Wednesday, April 30, 2014

7 Easy Deskercises with Awesome Health Benefits

Ever wished there was a way to stay fit while keeping a stationary desk job? Well, your dreams have come true! "Deskercising" is a relatively new trend that's already sweeping the nation by storm. It's an activity where desk workers take a few seconds out of their day to limber up without ever leaving the cubicle. Get ready to improve health, increase flexibility, and get ready for swimsuit season with these seven awesome deskercises for the workplace!

The Neck Roll

The Neck Roll

A good neck roll is a great way to start any workout, especially one for the office. Misplaced computers can always be corrected with retractable monitor arms for computer screens, but sometimes the residual toll of turning your head to see can leave neck muscles out of whack. Allow yourself a good neck roll to loosen up the muscles and help wake you up. Just let your head relax and move it in a circular motion around your neck so that each time you roll past a shoulder, your ear almost touches. Five to ten rolls should relieve much of the tension, help strengthen your muscles, and leave you feeling much better after a long day at the office!

Reach For the Sky

Reach For the Sky

Arm exercises are extremely important for office workers. Spending too long with hands on retractable keyboard platforms for desks all day can leave elbows, wrists, and hands stiff and uncomfortable. In severe cases, leaving joints bent in an unnatural position for too long can result in health risks like carpal tunnel syndrome! To avoid this, relieve stress on the joints by moving them about occasionally. Reaching for the sky stretches the arms, and gets the blood moving. Next, reach behind with one arm and touch the space between your shoulder blades, then reach up with your opposite arm to grab your elbow, pull it towards your head, and reverse the stretch to exercise the triceps. Finish up by pulling each arm across the body before you head back to typing.

The Shoulder Pinch

The Shoulder Pinch

The last exercise stretches the shoulders in front of the body, but now it's time to stretch them back. For those of you with upper back problems and no supportive high back office chairs to remedy them, a shoulder pinch is a great way to get rid of the pain. Simply move your shoulder blades back until they touch, as if they were pinching a pencil between them. You can finish this stretch off by leaning back as far as your chair will let you to stretch the spine. Repeat a few times throughout the day while practicing good posture, and your back pain should melt away with time!

The Swivel Twist

The Swivel Twist

One of the biggest highlights of the office are probably fun swivel chairs for office task applications. For anyone lucky enough to have a swivel chair in their office, this exercise is always a great way to build your core. The Swivel Twist is completed by sitting up straight with feet flat on the floor. Once you've got this down, use your core to twist your chair back and forth slowly while keeping the feet in the same position. Do it well, and you may even hear your spine thank you with a relieving crack, the same way it does with a good pretzel stretch. The swivel twist accomplishes the same health benefits.

The Guru

The Guru

The guru (or "the genie" depending on your imagination) is a super fun exercise that's fun for both body and mind! Pretend you're an expert in levitation by crossing your legs in a sturdy office chair with armrests, such as the B9461 Aaria Chair by Boss. Make sure your chair has enough balance and support with strong armrests before lifting yourself up by the arms, so that your butt leaves the chair, keeping legs crossed under yourself. Slowly lower the body back into the chair for a few seconds and then repeat. Sure, using the arms is sort of cheating, but it's always fun to pretend you're a wise monk or a wish granting genie that can levitate on a whim. "Om!"

Desk Dips and Leg Lifts

Desk Dips and Leg Lifts

If you'd rather not risk "the guru" on account that you don't have a sturdy office chair, desk dips are another great way to tone the arms and core in the cubicles. Rather than relying on your chair to support all your weight, give yourself plenty of space and lock the chair's wheel casters so the chair won't move so much, or use a desk. Keeping your hands on the chair's armrests, or on the desk's edge behind you, take a few steps on the floor away from the supporting object. Lift the body by keeping the arms straight, and then bend the elbows at 90 degrees, letting the body dip down. Hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly straighten the arms again. Repeat a few times, then when you're done, finish off the workout by sitting in the chair and doing a few leg lifts as you type. By the end of the workday, you'll feel like a million bucks. Best of all, you won't even have needed to hit the gym for that swimsuit to look darn good!

Healthy Decisions

Healthy Decisions

To gain the full benefits of these seven easy deskercises, help things along by making the right decisions. Even if you work in a 40-story office building, taking the initiative to get off the elevator a few floors early and take the stairs is an excellent way to stay healthy. Riding a bike to work, eating the right foods, and going to bed and waking up at the same time every day (yes, even on the weekends) helps the body know what to expect, so it never feels hurt or surprised. All it takes is thinking of ways to make your day more active, like purchasing a height adjustable stand up desk for sale, like the 650W VariTask desk by Mayline. Jogging with the dog when you take him for the morning walk, performing these simple deskercises, and being creative with how you spend your day is an excellent way to turn a stationary desk job into a healthy lifestyle choice!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Modern Office Essentials: Products You Need for A Cutting Edge Workspace

With all the competitors out there, staying on the cutting edge in the workplace is a pretty big task. Fortunately, with a little increased productivity and efficiency, that task can be cut down to size! Keeping employees comfortable with excellent office furniture is proven to increase focus and awareness so users can work faster and smarter. Here are some great office products to propel your workplace into the future!

Ergonomic Chair

Global Arti Office Chair

Comfort is at the epicenter of a productive office. Studies show that when office workers are undistracted by pain or aching joints, they tend to tire less quickly, focus more, and be more productive. Not only do ergonomic mesh chairs increase comfort, but they also promote excellent work ethic by relieving common office aches that can distract from their tasks. All ergonomic chairs offer some form of back pain relief, but specific seating solutions can also save occupants from joint, neck, knee, foot, and muscle pain. Look for models that have high adjustability and waterfall seats for the ultimate in office luxury!

Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk by Global

Unfortunately, in severe cases, an office chair is not always enough to relieve office pain. Since most office-related aches come from the spine trying to support the entire upper body in a sitting position, sometimes standing at work is the only solution. It takes some time to get used to, but with a stand up height adjustable desk like the HE4824MSC Corner Desk by Global, users force their legs to take on some of the body's wight distribution (the way the human body is designed to). With periodic sitting breaks, standing office workers have reported greater focus and far less pain than when they were sitting in a crummy office chair. It's a cutting edge trick every workplace should be aware of.

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Having a standing desk is amazing for back pain relief, but without a convenient sit to stand keyboard tray like the 2196 tray by Safco, a standing desk is like asking for joint problems. WIthout proper blood flow to the hands and wrists, the joints in them can swell and cause pain. However, with a sit to stand keyboard tray, users can comfortably switch between sitting and standing without ever having to worry that their forearms, wrists, and hands are not getting enough nourishment. Just adjust they keyboard as you move throughout the workday and go with the flow.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Global E Series Desk Pedestal

Having versatile office storage solutions around not only keeps a workplace cleaner, it also keeps things more organized. With modern file cabinets and space saving office desk pedestals, office workers can have plenty of extra storage space for files, pens, pencils, binders, books, and anything else they might need to tuck away. Some models even come with wheels for convenient mobility, so that cabinets, carts, and pedestals can be rolled out of the way into storage without taking up a ton of room on the office floor.

Dual Screen Monitor Arm

ESI Edge Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Gamers and office executive alike swear by dual screens for many reasons. They allow more computer desktop space more programs to be open at the same time, letting workers get more done. With an ergonomic dual screen monitor arm like the Edge2-28 by ESI, users get complete control over how they view their screens. The arms provide extension, retraction, and tilt capabilities so users can position their screen for optimal viewing. At an arm's length at eye level in front of the viewer, over time a dual screen arm can alleviate neck and upper back pain while increasing workspace and productivity!

LED Desk Lighting

LED Pixie Task Light by ESI

Switching to LED lighting is an excellent way to save money in the long run for any interior space. Even if is the lights do cost a bit more at check-out, with an astounding average of 50,000 hours in life span, environmentally conscious energy consumption, an average $30 annual energy cost, no dangerous mercury (unlike fluorescents), and low maintenance cost all for one light, other traditional lighting sources simply cannot compete with LED desk lamps and lighting fixtures for office use. Switch it up, save the cash, and relish the eco-friendly feeling!

Horizontal CPU Holder

Hopefully, you don't yet know the horror of spilling coffee on your computer's hard drive, but unfortunately, there are far too many out there who do. Office accidents are bound to happen, but rather than watching all your data go up in sparks, why not prevent thousands of dollars in damage before it ever happens? Adding a vertical or horizontal CPU holder for computer use to mount under an office desk increases convenience and prevents accidents by keeping the hard drive away from potential spills and kicking feet. Models like the CPU05 Adjustable CPU Holder by ESI even offer 360 degree swivel for easy rewiring to help you stay on the cutting edge!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Global Vion Series

If you're looking for a chair to spice up your office with a look that's as cool as it is elegant, then say hello to the Vion series! This furniture collection comes from the popular brand, Global Total Office, and it boasts a dazzling array of stylish, versatile chairs for office use. Today, we review this great series for your benefit!


Vion 6331-18 High Back Chair

If there's one thing the Vion series has got in spades, it's style. These chairs offer plenty of cool modern design with a sense of elegance that any office would love. Although the chairs all generally look the same, they are offered in many different upholsteries and stylings to provide versatility for the workplace. A good indicator as to the look of this series can come from looking at the 6331-8 Vion Weight Sensing Office Chair by Global, as the shape of the chair is pretty much the same on all Vion models even though each is quite different. Because of the recent skyrocketing trend of white upholstery for modern workplaces, it's no wonder the Vion series makes such an excellent affordable choice.


Vion Guest Chair

The great thing about the Vion collection is that there's a chair for every office. Whether you find yourself at a cubicle, conference area, reception station, waiting room, or even a drafting studio, the Vion series offers enough versatility to meet your needs! Not only does Global provide these chairs with different upholsteries for varied design, but they also included guest, tasking, and drafting chairs as well. Office visitors love the simplistic look of the 6334 Vion guest chair by Global, and the 6338-6 Global Vion Adjustable Drafting Chair makes the perfect addition to any creative office or art studio. No more uncomfortable drafting sessions with this series!


Vion High Back Mesh Chair by Global

Part of what contributes to the outstanding versatility of the Vion Series comes from the series' outstanding upholstery options. Every Vion chair offers varied colors and base options to better match existing office decor. One of the most impressive office chairs with versatile style is the 6321-0 Vion High Back Mesh Chair by Global. Not only can shoppers choose the fabric color they want, but there are many more color options included. Users can also pick out the color of the breathable mesh back they want, and choose between a black or polished aluminum base. As models go, Vion chairs are generally offered in either a fabric or mesh upholstery to leave users cozy and comfortable throughout the work day.


Vion Mesh Back Drafting Chair by Global

Because the Vion series offers so many chair stylings and options, each model boasts its own array of individual features. The 6331-8 model Vion chair is probably the most sophisticated, with slide activated seat depth adjustment, a Soft Descent pneumatic lift, and weight sensing mechanisms for a supremely comfortable sit. Mesh models feature all the perks of mesh back chairs with health benefits, offering breathable upholsteries to prevent the buildup of sweat and germs on the user. To help you find what you want, here's a list of some common features of the Vion series.

Common Vion Features:

Adjustable Arms
Tilt Tension Control
Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
Chair Tilt Lock
Seat Depth Adjustment
Synchro Tilt Action
Angle Adjustment

* Note that the guest seating, mid back, and drafting chairs may lack some of these ergonomic features, so be sure to check before buying.


Vion Chairs by Global

Overall, the Vion series is an A+ in terms of value! Despite the incredible versatility, high end ergonomic features, and gorgeous style Global has packed into these chairs, they still remain around the average price range for ergonomic office chairs with fabric upholsteries. Whether you want a chair for your home, office, guest area, or art studio, the Vion series by Global will have exactly what your searching for, loaded with style, excellent ergonomic features, and all for affordable prices you'll have to see to believe! Don't miss out!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stunning Wood Office Furniture Finishes by Mayline

Those looking to create a stunning office environment with a classic look will no doubt be in search of traditional wood office furniture solutions. In a world where the latest and greatest modern styles reign supreme, manufacturers like Mayline take pride in offering some of the most luxurious wood office furniture configurations on the market. In today's, post we'll be highlighting 5 outstanding wood finish options to help you create the upscale workspace of your dreams. Enjoy!

Mayline Table Desk STD72Bourbon Cherry Wood FinishFrom high end executive office desks to luxurious boardroom tables, the Mayline Sorrento Collection is amongst the most praised lines on the market today. With exquisite wood finish options like the bourbon cherry with birds eye maple option, it's no doubt why. The rich tones offer a look of class and sophistication in any work environment. Products like the 6' Sorrento Writing Desk STD72 highlight this rich finish to perfection.

Sorrento Espresso Finish

Sorrento Espresso Conference TableIn addition to the bourbon cherry finish offered in the Sorrento furniture line. Shoppers will also enjoy a rich espresso wood option that's sure to impress. Any interior design team or furniture specialist will tell you that dark tones are in. That being said, darker finish options like the Sorrento's espresso option hide scratches and wear well. This makes for a durable and long lasting furniture investment you can rely on. Take a look at the 8' Sorrento Conference Table SC8 highlighted here and you'll see why we love this look!

Napoli Reception Desk in Sierra CherrySierra Cherry SwatchSorrento isn't the only Mayline furniture collection available in beautiful wood finishes! Those looking to blend modern and traditional appeal will definitely want to take a deep look that the Napoli series. Available in 3 wood options, the rich Sierra Cherry tone is by far our favorite. While all of Napoli's finishes will impress, there's just something about the elegance of this finish that makes work environments pop. The deep wood grains highlighted by the silver metal accents on products like the NRSBB Sierra Cherry Napoli Reception Desk are sure to earn you welcoming area a host of daily compliments.

Mahogany Wood Office Furniture Swatch

Corsica Furniture in MahoganyMayline Corsica series furniture offers a sophisticated and traditional look that's ideal for high end work environments. Available in two wood veneer finish combinations, the mahogany on walnut veneer was our top choice for today's article. The blending of these two deep tones make for a one of a kind look. Any office interior specialist will tell you that there's no going wrong with a product like the CTC120 Corsica mahogany conference table for professional boardroom applications. With a wide array of matching accent products available, this collection earns high marks year after year.

EU1 Luminary Desk SetMayline Maple Finish SwatchYou know, maple finished office furniture used to get a bad wrap. This tone was typically only used in home applications as it just didn't offer the pop desired by most designers. Mayline put this stereotype to rest with their Luminary collection. While this line is still a great choice for those looking to purchase wood home office furniture on a budget, Luminary maintains a professional quality with it's rich maple finish that's sure to wow your office guests. This stunning wood finish shows light wood grains and a near golden look. Highlighted to perfection on the EU1 Luminary Series Desk Configuration on the right, any office executive should be proud to use maple these days!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Cool Ergonomic Office Chairs for Interior Designers

Any interior designer will tell you that finding all the right colors, textures, and furniture for a space at an affordable price is no walk in the park - but it sure is fun! Unfortunately, many up-and-coming designers are adept at creating visually stunning offices, but they tend to ruin the look with a less-than-stylish office chair. Never force yourself to make the choice between comfort and cool. Instead, check out some of these excellent ergonomic chairs for interior designers!

Global Vion Weight Sensing Office ChairFirst on our list is the always-stylish Vion Drafting Chair by Global. This beautiful seating solution not only looks good, but it also features incredible ergonomic benefits. For the same price as a standard, boring office chair, designers can have all the style of the 6331-8 Global Vion High Back Ergonomic Chair, with the benefits of a seat sliding depth adjustment feature, a Soft Descent pneumatic lift, adjustable arms and weight-sensing technology. Designed by the world-renowned Zooey Chu, there are Vion chairs with mesh backs, fabric seats, and drafting designs. They are perfect for the perfect executive home or business office.

Eurotech Ergo Elite Chair
Next up is a chair with enough ergonomic functionality to impress even the harshest critics. The ME22ERGLT Ergo Elite Office Chair by Eurotech is not only comfortable but stylish as well. It boasts a unique black patterned mesh upholstery to compliment any modern executive office or conference room. In addition, it also offers amazing ergonomic mechanisms like tilt tension control with locks, synchro-tilt, back height and seat adjustments, swivel arms, V2 Open Design, and even a waterfall seat to improve circulation in the legs. As an added bonus, it's also eco-friendly!

Wau Series High Back Chairs

Speaking of comfortable style, nothing will have guests saying "wow" quite like our next seating solution. The WAU-HIGH-BK-BKF Wau Ergonomic Chair by Eurotech and the rest of it's series all boast excellent ergonomic capabilities with a style that's sure to impress. Available in two stunning color combos, two upholsteries, and both a mid back and high back design, the Wau series is a triple whammy. Chairs boast tilt tension control, knee tilt, locks, synchro tilt, angle adjustments, and a waterfall seat. In the average price range, it makes a great compromise between functionality, looks, and affordability, and it looks amazing in offices all over the nation!
OFM ORO Tablet Ergonomic Chair

For anyone on the lookout for a high class modern executive chair, say hello to our next entry. The ORO Series Designer Ergonomic Chair by OFM makes the perfect compliment to the contemporary offices. The ORO300-CREAM and the rest of it's series are all Greenguard Certified for sustainable design. Rated for 300 lbs, the chair has a generous weight capacity, with a gas lift, wood grain look, and padded arms. With a built-in foldaway tablet, executives are sure to love the convenience, while interior designers get the look they've always dreamed of.

Global Minotaur Drafting Stool
And lastly, we give you a chair for the designers themselves! The 9663-52 Minotaur Drafting Chair by Global is the perfect thing to use when sketching out diagrams on a light table. Designers, engineers, and drafters will love it's cool modern look and convenient features like the articulating hinged back, pneumatic seat with depth adjustment, and the adjustable chrome foot ring. For an affordable price, it makes the greatest contribution to a studio or workroom, and offers many features other stylish chairs for drafting just can't compete with. Grab one, and get to designing!

Monday, April 21, 2014

How Ergonomic Office Products Improve Health

We all hear about how great ergonomic products are for office workers, but ironically, very few people actually realize what they do to help us. If you know how to use them, ergonomic office products can boost comfort head to toe, but there are tons of other ways they work behind the scenes to improve health. Today, we'll offer some insight on how ergonomic items work to help you, and give some valuable tips on helping you to work your ergonomic items. Enjoy!


Eye Strain

For those with eye problems, computers can be a real challenge in an office environment. Not only do the bright screens and glare strain the eyes so much it feels like we've spent the day in the desert, but when a computer screen is improperly placed, overtime it can damage the whole upper body. To remedy the symptoms of computer eye strain, try adjusting the brightness of your computer screen in the settings. Putting your computer on "Energy Saving" or on an ecologically conscious setting reduces brightness and saves power. Making sure these screen is an arm's length away from the face, and that the top of the screen does not rise above eye-level is another way to reduce eye strain and muscle pain.  Adjustability and pain relief can be achieved with computer monitor arms for office use.


Neck Pain

In addition to reducing eye strain, adjustable monitor arms can also help relieve pain in muscles attached to the neck. When a computer user looks at an unnatural angle to see their screen everyday, neck and shoulder muscles can readjust themselves, becoming weaker on one side and stronger on another. When the person moves back into a normal forward-facing position, the lopsided muscles create a sense of discomfort and pain. Because of this, it is paramount that computer screens are in the right position, facing the individual (not their shoulder), and not too high or low. Chairs with headrests, like the B6888-HR Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Headrest by Boss, can relieve pain by letting users relax their neck muscles periodically.

Arms and Hands

Wrist Pain

When computer users type, few of them realize the gravity of where their keyboards are placed. When keyboards are placed too high, for example, on top of an office desk rather than at arm level, it can cause all sorts of health risks that can be detrimental to the hands and wrists. Raising the arms to type can reduce circulation to the hands, causing joint pain, arthritis, and even risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in extreme cases. Shopping for ergonomic keyboard platforms for sale and mounting one under the desk to keep hands parallel to arms is an excellent way to remedy this problem. While you're at it, go ahead and make sure your arms are supported by armrests on your chair. The dead weight of them can be exhausting on the shoulders by the end of the day otherwise.


Back Pain

Few ways are better to handle office back pain that with exercise and comfortable ergonomic chairs. The human body is designed to stand rather than sit, so when desk users sit down to work, they force their spines to take on all the weight of the upper body as opposed to the weight being distributed through the legs when standing. This can cause that terrible pain in the back and muscles that many of us are all too familiar with. Fortunately, ergonomic task chairs reduce pain by providing extra lumbar support and flexibility. However, for those that want to go the extra mile, height adjustable ergonomic office desks are another solution to back pain. Users that stand to work for most of the day (with periodic sitting breaks) report better focus and reduced pain!

Legs and Feet

Foot Pain

Ever stood up and wobbled after a long day of working? Seems weird, given that you've likely been sitting all day, but in reality, most peoples' knees have experienced a lot of stress just from sitting. Pressure from the edge of the seat on the backs of the knees can limit circulation, causing them to fall asleep during the workday. In severe cases, it can even lead to blood clots, which is why choosing an office chair with a waterfall seat is so important. Chairs like the MF22-BURG Hawk Chair are gentle on the legs and even offer height adjustability to keep the feet on the ground. However, if your chair keeps your feet dangling, there are plenty of office footrests to reduce back pain, improve posture and circulation. Remember, ergonomics improve health head to toe. Be sure to give yourself these benefits in the office for the best experience possible!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Improve Your Corporate Decor With Global Zira Furniture

If any furniture series lead the pack in modern style, it would definitely have to be the Zira collection by Global. This furniture line goes beyond style. It incorporates fabulous looks with trend-setting features to turn ordinary offices in to professional workspaces. The Zira collection makes it easy to improve corporate decor in a snap, and the best part is that there's furniture for the whole office! Here's a look at the stunning style of the Zira collection by Global!

Small Workstations

The Zira collection by Global makes workstations its specialty, with options available in all shapes and sizes. The series offers an extensive set of smaller workstations in numerous configurations, so users can always find an option that fits the compact size and layout of their office.  As an added bonus, the stylish Zira workstations by Global offer users unparalleled control over look. Every desk allows buyers to choose from a vast array of finish options, from a rich quartered mahogany, to tiger maple, and winter cherry. There are even different drawer handle styles offered! With all these fantastic features, shoppers can create their own small workstation with specifications to go in both home and business offices.

Large Workstations

One of the great things about the Zira collection is its versatility. In addition to smaller workstations, Zira also offers large desk options for those that want an impressive contemporary look to wow guests in their workplace. Even larger workstations, like the Zira 6 Modern Executive Desk by Global offer the same extensive customization features as smaller sets, with the same array of finish and accessory features. With all this, buyers can easily design a desk the way they want: a desk that will look spectacular, and have the functionality to back up its gorgeous appearance!

Multi User Workstations

Adding modular workstations for multiple users to the office is often one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make. In offices that are tight on square footage, a multi user workstation takes out the bite that more than one single desk can have on a space. The Zira collection offers tons of excellent multi user stations that all provide ample room for each individual to work comfortably in their shared space. Not only that, but multi user workstations in the Global Zira collection are shining stars of modern design, sure to turn any dull corporate space into a trend-setting modern destination!

Reception Furniture

Global Zira Reception Station

In environments where reception desks are often the first impression a visitor has of the business, what better way to introduce them to your company's standards than by greeting them with a desk from the Zira collection! Like all Zira furniture, modern desks for office reception by Global are stylish and customizable. Users can choose the from the same finish options as other Zira workstations, only now, company patrons can encounter this amazing style on a regular basis. Zira reception stations are stunning to look at, with plenty of storage features and work room for receptionists to keep everything in place. They are gorgeous furniture solutions that no business should be without.

Conference Furniture 

And lastly, we present you with Zira's incredible conference furniture. Because conference rooms are often high stakes environments in corporate business, Global works hard to create conference tables with enough contemporary style to withstand any criticism. Zira offers boat shaped and racetrack conference like the Z4896RTE Zira Conference Table by Global for modern corporate business. Options are available in many sizes to fit in versatile office environments. Simply choose from the Zira line's extensive array of finish options to create the look that's perfect for your business, and wait for the compliments to roll in!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Mayline Ultimo Series

Mayline is a brand that's well known and respected for manufacturing high class luxury executive desks at affordable prices for office use. However, that doesn't mean they can't branch out a bit! Over the years, Mayline has been known to churn out wonderful tables and storage casegoods to go with their desk styles, but today we're going to look at their chairs. The Ultimo Chair Series by Mayline offers luxury executive comfort with versatility at an affordable price. Let's take a look!


Mayline Ultimo 500 EZ Assemble High Back Chair

As it may have been expected, Mayline's chair standards certainly aren't a far from the standards they have for office desks and tables. Every chair in the Ultimo series boasts luxury executive style to compliment any workspace. Varied in design and price range, the Ultimo series has an option for everyone, whether you work in a cubicle, at a desk, or in the conference room! Complete with all the great standard chair features, the Ultimo line has some of the most chairs for executive use on the market.


Mayline Ultimo Series 100 Mid Back Chair

One of the best things about the Mayline Ultimo series is that these chairs have excellent versatility, both in design and in practical purposes. Many of the chairs in this line are capable of maneuvering between a number of different office environments. Options like the ULMGR Ultimo series chair by Mayline would easily look just as at home in a cubicle or conference area as it would in an executive office. Furthermore, the Ultimo series does not appear to have a single unified style. Many chair options look very different from one another, so they can better appeal to every taste.


All Ultimo chairs are unique in size, shape, and class, but all of them offer some of the most standard chair features. Each Ultimo chair usually offers generous dimensions, padded leather upholsteries with matching padded armrests, and a deluxe knee tilt control to reduce stress on the legs. Select models like the Mayline UL330M Mid Back Chair even boast 2-to-1 synchro tilt control, adjustable height, pronounced lumbar support and other features for improved comfort. As an added bonus, all models in the Ultimo line are chairs certified by Greenguard for sustainable production!


Mayline Ultimo 200

Ultimo chairs are very reasonably priced given all that they have. The chairs run at about the same price as most other chairs, yet they offer intense executive style, comfort, and eco-friendly design to tie it all together. Given these great features, it's only expected the chairs are kept around the upper end of the average price range. Naturally, lower grade chairs are less expensive, though still very comfortable. Higher grade chairs are pricier, given that they typically have more features. Either way, most users still have nothing to complain about, and prefer to spend time enjoying their stylish chairs by Mayline for office use.


Mayline ULEX

Overall, the Ultimo Series is definitely an A. The chairs offer tons of great features, both inside and out all for a reasonable price, making them a surefire go-to for executives all over the nation. Whether you prefer high back or mid back office chair solutions, loop arms or standard, there is an Ultimo chair out there for you. All offer deluxe knee tilts and excellent features to compliment a workplace, with leather to accentuate professional executive style. Anyone that thinks Mayline can only make luxury desks is very wrong, and with chairs like these, we couldn't be happier for it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Solving The 4 Most Common Reasons for Office Discomfort

Nobody likes being uncomfortable, especially at work! For those who settle for an unhealthy work life, it's time to make a change! The way you operate at work can actually cause health issues and long term problems that can be completely avoided. In today's blog article we'll share the 4 most common reasons for office discomfort while providing helpful ideas and solutions that are sure to ease your workplace woes.

1.) Back Pain 

Back Pain at Work

Back pain is the number one complain from most office employees. This issue is caused for a variety of reasons that stem from poor posture. Solving back pain at work can be a lengthy process that results in trips to the chiropractor and physician's office. In many cases however, meeting with an office chair specialist will provide many answers to your problem. Most business professionals have inherited their chair and fail to adjust them properly. If this is the case, take the time to research your chair and determine the best ways to utilize the products ergonomic values. If this doesn't work, it's time to shop for a new seating solution. In 2014 there are literally thousands of high quality ergonomic office chairs for sale on the market. To narrow your options, contact a seating provider you trust and discuss ways you feel your comfort could be improved. Features like lumbar support, head rests, adjustable arms, and memory foam seats are widely available that can quickly ease your discomfort.

2.) Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel at Work

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is often the cause of decreased productivity and extreme discomfort in the workplace. This unfortunate issue is commonly caused by a combination of attributes that increase pressure on tendons in the hands and wrist. The most common culprits include pregnancy, diabetes, and obesity. That being said this issue can be relieved to some degree by using adjustable keyboard trays at work. While high end models are available that cost hundreds of dollars, even a simple retractable unit will help to improve the posture at which you compute. Taller individuals for example will want to situate they keyboard to a higher level to improve blood flow to troubled areas. In addition, wearing a medical wrist guard will also help to provide support. Speaking with an ergo product specialist will help you to choose a keyboard tray that will work best for your specific body type and solve your carpal tunnel woes at work.

3.) Neck Pain

The odds are, that if you're back is in pain, your neck isn't feeling too good either. Another common office issue resulting from poor posture, neck pain is never fun. Whether you're sleeping poorly at home or sitting incorrectly at work, finding a cure for this trouble is a must. While massages are an option, they can be a regular need that becomes costly. Most individuals over 6' tall should be using high back office chairs with head rests to provide additional support. Individuals under 6' can effectively use mid back chairs to provide ergonomic benefits to the troubled areas. Test your chair adjustment capabilities in a variety of ways including the angle at which you work as well as the height of your chairs base and arms. In many cases, a few simple adjustments can really take the pressure of the neck and help you get back to working in comfort. If this doesn't work, many industry professionals are recommending standing desks as a useful alternative.

4.) Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused from a variety of reasons including past sports injuries, poor blood flow, joint issues, and a seemingly limitless list of other factors. No matter the cause, those dealing with knee discomfort in the workplace are always striving for relief! First try adjusting the height of your chair to a comfortable level. Next, be sure to take short breaks every hour to stretch and walk about. This gets the blood flowing and prevents your troubled knees from locking up on you. Keeping a comfortable knee brace on hand in the office can also come in quite handy. Some of the best ergonomic computer chairs are know being equipped with waterfall seat edge features to prevent hard angles when sitting. This feature is a must for anyone with knee pain considering a new office chair.