Wednesday, April 2, 2014

7 Cool Products Missing From Your Office

Even if you think your office has everything you need, why pass up a chance for improvement? Few people realize that the addition of one or two simple products can drastically increase their work speed and productivity in the office. Even fewer people know or realize that these are the products to help them do it! If you're ready for a change for the better, check out these great office tools you're probably missing out on.

Sit Stand Keyboard Tray

Safco Ergo Comfort Sit Stand Keyboard Tray

Most computer users these days are hipping up to the benefits of keyboard trays, and why not? Keyboard trays are excellent health promoters. They reduce joint pain and muscle cramps in the wrists, hands, and arms, and they help to prevent risky problems like arthritis, poor circulation, and carpal tunnel syndrome. But did you know there's more than one way to stay healthy at work? In addition to ergonomic devices like keyboard trays, many users are choosing to stand while they work rather than sit. This in itself prevents poor circulation, and muscle pain throughout the body. For those willing to make the change, adjustable keyboard trays for sale that can make the sit-stand transition are vital. Too much standing is as dangerous as too much sitting, so experts recommend brief breaks where stand-up workers sit down periodically to take stress off the legs. Choosing products like the Safco 2196 Sit Stand Keyboard Tray allows users to do both, promoting health all around!

Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Dual Screen Monitor

Gamers all over the nation have made use of dual screen monitor arms for their enhanced visual experience and workspace, but why not bring this sophisticated technology to the office? Dual screens provide double the workspace on your computer, increasing productivity and efficiency drastically. The monitor arm, meanwhile, improves efficiency as well by allowing the user to tilt, stretch, adjust, and manipulate the screens to best suit their needs. Gamers, digital artists, graphic designers, engineers, and executives have turned dual screens into an office revolution. Anyone that doesn't make use of high tech ergonomic monitor arms for computer use is missing out on a hugely innovative product, and those without dual screens are missing out on a ton of fun!

Desk Lamp Charging Station

Solstice Charging Lamp

Have you ever been at work and wanted to charge your phone, but needed the computer USB for something else, like a flash drive? Well, with a  desk lamp charging station, like the SOLSTICE Dual Purpose Desk Lamp by ESI, you can reap the benefits of a high tech light, and a USB charger! The Solstice features a sophisticated lighting system that allows users to adjust light intensity and lamp position through a wide range of motion. As a great bonus, however, the lamp also comes with a USB outlet to charge handhelds like cellphones and mp3 players! Devices like the Solstice turn standard office products into versatile pieces of machinery that no office should be without.

Rotary File Cabinets

Mayline Rotary File

Despite the paperless revolution, most offices that have been around a while still have paper filing systems, and for good reason. Should the power go out or computer systems are hacked, it's always beneficial to have hard copy information on file. Many doctor's offices, dentists, and other healthcare facilities still rely on hard-copy files, but rather than having walls where receptionists must search forever to find what they need, why not make it easier? Choosing efficient rotary file cabinets for office use can drastically reduce search time when you're looking for a specific file. By making use of rotating shelves, all the files are in one convenient place. If you know the shelves by label, finding files is a snap!

Adjustable Office Chair

Flash Furniture Adjustable Swivel Chair

Adjustable office chairs are the quintessential staple of an healthy office environment. Choosing affordable ergonomic mesh back chairs for sale can be one of the best decisions an employer can make. Not only are mesh chairs affordable, but when they come equipped with adjustable functions and sophisticated designs, they can greatly improve the comfort and health of employees that use them. Many ergonomic chairs are designed to relieve specific pains, so most models are perfect for those that have specific ailments, like back pain, sciatica, poor circulation, or joint issues. They have become a revolution in the workplace, and anyone missing them is truly missing out on a better work life.

Tablet Mount

ESI Orion Combo Tablet Arm

It's no secret that tablets have taken the world by storm. All the big tech companies from Apple to Samsung, even to Amazon, seem to have designed their own version of smart tablet. Despite how efficient these things are for work though, many users still set them flat on the desk to use them, which is a very primitive (not to mention, unhealthy) method. Thankfully, many innovations by office tech companies have worked it out so tablet users can still have the world at their fingertips, even from the office. With great devices like the ORION Combo Tablet Mount by ESI, users can keep their tablets on an adjustable arm mounted to the desk, sort of like a computer monitor arm. It's a vital, affordable invention for anyone that loves their tablet!

CPU Holder
CPU Holder

Ever spilled a drink in the office and watch your tech equipment go up in sparks? Even the thought of it can render jitters. That's why CPU holders are so important. By keeping CPU holders (computer hard drives) off of the ground and out of the way of kicking legs and spilled drinks, these devices vastly reduce the risk of expensive accidents in the workplace. Most CPU holders mount under desks and come with ergonomic setups that allow users to flip the hard drive around - that means no more struggling under the desk to rewire circuitry or plug things in. Simply flip the CPU around and do what you need to do, and never worry about sparks flying again!

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