Monday, March 10, 2014

Popular Eco Friendly Office Furniture Solutions

Not only is going green good for the environment, half the appeal comes from the money saving benefits! Because eco-friendly furniture is usually made of sustainable or recycled materials, almost all green furniture is affordable. Green products almost always feature the same comfort and features as regular furniture, so why not make the switch? If you're searching for new workplace furniture, going green is never a bad idea. Here's some great recommendations to get you started!


Global Arti Series Polypropelene Office Chair

Green office chairs are an excellent alternative to the conventional chair. Not only are they super affordable, but in today's day and age, they offer the same features as conventional chairs. Green chairs are versatile in all categories. There are eco friendly chairs with ergonomic features, executive chairs, conference chairs, computer chairs, mesh chairs, and even guest chairs! One of the most comfortable office chairs for both home and business applications also happens to be one of the greenest! The 6670-2 Arti Office Chair by Global is available in all sorts of colors for convenience. It features highly graded springs and steel cables for a spine articulating back to boast ultimate comfort. It's also 95% recyclable! A more affordable option is the 5100FPGRN BodyFlex Chair by Eurotech.


Mayline Brighton Series Executive Desk Typical

While stylish green desks for office use can be hard to find, they're definitely on the rise in popularity. Many manufacturers have changed their practices so as to produce more green furniture, and because desks are typically made of wood, it's a good thing too! Green office desks like those in the affordable Brighton Series by Mayline are gorgeous and they usually feature sustainably harvested wood. Brighton desks are one of Mayline's most popular, most affordable furniture lines, great for both home and business applications.


Storage for office supplies is hard enough to find without looking for eco-friendly products, but sometimes, for those that don't know where to look, it can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, thanks to Greenguard Certified office storage products from great brands like Safco, the search is over! This brand offers everything from desks, to file carts, to amazing wire shelving configurations. Users can choose from cubes and freestanding wire shelving options for both home and public office applications. They're insanely affordable and totally eco-friendly for those that want it.


Mayline Flip N Go Training Table

There are so many incredible things about discount green office tables for sale that it's hard to pick a favorite. Affordability, versatility, ability to fit into different environments - all these benefits and more can be found with green tables. Whether you're looking to furnish your conference room, training area, home or business office, all it takes is a few clicks to find exactly the conference, training, or coffee table you need.

Reception Furniture

Global Lux Arm Chair

With reception furniture, going green has never been more fun. For those that love interior design, choosing green furniture for waiting rooms not only means affordability, it also means super style! Eco friendly reception furniture for lobbies, waiting rooms, and welcome areas is surprisingly versatile in both look and design. Brands like Global have made it their mission to offer excellent versatility at an eco-friendly price. Business owners that want to go green will never be at a loss for sofas, coffee tables, or eye-catching guest chairs like the LX2426AC Lux Arm Chair by Global. Standing next to a gorgeous earth friendly reception desk, your furniture will never look better!

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