Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Interior Design Tips That Promote Creativity In The Office

Creativity is a big part of rising to the top these days, especially in business. Companies that invest in revolutionary minds to work for them reap the benefits of the unique marketing and design strategies that come from creative people. Brand names like Apple, Google, Etsy, Facebook have made creativity the driving source of their company success, and they invest in it like it's going out of style. If you want to promote creativity in your workplace, check out these top seven design tips to inspire!

Create an Identity

What's a person without their identity? Knowing what someone does, what they like, and what they stand for defines who that person is, and the same is true of businesses. If a company works hard to brand itself, people will learn to recognize it real quick, sometimes even by a color scheme! To create an identity for your business, try to go with uniformity. Pick individuals with diverse skills that can get along with others to be your employees. Showcase brand colors in the design of your office space, and furnish with uniform sets of office desks or affordable workstations with modular design where users can all feel equal. Starting with a base of equality and a strong sense of identity will make your company more recognizable to customers, and it will create a sense of community among co-workers.

Share Desk Space

This tip will come as great news for small businesses with even smaller budgets. Today, most businesses depend heavily upon computers and technology, but with the explosion of laptops and cellular work in the office, it's almost silly to stick to the "one person, one desk" rule. Places that rely heavily on laptop work and mobile users need far fewer desks than the owner may anticipate. Of course, it's never a good idea to rid your workplace of desks totally, but since many mobile users may find it more comfortable to type from a sofa or bench, it's probably better to get a few large tables for boardroom applications or shared desks than it is to get a bunch of expensive individual desks. Save the money.

Create an Inspirational Environment

It's hard to get creative juices flowing in a place with no windows, fluorescent lights, and whitewashed walls. Given enough time in a room like that, anyone would go a little stir crazy after a while. If you want a creative workplace, you have to design it. Creative individuals need inspiration from somewhere, and it falls on the designer to ensure that a place looks inspirational. There are all sorts of interior design themes to go with, from rustic, to modern, to western, and anything else you can dream up. Company colors are often excellent identity builders to decorate with. Sometimes, discount colorful task chairs for office use can represent your company without costing a fortune on new interiors.

Make It Personal

While the whole of the workplace should represent your business, the key to creativity is letting employees express themselves. Allowing them to make their workplace personal by giving them the freedom to decorate their individual cubicles for office use lets them surround themselves with the things they know inspire them. Family photos, drawings, artwork, and plants all promote a healthy work environment for the individual. Some successful businesses even allow employees to bring in their dogs or cats on occasion. Even fish make quiet, low maintenance companions to represent beauty and creative freedom. The point is to liven up the workspace and let employees be themselves.

Let Creators Create

Creativity does not come in one form. Different people are going to have different ideas about how to market and brand your business. Good business owners will listen to every one. Letting employees express their ideas in their own way is the most conducive environment for creativity. Try to allow them the equipment they need to express and present those ideas. Conference rooms, boardrooms, and training areas are all excellent places to express and share strategies. Deck them out with affordable presentation aids for office use so ideas are more easily shared.

Healthy and Comfortable

Promoting employee health is good for everyone. It reduces costs for the company and improves the work experience of everyone that works for it. Choosing healthful furniture like healthy office products with ergonomic features can reduce pain and improve user health in all sorts of ways. Ergonomic office chairs can alleviate everything from back pain to joint problems to poor circulation. Keyboard trays and monitor arms can reduce muscle cramps, neck pain, headaches, and even specific ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome. Top off the healthy workplace with beneficial plants to act as affordable air purifiers for office spaces. Plants like golden pothos, peace lilies, lemon balms, and spider plants purify any harmful VOCs in the air, contributing to clearer thinking and a healthier, fresher workplace.

Different Needs, Different Space

Our last design tip for a creative, productive workspace revolves around the concept of "zoning." This term refers to the idea that different work activities should happen in different spaces, or zones. And it makes total sense. Quieter areas are better for concentrated, private activities like writing or brainstorming while louder, busier areas are more conducive to the spread and share of ideas. Giving employees different spaces for the different activities that need to be done helps ensure that those activities actually get done. The proper environment will create the right atmosphere for a number of specific tasks, and employees will feel comfortable doing them.

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