Monday, March 31, 2014

Design To Inspire: Tips for Creating the Perfect Waiting Room

Designing a waiting room can be a pretty tough gig, especially if you've got no experience. But don't worry! We're here to help you. Design is part vision, but it's also part science, and almost everyone has a creative bone if they seek it out. Waiting rooms are all about the guests you have, so if you know what your guests like an what they're coming in for, your design project will be a piece of cake. Here's some great tips to help you create the best environment for your guests!

Use Enticing Colors

Colorful Waiting Room

Colors are an important part of setting the atmosphere in any environment. If certain ones are especially prominent, they can have both a visual and psychological effect on the individuals in a room over time, so it's important to choose colors that look good together, promote the business, and leave visitors at ease. Color theory is a subject that all interior designers must learn, so it's never a bad idea to familiarize oneself with the basics before decorating. Since waiting rooms are a part of business, company colors can be fun, but you'll want to mute them or use them sparingly if they're too outlandish. If you choose a solid wall color, try to spice things up with accent furniture and comfortable fabric guest chairs for waiting room use. A mix of solid and varied colors, with smooth, stunning textures and patterns will keep the eye interested!

Create An "At Home" Feel

Homey Waiting Room

Comfort is the goal of almost all waiting rooms. Nobody likes to wait forever in a place that not only looks boring, but also leaves you with cramps. To avoid this, the best tactic is to create an "at home" feel for your waiting area. Choosing affordable waiting room sofas with modern design and accenting them with loveseats, chairs, and tables will help create the illusion in your guests that they are, perhaps, at a friend's house, rather than waiting for their name to be called. Providing plenty of entertainment in the form of wall art, fish tanks, magazines, books, or even television make great distractions too. All of these things will leave guests less inclined to pester the receptionist about wait times, and it will make time fly faster for everyone!

Modern Decor Is In

Modern Waiting Room

When is it ever not? Modern decor is always in; that's why it's modern decor! If you want to appeal to the current crowd, decorating with the contemporary is the best way to do it, and lately, there's been no reason not to. With fancy lighting fixtures, stylish vases, organic curves, colors, and textures, modern decor has never looked better! Design companies everywhere are putting new spins on classic waiting room furniture for sale, giving a trendy spice to everything, from seating, to wall art, even to office plants. White upholstery has become all the rage recently, and everyone has been picking up white seating for office and waiting room use. Never be afraid to spring for a funky new chair if you like the way it looks, even if you worry it might be a bit out there. Chances are, if it's got smooth curves, metal accents, or an ergonomic design, it's a style that will be "in" for quite some time.

Modularity Matters

Global Ballara Layout M

Any office efficiency expert could talk for hours about the importance of modularity. (Fortunately, we won't put you through that here.) For those of you that don't know, "modularity" simply refers to a style of design with a focus on efficiency. It's a more prominent in traditional office environments, but it's beneficial in waiting rooms too. Choosing furniture that can be easily reconfigured is a huge bonus for a changing workplace. As your company's needs alter, it saves a lot of time and money if your furniture is adaptable. Simple, versatile furniture sets for waiting room use, like the Global LAYOUT-C Ballara Furniture Layout and other Ballara layouts, come with a fixed amount of chairs and tables that can be switched around or altered to meet the changing demands of your workplace.

Accent To Perfection

Accented Waiting Room

Now that your waiting room is all but finished, it's time for the fun part! Accent decorating is often an interior designer's favorite task because it allows them the most opportunity for expression, and the same is true for waiting rooms. Accent furniture is the designer's outlet for setting the mood. It is the greatest opportunity for embellishment and to unite all the design choices you have made. With lamps, rugs, vases, tables, wall art, and plants, the options are virtually endless. There is always something that will fit in the room either to serve a function or round out the look. Some popular accent choices for waiting rooms include fun lighting fixtures for guests to read magazines by. Television stands can double as storage centers. Plants, wall art, and even aquariums can occupy the attention of guests for long stretches of time. The goal is to make your space pop, so guests are comfortable, intrigued, and impressed!

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