Chair with Headrest

Headrests are vital for individuals with neck pain. In addition to ergonomic arms for computer monitors, headrests work to keep the head in the right place. Turning unnaturally for long periods of time to view a computer screen or a keyboard can stress and alter the muscles of the shoulders, upper back, and neck, causing terrible pain. Chairs like the 4470 Obusforme High Back Executive Office Chair by Global provide headrests to alleviate this pain and improve work experience. Without neck aches to plague them, most users experience greater focus and improved mood, both of which can contribute to a more efficient work environment. Headrests are usually offered as an optional feature to be purchased at checkout, but they sometimes come built into the chair, or as a detachable feature.

Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Smart Ways To Improve Your Workspace

Most of us spend eight hours or more in our workspace. It only makes sense that we should enjoy our time there. Staying in a healthy, productive environment is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle, and knowing what to put in your workplace can make all the difference. If you're ready for a change of pace, check out these top seven tips to a professional individual workspace!

Natural Light

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has been proven by many scientific studies to have a profound psychological effect on the body. People who spend more time outdoors or around bright natural sunlight tend to experience better life outlooks and moods. In fact, Psychology Today says that the exposure consistent natural light  improves workplace performance overall, with study groups experiencing more white light exposure performing better on psychological tests as well as quality of life surveys. People that spend more time in the sun generally have better sleep and work performances as well. In the office, these are critical attributes for maximum performance, so don't be afraid to let the sun shine in!


Painted Office Waiting Area

Speaking of psychology, few things affect it more than color. Color psychology has become a big part of interior design in recent years. Most up-and-coming designers are required to learn the indicators and effects that certain colors can have on the human psyche over time. In the workplace, keeping the right colors around can greatly effect mood and productivity, in almost the same way that natural sunlight can. However, different individuals have different psychological preferences and needs. If you have your own office, painting according to what you like shouldn't be a problem, but if not, there are still some cool color codes that have widespread effects on most people. Just be sure that when you paint, you go a few shades lighter than the color you want as shadows distort the appearance.

Here's some basic color psychology to help you decide what to paint:

Red: Stimulates the body and mind.

Blue: A soothing color that can create a sense of calmness, but in some, the wrong shade can cause feelings of sadness.

Yellow: A light cream color is bright and cheerful, but a strong caution-sign yellow causes anxiety.

Green: A natural color that often promotes calmness and tranquility. It has also been shown to improve reading ability in some cases.

White: Can create a sense of peace, but too much can feel blinding and make a room look bland.

Orange: Grabs attention, but also creates warmth and excitement in a room. It's best when paired with blues or purples to create a contrast.

Purple: Calming, but can also stimulate a sense of wonder.

Brown: A neutral color, brown is very sophisticated for offices as it evokes a sense of reliability.

Gray: A very modern color, it looks great with whites and grays, but can also create a sense of the industrial more than the personal.

Desk Plant

Desk with Plants

In the olden days, back before the wheel was invented, the office consisted of the great outdoors. Hunters and gatherers spent their time outside, engaging in the breathing cycle with plants, who breathed in the carbon dioxide we exhaled, and replenished the air with oxygen. Today, this isn't the case as much. In modern indoor offices, the carbon dioxide we exhale builds up if there's nothing there to purify it. That's why plants are so vital to a healthy office environment. If you don't have a green thumb though, don't worry! Plants like lemon balm, philodendron, spider plants, golden pothos, and peace lilies make great indoor plants for removing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air, and they're a cinch to care for. Keeping plants on the edge of an office desk to serve as natural, affordable air purifiers for office use is an excellent way to enliven a room, enliven yourself, and make your work experience a healthy one.

Monitor Arm

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Have trouble seeing your computer screen? Well, you're in luck, because there is a device out there to help you! What you may not know about your back or neck pain is that it's likely caused by straining forward to see a computer screen or by tilting your head because your computer's in the wrong place. Ideally, a computer screen should be directly in front of your head when sitting in an upright, good posture position. It should be placed a few feet away from your face. However, since this can't be the case with everyone, monitor arms for computer use make great solutions to this problem. They hold up computer screens and mount to either a desk or a wall, maximizing desk space. To combat eye strain, back problems, and neck pain, they can tilt and adjust in almost any direction. The arm can stretch or compress for those who are near or far sighted, making them the perfect office companions!

Keyboard Tray

Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Speaking of great office companions, keyboard trays are never far behind monitor arms in terms of favorite office accessories. Few people ever regret the decision to get one because they are so convenient. Keyboard trays mount underneath office desks and can slide out with a keyboard at relaxed-arm level. Many of them can tilt and adjust to aid those with poor circulation, arthritis, and joint pain in their wrists, hands, or forearms. Some even come with mousepad areas so users don't have to switch between the desk and keyboard to use their computer. For all these reasons and more, convenient keyboard platforms for computer use will always be a staple of any professional office.

Improve Storage

Great Workstation with Storage

Storage is a big part of keeping a workspace professional. Overtime, files, papers, books, and utensils can build up, creating clutter. Without sufficient storage, things can become lost or misplaced, and that can cause problems for business and customers alike. Adding useful office storage products like overhead hutches, cabinets, shelving, and stylish wood bookcases for home and business use to an office can drastically increase floor and desk space. With everything in it's place, users can get back to the important things like working and keeping customers happy.

Upgrade Your Chair

Flash Furniture Blue Mid Back Executive Chair

Working out of a gnarly old office chair is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. Not only do old chairs look bad, they also have a tendency to be really uncomfortable, and in an environment where you spend eight hours working everyday, that can be a big problem. Users that work with terrible chairs risk everything from back paint, to neck pain, to poor circulation, muscle cramps, aching feet, bad digestion, and all those entail. The best way to keep your office comfortable, healthy, and professional is by regularly upgrading your office chair. Advances in ergonomic innovation are being made everyday, and the chair industry is the first place this knowledge goes to work for. Choosing quality executive chairs with leather upholstery and ergonomic features contributes to both the professional and progressive side of the executive title. Don't miss out on the best of the best when it comes to your health. You may be surprised how affordable ergonomic chairs can be!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The 4 Key Elements of A Professional Workspace

 Professional Office Furniture

When creating a professional workspace for the home or business, it's important to notate and understand the 4 key elements needed to achieve optimal effectiveness. The workstation, chair, storage products, and accessories used to configure your space will determine just how efficient your space will be. In today's article we'll take an in depth look at the 4 key elements of any professional workspace while providing product suggestions and ideas to help you maximize your business potential.

The Workstation

Any well thought out office makeover project starts with the main desk or workstation. As this is the main focal point of any office environment, it's of supreme importance to make this element work effectively for you on a daily basis. That being said, when choosing an office desk there are many important factors to consider. First you'll want to measure your space and notate all power outlets, windows, and entry ways to determine what type of desking layout will work best for your individual needs. Think of your workstation as command central and just how much time you'll spend sitting at your station. Next work with an industry professional to choose a furniture collection that fits your specific style and budget. See below our list of popular desk collections as food for thought.

Popular Desk Collections Include:
The Chair

Comfort should be a top priority when designing your workspace. That being said, high quality chairs with ergonomic qualities are in abundance. However, not all chairs will work well with your body type. To get this essential element of the office correct, speak with your physician or an ergonomic chair specialists to discuss your main areas of discomfort throughout the work day. The list below covers important factors any chair shopper should consider before purchasing a new office chair for their space.

Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for A New Office Chair Include:
  • Back Height
  • Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Features
  • Price
  • Style
  • Brand
  • Reviews
  • Warranty
The Storage

A well organized office is poised to operate smoothly and efficiently. While this might sound obvious, all too often shoppers rush to purchase new office furniture and forget to add the proper storage components needed for conducting professional business. Adding versatile storage elements is a must and the list of recommended products below will help you get your office started on the right foot.

Recommended Office Storage Products Include:
  • Lateral File Cabinets
  • Overhead Storage Hutch
  • Mobile File Pedestals
  • Desk Organizer
The Accessories

Don't forget the little details, they tend to make the biggest difference on a day to day basis! The accessory element of your office design project is one where doing some research will pay off. Not every bell and whistle is a must have and those who over do it often neglect the product that would of actually offered long term benefits to their personal work styles. Choose ergonomic accessories that meet a specific need that you have throughout the work day. As a rule of thumb, the products listed below are a must have for any workspace used more than 3 hours per day.

Helpful Ergonomic Accessories Include:
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Monitor Arm
  • CPU Holder
  • Adjustable Desk Lamp

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day Office Furniture Coupons and Specials

If you're searching for office furniture, lucky you! This St. Patty's day, you've found the pot of gold! In honor of this fun holiday, OfficeAnything would like to offer you some great St. Patrick's day office furniture and seating deals to kick off the shenanigans. We hope you enjoy the products offered below and don't forget to include the coupon codes at the bottom of the page when you make your purchase. As always, everything comes with free shipping.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1.) Eurotech Seating 5100FPGRN Bodyflex Chair With Green Seat - $313.99 + Free Shipping!

Eurotech Bodyflex Chair

2.) SW-ARM-ORG-WHT Orange Switch Nesting Chair by Eurotech - $341.99 + Free Shipping!

Orange Switch Nesting Chair Eurotech

3.) H-8880F-GN-GG Green Mesh Office Chair by Flash Furniture - $114.99 + Free Shipping!

Flash Furniture Green Mesh Office Chair

4.) Global 6007 G20 Office Chair - $507.99 + Free Shipping!

Global G20 Office Chair

5.) RFM 5845 Protask Computer Chair - $399.99 + Free Shipping!

RFM Preferred Seating Protask Computer Chair

6.) Mayline NT4GCH Napoli Series Computer Executive Desk - $1,586.99 + Free Shipping!

RFM Preferred Seating Protask Computer Chair

7.) OFM LIB3672 Library Table - $529.99 + Free Shipping!

OFM Library Table

8.) BT10 Brighton Series Executive Desk by Mayline - $874.99 + Free Shipping!

Mayline Brighton Desk

9.) Safco 7170 Mate Steel Bookcase - $144.00 + Free Shipping!

Safco Mate Steel Bookcase

10.) SANTANA-CT2102A Modern Glass Coffee Table by Woodstock - $559.00 + Free Shipping!

Santana Modern Glass Coffee Table

St. Patrick's Day Coupon Codes:

Coupon Code: FP3875 (Save $10 On Any Purchase of $199.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3600 (Save $25 On Any Purchase of $499.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP 3900 (Save $50 On Any Purchase of $999.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP3333 (Save $75 On Any Purchase of $1499.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP4000 (Save $100 On Any Purchase of $1999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP5500 (Save $150 On Any Purchase of $2999.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP1111 (Save $300 On Any Purchase of $5599.99 or More + FREE Shipping)