Friday, April 18, 2014

Improve Your Corporate Decor With Global Zira Furniture

If any furniture series lead the pack in modern style, it would definitely have to be the Zira collection by Global. This furniture line goes beyond style. It incorporates fabulous looks with trend-setting features to turn ordinary offices in to professional workspaces. The Zira collection makes it easy to improve corporate decor in a snap, and the best part is that there's furniture for the whole office! Here's a look at the stunning style of the Zira collection by Global!

Small Workstations

The Zira collection by Global makes workstations its specialty, with options available in all shapes and sizes. The series offers an extensive set of smaller workstations in numerous configurations, so users can always find an option that fits the compact size and layout of their office.  As an added bonus, the stylish Zira workstations by Global offer users unparalleled control over look. Every desk allows buyers to choose from a vast array of finish options, from a rich quartered mahogany, to tiger maple, and winter cherry. There are even different drawer handle styles offered! With all these fantastic features, shoppers can create their own small workstation with specifications to go in both home and business offices.

Large Workstations

One of the great things about the Zira collection is its versatility. In addition to smaller workstations, Zira also offers large desk options for those that want an impressive contemporary look to wow guests in their workplace. Even larger workstations, like the Zira 6 Modern Executive Desk by Global offer the same extensive customization features as smaller sets, with the same array of finish and accessory features. With all this, buyers can easily design a desk the way they want: a desk that will look spectacular, and have the functionality to back up its gorgeous appearance!

Multi User Workstations

Adding modular workstations for multiple users to the office is often one of the smartest decisions a business owner can make. In offices that are tight on square footage, a multi user workstation takes out the bite that more than one single desk can have on a space. The Zira collection offers tons of excellent multi user stations that all provide ample room for each individual to work comfortably in their shared space. Not only that, but multi user workstations in the Global Zira collection are shining stars of modern design, sure to turn any dull corporate space into a trend-setting modern destination!

Reception Furniture

Global Zira Reception Station

In environments where reception desks are often the first impression a visitor has of the business, what better way to introduce them to your company's standards than by greeting them with a desk from the Zira collection! Like all Zira furniture, modern desks for office reception by Global are stylish and customizable. Users can choose the from the same finish options as other Zira workstations, only now, company patrons can encounter this amazing style on a regular basis. Zira reception stations are stunning to look at, with plenty of storage features and work room for receptionists to keep everything in place. They are gorgeous furniture solutions that no business should be without.

Conference Furniture 

And lastly, we present you with Zira's incredible conference furniture. Because conference rooms are often high stakes environments in corporate business, Global works hard to create conference tables with enough contemporary style to withstand any criticism. Zira offers boat shaped and racetrack conference like the Z4896RTE Zira Conference Table by Global for modern corporate business. Options are available in many sizes to fit in versatile office environments. Simply choose from the Zira line's extensive array of finish options to create the look that's perfect for your business, and wait for the compliments to roll in!

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