Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Best Office Furniture Collections: Cherryman Emerald Series

There are many remarkable furniture brands out there, but few come close to Cherryman Industries. This brand is well known for crafting professional office furniture with all the elegance and executive style anyone could ever hope for. While finding stylish furniture to match the rest of a space can be difficult, Cherryman makes it easy by offering high quality furniture collections with pieces that can find a place in just about any room. Today, we review the popular Emerald series. Enjoy!


Cherryman Emerald Collection Desk

Of all the wonderful things Cherryman crafts, their professional office desks are probably the best known for being ideal for high end workspaces. It's not surprising that the Emerald furniture collection by Cherryman lives up to these standards, boasting a wide array of luxury desks for executive office use. Emerald collection desks are offered in either a rich cognac cherry or mahogany finish for versatility. Most also feature storage space in the form of cabinets and hutches for desk sets, and drawers for free standing desks. For around the same price as standard issue desks, Emerald desks are well made, durable, and very stylish, with a classical appeal that would look wonderful in traditional office spaces.


Cherryman Emerald Collection Conference Table

Like all Cherryman desks, Emerald tables boast excellent classical appeal as well as practicality. This collection offers three different tables to suit different purposes. For anyone looking for a smaller office table, this is the right collection! The EM-421N Emerald Collection Meeting Table boasts a round top to help imply equality while also maximizing space. Its round design makes the table a superb choice for compact spaces in executive offices, meeting rooms, and conference areas. However, for those that want something with a little more work room, Cherryman does not disappoint. The Cherryman EM-424N Emerald Collection Conference table and its 425N sibling easily accommodate multiple guests. Available in the same two finishes as all other Emerald furniture, decorating with them is a snap!


Cherryman Emerald Series Chair

Most new furniture shoppers have a pretty tough time discovering what chairs will best match their furniture choices, and with options like desks and conference tables, chairs are an absolute must! Fortunately, Cherryman has also covered this little problem with the addition of the Cherryman CHAIR-24 Emerald Cognac Guest Chair to their line. In addition to being a great seat for conference visitors, this chair also makes a handsome option for guest seating. Lobbies, waiting rooms, and reception areas have already made great use of the classic look this chair exudes. However, for those that need something a little more  mobile, Respond Office Chairs by Cherryman make amazing choices for task use.

Reception Stations

Cherryman Emerald Reception Desk

No office waiting room is complete without a reception station to greet and treat visitors. For most places, the reception station is the guests' first impression of a company, so it's important that the station looks good. Fortunately, with the Emerald collection, decorators have nothing to worry about. The Emerald series boasts two stylish desks for office reception to impress any visitors to a workplace. The EM-412N Emerald Reception Desk by Cherryman is actually a top seller, probably for it's complete storage units and space dating functionality. The smaller NC-122 model is ideal for lobbies and waiting rooms because of its smaller size and affordable price.

Storage Solutions

Cherryman Emerald Executive Storage Credenza

And finally, one of the best things about the Cherryman Emerald series is the storage. Few furniture collections ever offer as much storage as the Emerald series. In addition to the hutches, cabinets, and drawers featured as part of the desks, the Emerald series also offers lots of additional storage items. Cabinets, drawer sets, bookcases, and credenzas are just a few of the best options the Emerald series has to offer. Buyers of this line love the convenience of being able to go back and choose a storage set to accommodate their increasing business needs. With easy affordability, and matchability to boot, it's no wonder the Emerald series is so valued for having some of the most office storage products with versatility in any furniture collection!

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