Monday, March 3, 2014

New In March: OFM Endure Series Tables

March is already here, and that means it's time to showcase some great new tables for the office! But who says tables and chairs can only fit in one place? Sometimes, if you're clever enough, a table implied for office use can make just as good an addition to homes or apartments. If you're looking for a versatile table for an office, break room, home, apartment, cafe, or other establishment, it's hard to go wrong with the Endure series by OFM. Today's post will showcase the amazing versatility of these tables, and even a few of their amazing extra features that are sure to impress!

OFM Mahogany Endure Table with Round Top
Of course, the staple of the Endure series is versatility. When OFM designed these tables, their goal was to create pieces of furniture that could go almost anywhere. Well, they certainly succeeded! Smaller tables like the AT30RD-MHGY Mahogany Finished Endure Table by OFM features a thirty-inch diameter. It is a size that is not too small, and not too large, allowing it to function in all sorts of capacities. Users can keep these tables in home environments, business applications, break rooms, cafes, bistros, and just about anywhere else imaginable. They will undoubtedly bring style enough to turn heads!

OFM Oak Laminate Endure Collection TableIn addition to amazing versatility, Endure tables by OFM also boast exceptional ergonomic design. Where most tables, whatever they're designed for, only rely on a fixed design, OFM decided to kick things up a notch! All Endure tables, including the AT36RD-OAK Laminate Endure Table by OFM, feature high pressure laminate tops and leveling guides, but the coolest feature by far is are the industrial cranks. That's right! Where most tables are sadly stationary, Endure tables allow users to adjust the height of the top with a simple turn of a crank. This allows the Endure collection to seat individuals of all different shapes and sizes for unprecedented ergonomic comfort!

OFM Endure Square Table
Speaking of shapes and sizes, did we mention how many there are? The OFM Endure series boasts tables ranging from a mere thirty inches, to thirty-six inches, all the way up to the AT42RD-GRYNB Nebula Round Table by OFM at forty-two inches in diameter! This allows the tables to fit ideally in many different environments, from small offices to upscale residential areas. Additionally, some tables are available in a square design rather than a round tabletop design. The generous size ranges make these stylish tables for sale by OFM all the more versatile for anyone that needs it. All it takes is measuring the interior space to determine which Endure table would fit it best. OFM will take care of the rest!

OFM Cherry Endure Table
Woe unto the brands that design but one tabletop, for OFM surely has them beat! As if fabulous versatility and ergonomic applications weren't enough, the Endure series also boasts varied style. For anyone that's a fan of the retro look, be it for a diner, cafe, bistro, or even an apartment, the Endure collection is the way to go. These tables come in a variety of professional laminate finish options to better match existing interior decor. The colors include everything from a dark mahogany, to a light colored oak, to a nebula gray for the industrial look, and even the AT42RD-CHRY Laminate Endure Table by OFM in a rich cherry red.

OFM Endure Adjustable Stool
It's called the Endure collection for a reason. With all the grand featured incorporated into the design, users will want to keep these tables for as long as possible, and with the way Endure tables are built, users will have them for years to come. OFM has really outdone itself with this collection, and to sweeten the deal, the have even offered a matching series of Endure stools to go with the tables. These affordable office chairs by OFM feature a retro style that easily matches Endure tables with ease. The collection is the perfect way to round out the look of almost any home or business establishment where a great, ergonomic, versatile table is wanted!

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