Monday, April 28, 2014

Modern Office Essentials: Products You Need for A Cutting Edge Workspace

With all the competitors out there, staying on the cutting edge in the workplace is a pretty big task. Fortunately, with a little increased productivity and efficiency, that task can be cut down to size! Keeping employees comfortable with excellent office furniture is proven to increase focus and awareness so users can work faster and smarter. Here are some great office products to propel your workplace into the future!

Ergonomic Chair

Global Arti Office Chair

Comfort is at the epicenter of a productive office. Studies show that when office workers are undistracted by pain or aching joints, they tend to tire less quickly, focus more, and be more productive. Not only do ergonomic mesh chairs increase comfort, but they also promote excellent work ethic by relieving common office aches that can distract from their tasks. All ergonomic chairs offer some form of back pain relief, but specific seating solutions can also save occupants from joint, neck, knee, foot, and muscle pain. Look for models that have high adjustability and waterfall seats for the ultimate in office luxury!

Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Sit To Stand Desk by Global

Unfortunately, in severe cases, an office chair is not always enough to relieve office pain. Since most office-related aches come from the spine trying to support the entire upper body in a sitting position, sometimes standing at work is the only solution. It takes some time to get used to, but with a stand up height adjustable desk like the HE4824MSC Corner Desk by Global, users force their legs to take on some of the body's wight distribution (the way the human body is designed to). With periodic sitting breaks, standing office workers have reported greater focus and far less pain than when they were sitting in a crummy office chair. It's a cutting edge trick every workplace should be aware of.

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Having a standing desk is amazing for back pain relief, but without a convenient sit to stand keyboard tray like the 2196 tray by Safco, a standing desk is like asking for joint problems. WIthout proper blood flow to the hands and wrists, the joints in them can swell and cause pain. However, with a sit to stand keyboard tray, users can comfortably switch between sitting and standing without ever having to worry that their forearms, wrists, and hands are not getting enough nourishment. Just adjust they keyboard as you move throughout the workday and go with the flow.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Global E Series Desk Pedestal

Having versatile office storage solutions around not only keeps a workplace cleaner, it also keeps things more organized. With modern file cabinets and space saving office desk pedestals, office workers can have plenty of extra storage space for files, pens, pencils, binders, books, and anything else they might need to tuck away. Some models even come with wheels for convenient mobility, so that cabinets, carts, and pedestals can be rolled out of the way into storage without taking up a ton of room on the office floor.

Dual Screen Monitor Arm

ESI Edge Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Gamers and office executive alike swear by dual screens for many reasons. They allow more computer desktop space more programs to be open at the same time, letting workers get more done. With an ergonomic dual screen monitor arm like the Edge2-28 by ESI, users get complete control over how they view their screens. The arms provide extension, retraction, and tilt capabilities so users can position their screen for optimal viewing. At an arm's length at eye level in front of the viewer, over time a dual screen arm can alleviate neck and upper back pain while increasing workspace and productivity!

LED Desk Lighting

LED Pixie Task Light by ESI

Switching to LED lighting is an excellent way to save money in the long run for any interior space. Even if is the lights do cost a bit more at check-out, with an astounding average of 50,000 hours in life span, environmentally conscious energy consumption, an average $30 annual energy cost, no dangerous mercury (unlike fluorescents), and low maintenance cost all for one light, other traditional lighting sources simply cannot compete with LED desk lamps and lighting fixtures for office use. Switch it up, save the cash, and relish the eco-friendly feeling!

Horizontal CPU Holder

Hopefully, you don't yet know the horror of spilling coffee on your computer's hard drive, but unfortunately, there are far too many out there who do. Office accidents are bound to happen, but rather than watching all your data go up in sparks, why not prevent thousands of dollars in damage before it ever happens? Adding a vertical or horizontal CPU holder for computer use to mount under an office desk increases convenience and prevents accidents by keeping the hard drive away from potential spills and kicking feet. Models like the CPU05 Adjustable CPU Holder by ESI even offer 360 degree swivel for easy rewiring to help you stay on the cutting edge!

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