Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How To Configure A Professional U Shaped Desk Configuration

U shaped office desks are a popular choice for both modern and traditional work environments. While out of the box configurations are available, those with specific space requirements are often forced to design layouts using individual components to meet their unique needs. In today's article we'll highlight the versatile desk pieces needed to design a professional U shaped desk commonly available in a wide variety of sizes from the industries best brands.

Offices To Go Espresso Desking Configuration

For the purposes of today's article, we'll be highlighting individual components from the Offices To Go Superior Laminate Desking Collection. As a favorite amongst interior design teams and business professionals this top rated collection is a highly recommended choice that's sure to improve your corporate decor.

1.) Choose A Desk Shell

71" Offices To Go Desk Shell

Any professional workstation configuration starts with the main desk shell. As the focal point of your layout this piece is where the majority of your business will be conducted. The SL7136DS Rectangular Desk Shell used in our sample layout above is a versatile choice that allows for a variety of storage additions. This 71" unit can also be outfitted with your choice of a a left or right hand return.

2.) Choose A Credenza

Offices To Go Credenza Shell

The second step in designing a U shaped desk layout is to select a credenza. This piece serves as the rear of the U shape and acts as an additional worksurface and area for adding storage components. Be sure to choose a credenza with the same length as your front desk shell whenever possible as it provides a more professional look. The SL7124CS 71" Credenza Shell will work perfect with the shell mentioned above.

3.) Add A Return

48" Desk Return

Once you've chosen a desk and credenza shell to start your configuration with, it's time to choose a return. This piece will be used to connect the front and rear sections of your workstation together. While a variety of sizes are available for both large and small U shaped executive desks, a 36" to 48" wide units are the most common. A desk return width will determine how much operating space you have between the front and rear desking sections while providing additional worksurface. The addition of a return makes for a versatile configuration that can also be used easily in corner applications.

4.) Provide Storage

Box Box File Desk Pedestal

Now that you've created the basic U shaped structure, it's time to outfit your station with storage. The most common office desk pedestals include both suspended and full size models with a variety of drawer configurations. Most professionals will recommend full sized models as they provide more storage and are far easier to install than suspended units. File file pedestals and box box file pedestals are the most typically used styles in U shaped configurations. When designing a custom layout, using a variation of both styles will provide you with the best organizing potential. Use 1 file file pedestal in your credenza and 1 box box file pedestal in your desk and you'll be just fine for starting out.

5.) Add A Hutch

71" Overhead Storage Hutch

While an overhead storage hutch is not a must when creating a U shaped station, they do provide an enhanced executive appeal and additional storage space. The addition of a hutch will add to your expenses but the improved organizing potential and upscale style may be worth it to you. This luxury feature is typically available with a choice of wood or glass doors and situates directly above the credenza section of your station.

In addition to the components listed above you may choose to add matching wood lateral file cabinets, bookcases, or other pieces to set your workstation apart from the competition. For that reason, choosing a full service line like the Superior Laminate Collection listed in today's article is a must. The versatile and interchangeable list of components will ensure you leave room for future growth while capitalizing on the latest style trends.

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