Friday, March 7, 2014

Office Design: Creating Workspaces for Collaborating

Chances are, if you're a big corporation, you rely on collaboration! It seems like all of today's big business success stories all have this one thing in common. Google, Pixar, Skype, Facebook, Microsoft, Horizon Media, and tons of others all say the key to their business prowess depends on their coworkers' ability to get along and share ideas, and with the market being so competitive, it definitely helps if everyone's on the same page. Here's some great tips to improve collaboration in your workplace!

Diversity and Understanding

Workplace Diversity

Diversity is an important part of any business that expects to get anywhere. When an office has individuals from all walks of life they get the assets that come those different experiences as well. People learn different things that can be useful to a business when they have walked different paths. Many of these can be lessons for a company to benefit from. However, the key to successful diversity is understanding. Set rules so that employees must respect the privacy of one another and each other's beliefs. It's a small step for a cohesive, versatile business, and a giant leap for a company on the rise!

Build Coworker Culture

Coworker Culture

Once diversity is established, building culture is the second challenge. Breaking down barriers and building up a new environment where coworkers can all see themselves as something bigger will serve a business tremendously. If people see themselves as part of a unit, working with others towards a greater good, they find camaraderie in one another. All of this depends on building coworker culture. Getting work done should always be first and foremost, so it's important to establish that, but it never hurts to have social events after hours where coworkers can gather to learn more about one another through games or company fundraisers. Make plans and get the word out through fliers, presentation boards for office use, newsletters, or other alerts so employees can make plans to participate.


Office Media

Social media is a huge key to getting coworkers on the same page. Not only can they share appropriate jokes, information about company events, and other culture-building trends, but social media is a fantastic way to get the public involved. When information about the latest events at the office is shared, potential clientele becomes a part of the mix. Your company has nothing to hide. Of course, it's important to keep monitors of the social media sites to watch for bullies and inappropriate content, but it can be a hugely beneficial way to create teamwork. Just look at how many successful companies got their start at the computer desks to improve business and rise to the top!


Comfortable Office

It may sound strange, but comfort is definitely a big part of office collaboration. Pain caused by the office life can be detrimental to mood and health. When workers are more focused on their back problems or joint pains than work, it's a poor engine for the company that may result in angry coworkers and poor working relationships. That's why choosing modern office chairs with ergonomic features is so beneficial. These chairs have the potential to increase health by increasing comfort, improving the mood of the whole office. In addition, office desks with contemporary design also rely on design as well as efficiency to enhance the working environment.

Open Office Design

Open Office Plan

All the biggest companies say that open desking is key to a collaborative workforce. When walled cubicles are replaced with modular multi user workstations for office applications, employees have more opportunity to talk and share ideas. This open environment promotes friendly relationships that can build business. Furthermore, when training areas are established for new recruits, the business creates a place its own workforce, familiar with all the ins and outs paramount to growth. All it takes is  affordable training tables for business recruits to learn from, and a little extra time to train them!

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