Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Ways to Add Appeal to Your Office Space in 2014

With the new year not being so new anymore, naturally, we have begun to see some amazing innovations from the world of office interior design. This year, it seems like the look to go for is sleek professionalism for an executive office space, and we couldn't agree more! Dark woods, glass, and metal are all staples of futuristic appeal, which fortunately leaves lots of room to roam. Design is all about vision and making sure everything contributes a bit of stylish appeal. To help you out, here's some of the newest modern trends to help accentuate your office space in 2014!

Use Dark Wood

Mayline Napoli Series Mahogany Executive Desk

This year, dark wood furniture is definitely in. Everywhere, desks with modern designs are flying off the shelves, and who can blame the shoppers? With features like mocha, espresso, and chocolate finishes, these furniture accents sound just as delicious as they look!  The great thing about dark wood furniture is that it looks good with everything. Metal, glass, grey, white, the colors of the rainbow - it all looks great with dark wood furniture. The only downside is that it may not be the best solution for a small office space as too much dark tends to obstruct the view of a room. But, if your have the space and the initiative to use dark wood furniture sparingly, it creates an unforgettable look that's sure to impress!

Glass Adds "Wow" Factor

Glass Accent Office Desk

While just about anything looks great with dark wood furniture, one of the best compliments is definitely some stylish glass accents. Not all office desks have to be hulking masses that take up all the space in a room. Glass desks provide a sense of the elegant, that with a few dark wood accents themselves can unite a room without obstructing it's view. In addition to sleek computer desks with glass accents, modular workstations with glass cabinets and accent features also contribute to a stylish contemporary office design. Whatever you choose to do though, knowing glass adds some serious "wow" factor is an excellent way to turn heads toward your workspace!

Metal Accents

Multi User Office Desk

What's the coolest combo for dark wood and glass? Well, that would definitely have to be metal! 2014 has seen an explosion of metal and chrome accents on furniture, and it really isn't hard to see why. Because dark wood has a tendency to darken the overall look of rooms, and glass is see-through, one of the best ways to bring a little light back in is by adding some reflective chrome, steel, and aluminum. Chances are, if you shop cutting edge modern desks for executives, metal will be everywhere. One of the biggest reasons why is because, in addition to shedding light, metal, dark wood, and glass go great with all sorts of colors. With this combo, decorating ideas are virtually limitless, opening up whole new worlds of opportunity for designers everywhere! With this look, it's almost impossible to go wrong.

Add A Complimenting Office Chair

Woodstock Gray Hendrix Chair

Unfortunatley, there is one area where new office designers can falter, and that's with the office chair. Even though dark wood, metal, and glass look great with just about anything, office chairs tend to boast unique designs that don't always compliment the simplistic modern look that most go for nowadays. All too often, people create the office space of their dreams and ruin the illusion with a crummy chair. Fortunately, this problem is a cinch to fix! Stylish office chairs of all shapes and colors are out there for the picking. Some even offer ergonomic features for added comfort! However, with the modern furniture look, nothing looks better than clean white or popular gray office chairs for sale for the office. Both offer loads of modern appeal to make your office shine!


Cool Office

And finally, we leave you with the funnest part of decorating! While larger furniture like desks, shelves, and bookcases for office storage tend to set the tone for an office, decor is where the personality comes out! When decorators choose things like lamp shades, paintings, and office accents, they turn and office from a place for work into a place with character. Decor is the opportunity to put a bit of oneself into a space, so feel free to choose what you like. Just make sure nothing clashes too much, and if you go with color, be sure to pick out a scheme so nothing appears out of place. Choosing ergonomic products like monitor arms and keyboard trays helps to complete the modern look while turning your office into one with function and value. Simply unite the look, and wait for the compliments!

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