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Office Chair Reviews: Global Accord Series

Global is a brand that's well known and respected for it's extensive furniture lines. As a manufacturer that produces everything from chairs, to tables, desks, and more, Global is definitely one of the top contenders in the office furniture world. Their high end works can be seen from the tallest high-rises to home offices all over the nation. With quality versatile designs, durability, and affordable prices, it's not hard to find the Accord Series by Global either! Enjoy this review of the popular brand line.


2670-4 Accord High Back Chair by Global

Any of the chairs in the Global Accord Series are perfect for any modern office. Created by the world-renowned furniture designer, Zooey Chu, they not only boast excellent comfort, but also incredible style. Most models like the 2670-4 Accord High Back Chair by Global feature a pleated, "ribbed" styling or effect on the backs of the chairs. The clean lines created by this look provide a sense elegance not commonly achieved by other chair designs. Accord chairs boast a sling back style that's both modern and professional enough for trendy cubicles and upscale businesses alike.


Global Accord Versatility

The simplicity of design in the Global Accord Series enable the chairs to fit just about anywhere. The clean, non-intrusive lines don't stop the eye, but allow the chairs to contribute to the rest of the room. The sling back design is very popular nowadays, and with the chairs being available in a huge array of colors, they easily fit in with almost any existing decor. The 2676-2 Global Accord Mesh Back Chair features a breathable mesh back for those that prefer it. Like all Accord chairs, it is framed by polished aluminum arms for modernity. This combination of chair choice, color options, and upholsteries help to make the Accord chairs some of the most versatile modern task chairs for sale on the market today. They work equally well in home and executive offices, cubicles, desk offices, and tasking applications, but the make super impressive guest seating in meeting rooms, conference areas, and boardrooms too.


2676LM-4 Mesh Back Accord Chair by Global

To contribute to versatility, the Global Accord Series boasts eleven different chair designs, all with different combinations of features to appeal to the unique personality in all of us. Some options, like the 2676LM-4 Mesh Back Accord Chair by Global offer a comfortable mesh upholstery, which better compliments individuals that work in warmer offices. Other models, for example, the 2670LM-2 feature black leather as an upholstery. Some chairs 2671-4 offer the same level of quality design in a mid back styling that works great in cubicles or at small office desks, and there is even a drafting chair available. Almost all Accord chairs boast useful chair features like tilt tension, locks, and mobility in addition to their prospective individual designs.


Front and Back View Global Accord Chairs

Global Accord chairs can range in price from modest to moderate. As with most furniture lines, the chairs with average quality boast an average price, while the chairs with more expensive upholsteries and higher end features come at a higher cost. For most dealers, the 2671-4 Accord Mid Back Chair by Global, with it's small back tends to be at the lowest end of the price spectrum, while the 2678LM-6 Global Accord Drafting Stool incorporates more advanced features, giving it the highest price tag. Fortunately, none of the prices are too far of the normalcy scale, and users are typically happy with what they pay for. Given the wide array of features, color options, sizes, and versatility, Accord chairs are definitely priced according to their value. The hardest part for most users is just choosing what they'd like.

Overall Grade

Global Accord Chairs

Overall, we give the Global Accord Series an A. As a whole, the entire line offers extensive diversity for lovers of mesh and leather upholsteries. The chairs offer plenty of features, with each model boasting a unique combination, and all chairs providing tilt tension control for standard comfort. The chairs are reasonably priced, and offer exquisite design. Accord chairs will turn heads anywhere, from the cubicle to the conference room, and they certainly look good doing it. They make a valuable addition to almost every office they stand in, and are certainly worth their grade!

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