Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Reception Furniture

Everybody makes mistakes. No biggie… except when it can hurt your business. Trying to make over an office reception area takes a lot of work, but with a little effort and some convenient tips, it can be done. Learning from the mistakes of others is one of the best ways to avoid mistakes yourself. Take it from the experts, and be sure to review these helpful hints before you attempt decorate your new reception area or other office space. You never know what may save you!

Forgot to Measure

Measuring Tape

This is probably the biggest mistake rookie furniture buyers make. Most people think enough to look at the dimensions listed next to the product the wanted, but often, perception can be skewed. Forgetting to measure the size of your space, forgetting to account for other furniture, leaving power outlets, entryways, and windows out of your consideration, and being blinded by the idea of what you want can all cause major problems down the road. The best way to avoid any potential hiccups is to make sure you accurately measure any spaces. Decide ahead of time how many chairs, sofas, and tables you need, making note all entry points, power outlets, windows, and the over all layout of the stylish furniture for office reception use in the room. Much of what you order may be nonrefundable. Take a tip from woodworkers and be sure to "measure twice, cut once."

Didn't Inquire About Bulk Pricing

Bulk Pricing

Anyone who makes this mistake misses out on some serious savings. What buyers may not know is that purchases consisting of three or more items usually qualifies for bulk savings from most dealers. When checking out affordable office lounge furniture sets for sale, be sure to call up the dealers and ask if your order qualifies for bulk pricing. It's a great way to save money and get more bang for your buck. (You may even get to use what's left over and spring for new wall paint to boot!)

Paid For Shipping

Free Shipping

If bulk pricing doesn't satisfy your wallet, paying for shipping will certainly take a bite out of it. Shoppers who buy irresponsibly may end up paying more for shipping than they do for the actual order if the distance is far. Some companies have even figured out a way to lower their prices on the website and make back what they lost with overcharged shipping prices. Reputable dealers, on the other hand, are trying to clean out your wallet. They just want sales, and to sweeten the deal for their customers they typically offer free shipping on large orders. However, you'll never know if you don't call up. It's never a bad idea to contact the dealer. A call for bulk pricing could lead to a double deal on great waiting furniture with free shipping included!

Didn't Schedule Delivery

Delivery Man

As nice as it feels when buying is all said and done, having a random truck show up when you least expect it during business hours can be a real inconvenience. Company guests aren't usually too impressed by sweaty installers hauling furniture over their heads when they're just waiting for their name to be called. Not only is it inconvenient, it's also dangerous for everyone involved. That's why scheduling delivery times is so important. Knowing what day and time your furniture will arrive will give you time to prepare and let customers know the company will be experiencing renovations soon. This way, everyone is aware the dangers, the company's direction, and anticipation for the new look can begin!

Under Prepared for Installation

Installation Day

Speaking of anticipation, did we mention how important it is? Being ready for new office furniture is not just exciting, it's also key to a successful installation. Sometimes furniture movers aren't always willing to haul out the old furniture when they're only being paid to bring in the new. Check to see if it will be up to you and your coworkers to get rid of the old stuff before the trucks arrive. Decide what to do with the old furniture, and pick a time after hours to create a staging area for the new stuff. Make sure the area is clean and easy to maneuver around before the installers arrive. Afterwards, break out the vacuums. Debris is not a possibility, it's a fact.
Finally, you have a gorgeous new reception area, filled with sofas, discount lounge chairs for office reception,  and waiting tables for office guest use. After all that hard work, a quick break to check out the soft cushions is well deserved!

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