Friday, May 30, 2014

Deal Finder: Office Reception Desks Under $999

Creating a welcoming and stylish reception area will no doubt leave an excellent impression on your business guests. However, reception area makeover projects can be a real strain on the budget! Luckily, we've got 5 awesome reception desks in today's post under $999 to help you maximize your design potential without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Offices To Go Reception Desk ShellLimited by square footage? Not to worry! The SL7130RDS reception station by Offices To Go is just the ticket. This 71" reception desk priced at only $369.99 offers a choice of 3 in stock laminate finishes to meet your decor needs. The open shell design allows for the addition of storage pedestals for organizing while the 30"D work surface provides ample room to add a computer for your receptionist.

Small Mocha Reception Desk with Glass AccentsWith 10 high quality casegoods furniture collections for sale on the market in 2014, Mayline is no stranger to the world of reception desks. This Aberdeen series rectangular reception desk with glass transaction screen priced at $630.99 was a must for today's article. The stunning mocha finish combined with the elegance of glass make this station a real winner in the workplace. As an added bonus, the Aberdeen collection also includes a wide selection of conference tables, storage solutions, and affordable desks for executives that will help you achieve a universal look throughout your most common business areas.

L Shaped Mahogany Reception Desk

Using an L shaped reception desk in your office waiting area will provide additional worksurface and storage space. This laminate station from Offices To Go is a great way to save a buck while incorporating this configuration style. The SL-O-AML layout includes an L shaped reception desk with mahogany finish as well as 1 storage pedestal for office organizing. Priced at $735.99, this unit is one of the best values on the market today. Additional finish options and matching desks are also available from this high quality collection.

OFM Marque Series 55290 Reception Desk

Known for their innovative designs and user friendly products, OFM is winning over consumers with their unique Marque line of reception area desks. The 55290 model features a curved front design accented by silver metal trim for a sophisticated look. Worried about installation? Don't be! These versatile reception desks from OFM require no tools for assembly. For $993.99, this is a reception desk you should highly consider for your office makeover project.

Cherryman Verde Series Reception DeskWe've saved the best for last! If you love the look of modern furniture, the Cherryman Verde Series VL-816 is the reception desk for you. This ultra classy unit is available in a choice of espresso or latte finish options and is highlighted by silver and white accents. If you're looking for wow factor, the VL-816 is hard to top. These modern reception stations can be easily turned into an L shaped unit and boasts a wide selection of matching storage components. The $706.50 price point is just too good to turn down. Choosing reception desks by Cherryman Industries is always a good idea!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shop Smart: Modern Meeting Tables Under $999

Finding sturdy meeting tables that won't break under a critical gaze can be tough. Trying to find one that won't break your wallet either can be even harder. While any office decorating project can be a daunting task, fraught with concerns about whether others will be impressed by your business, it doesn't mean one shouldn't try to shop smart. For those looking to deck out their workplace with an inexpensive meeting table, this article is definitely for you. Enjoy!

Cherryman Verde Meeting Table
First on our list is a meeting table from the ever popular Verde collection by Cherryman. Whether or not you rely on the Verde series to jazz up the whole of your office, the Verde collection table by Cherryman is always an excellent choice that won't break your bank. Available in either a rich espresso or lighter latte finish, the VL-869 Verde meeting table looks simply amazing. With shining chrome accents, it also offers sophisticated industrial style to amp up any modern office space.
OFM Endure Meeting Table

Next on our list are the gems from OFM that bring versatility to any room they sit in. Endure series tables by OFM are not only super stylish, they also boast height adjustability. Whether you choose a round table or a square one from this series, the use of a simple industrial crank on models like the AT30SQ-GRYNB height adjustable meeting table allows users to select their own dimensions. Use them at bars, or in cafes, bistros, or executive offices to create an ideal meeting environment.
Global Wind Series Meeting Table
The Global Wind Series, on the other hand, offers a different sort of versatility that's perfect for offices with unique decor. One of the top reasons the Wind series is chosen so often to furnish reception areas and waiting rooms is partially because Global offers an extensive array of color and finish options to better match existing decor. Thankfully, their contemporary meeting tables for sale are no different. Models like this meeting table with versatile finish options allow shoppers to pick the color they want without having to pay an exorbitant price. The 3876 Global Wind Meeting table looks perfect in meeting areas and cafes alike.

OFM Wood Table
If the industrial look isn't exactly what you're looking for, don't worry. In addition to the Endure Series pictured above, OFM also offers a great small wood meeting table that brings just the right sense of charm to a professional workspace. The 55129-CHERRY table by OFM is easily assembled for convenience. For about the same price as the average ergonomic office chair, designers can add this table to a meeting area, executive office, or conference room to amp up the modern style.

Stainless Steel Meeting Table by Mayline
And finally, we leave you with the beautiful CA42RLS metal table by Mayline to dress up your office. With three available finishes, this table is more than just a smart decision for your wallet. The different colors mean that it can be added to a variety of office interiors without clashing with existing decor. As a stainless steel meeting table, the CA42RLS is super easy to clean and won't rust with time. Four leveling guides and easy assembly make this model ideal for cafes, meeting areas, or hospitality settings in a host of professional establishments.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How To Create An Ergotastic Training Room

With all the important things that go on there, training rooms are definitely some of the most important spaces in the office. The future of a company lies with the new recruits, and making sure they know the ins and outs of the business is crucial. That's why, today, we are offering some great design tips on how to create an excellent ergonomic training room for your office. Enjoy!

Choose Modular Tables

Modern Training Area

Modular tables are a must in just about any office space, from the executive office to the conference room, but it's the training area where these babies really shine. Choosing top notch training tables like the Flip N Go, Sync, and other great training tables by Mayline, or the adjustable Bungee tables by Global can make all the difference in a workplace. Many of these tables offer mobility, flippable tops, and easy reconfiguration for when furniture layouts need to change. They offer excellent working room for training the newbies, but are also of great use for projects and planning when it needs to be done as well.

Select Chairs That Nest

Global Roma Nesting Chairs

Next on the agenda is to include sturdy nesting chairs for office training areas. Most stackable or folding office chairs, like those from the 1899 Roma Chair Series by Global, offer nesting capabilities for easy storage. Class sizes and needs can change throughout the year. Sometimes, extraneous seating can make a place look cluttered or unkempt, and when misplaced, they can even cause accidents. Fortunately, the Roma series and the Valore by Mayline offer nesting options that allows the chairs to fold up against one another to maximize space. As an added plus, they even include ergonomic features for comfortable support throughout the day. Altogether, nesting chairs are a must have that save space, look great, and improve office versatility!

Get Powered Up

OFM Powered Utility Table

For those of you that can't stand weight lifting, don't worry. Here, we're referring to a different kind of power up for your training area (and it doesn't cause muscle cramps). Just about every set of modern office training furniture includes technology, but often, finding a place to plug in computers among islands of training desks can be a real challenge. Not only does it make educational furniture layouts all but impossible, but exposed cords and wires can literally trip people up. To combat this, many manufacturers are offering utility tables with power modules to make wiring a breeze! Awesome discount training tables by OFM and similar brands all offer this solution. Simply hook up devices to the tables and never worry about ensnarement by computer wires again!

Use Versatile Accessories

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

And finally, the last thing you need to gear up training areas for the new recruits is technology! Educational showcases have become much simpler with great devices like projectors and office presentation aids to convey ideas more easily. However, since it's the designer's job to make sure a space is comfortable and user friendly, it never hurts to add versatile ergonomic accessories that make tech more accessible. Ergonomic monitor arms, keyboard trays, foot rests, and adjustable TV Mounts all go to improving workplace efficiency, and each one is something that makes comfortable learning all the better. The best part? None of them will break your bank.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Office Ergonomics: Top 11 Chair Mechanisms Explained

Office Chair Mechanisms Explained

When shopping for new office chairs, you'll be meet with common terms like task, tilter, synchro-tilter, and operator. But what do these terms mean? In order to make an informed purchasing decision, it's of value to know the benefits these versatile mechanisms. In today's post we'll share and define the top 11 types of office chair operating mechanisms and their individual benefits for you.  

1.) Task Mechanism The most commonly found mechanism on office chairs that adjust is the task mechanism. This style of operating system allows a chair to move up and down, the seat depth to adjust manually, the back height to adjust, and the chair to swivel via a single knob and lever.  

2.) Posture Task Mechanism The posture task seat mechanism offers a pneumatic seat height adjustment lever, back angle lever, and back height adjustment knob. The posture task mechanism also allows for your office chairs back height seat depth to adjust.  

3.) Tilter Mechanism Those shopping for a new ergonomic computer chair  in 2014 with find that the tilter mechanism has become one of the most popular options on the market. This chair mechanism allows for height adjustments and features a tilt lock feature that allows users to set a preferred back angle.

 4.) Knee-Tilter A highly preferred mechanism by industry professionals, the Knee-Tilter system offers features that include tilt tension, pneumatic seat height, chair tilt lock, back height, knee-tilt action, and swivel. Often, knee tilter mechanisms are offered with a custom sliding seat depth option for improved versatility. Chairs like the 2621-1 Global Ride Chair are a standard with a knee tilter mechanism that make adjustments very user friendly.  

5.) Multi-Tilter With a few more features than the Knee-Tilter system mentioned above, the multi tilter offers many of the same great adjustment capabilities but adds a forward tilt lock and infinite position seat tilt lock.  

6.) Synchro-Tilter Most high end and luxurious office chairs are standard with some form of Synchro-Tilter mechanism. This user friendly system offers adjustment features that include tilt tension, height adjustment, back angle adjustment, and an anti kick back feature that allows the chair to return to the upright position more smoothly.  

7.) Posture-Tilter The posture tilter chair mechanism is another system commonly used on top quality seating. Versatile, user friendly, and built to last, posture tilter mechanisms are hard to top. Adjustment features include tilt tension, pneumatic seat height, sliding seat depth adjustment, and an infinite position seat tilt locking attribute.  

8.) Function-Tilter Function-Tilter chair mechanism are a bit less common. They feature a tilt tension knob, pneumatic seat height adjustment lever, back angle lever, and upright position locking feature to prevent tilting.  

9.) Operator Commonly found on high quality task seating for professional office use, operator mechanisms are made to be user friendly and effective in the workplace. A long list of features includes height, back angle, seat angle, and back height adjustments. With a single lever, the operator mechanism allows the seat and back angle to be controlled with ease.  

10.) Synchro Knee-Tilter Used on models like the all new Arti Series 6673-2 high back office chair, the Synchro Knee-Tilter mechanism offers cutting edge adjustment capabilities. Attributes like tilt tension, anti kick back, knee-tilt action, tilt lock are all standard. Synchro Knee Tilter mechanisms feature 2 levers and 1 knob to control all chair adjusting.  

11.) Synchro-Glider Last but not least, the Synchro-Glider chair mechanism allows for a wide range of smooth adjustments. A tilt tension dial is easy for operators to use while working. The chair tilt lock lever is typically located on the left side of the mechanism and makes for smooth adjusting. Additional features include pneumatic seat seat, back angle, and seat depth adjustment.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Memorial Day Office Furniture Sale!

It's that time of year again - the time to remember those who died while serving in the U.S armed forces. In honor of Memorial Day, we're showing our respect by offering these great deals on amazing office furniture products and accessories. As always, all orders will be free of shipping fees regardless of price. Just type in the proper coupon code at the bottom of the page to enjoy these awesome deals.

Happy Memorial Day!

1.) VL-727  Cherryman Verde Series Modern Workstation - $2,122.50 + Free Shipping!

VL-727  Cherryman Verde Series Modern Workstation

2.) 8100TD Mayline Eastwinds Mobile Computer Desk - $243.99 + Free Shipping!

Mayline Eastwinds Mobile Computer Desk

3.) Offices To Go SL-E-AEL Espresso Laminate Desk - $695.99 + Free Shipping!

Offices To Go SL-E-AEL Espresso Laminate Desk

4.) 66366L Mesa Series Secretarial Desk by OFM - $799.99 + Free Shipping!

OFM Mesa Secretarial Desk with Left Return

5.) SE804-GRY Eurotech Seating Microsuede Wing Chair - $215.00 + Free Shipping!

Eurotech Grey Microsuede Wing Chair

6.)  Offices To Go 11691B Mesh Executive Chair - $330.99 + Free Shipping!

Offices To Go Mesh Executive Chair

7.) 6680-8 Weight Sensing Takori Office Chair by Global - $377.99 + Free Shipping!

Global Takori High Back Weight Sensing Office Chair

8.) ESI SOLSTICE Dual Purpose LED Task Light - $205.99 + Free Shipping!


9.) 7173 Safco Value Mate Steel Bookcase - $269.00 + Free Shipping!

Safco Value Mate Steel Bookcase

10.) EDGE2-28 Dual Screen Monitor Arm by ESI - $423.99 + Free Shipping!

ESI EDGE Dual Screen Monitor Arm

Memorial Holiday Coupon Codes:

Coupon Code: FP3875 (Save $10 On Any Purchase of $199.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP3600 (Save $25 On Any Purchase of $499.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP 3900 (Save $50 On Any Purchase of $999.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP3333 (Save $75 On Any Purchase of $1499.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP4000 (Save $100 On Any Purchase of $1999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP5500 (Save $150 On Any Purchase of $2999.99 or More + FREE Shipping) 

Coupon Code: FP1111 (Save $300 On Any Purchase of $5599.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

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Cherryman Makes Executive Office Makeover Projects A Breeze!

Cherryman Industries is highly regarded as one of the best office furniture manufacturers in the country. This reputable brand offers 5 excellent casegoods furniture collections along with a wide selection of professional ergonomic seating. Those looking to fully furnish their executive spaces with top notch products will find that the Cherryman brand makes the process an absolute breeze!

EM-417N Emerald Desk LayoutThose in search of a traditional look in the workplace will greatly enjoy the Cherryman Emerald Collection. This line of wood veneer office desks offers an elegant look that boasts sophistication and class. With over 20 pre configured desk layouts available, using the Emerald collection for your office makeover project is fast and effective. Simply measure your space effectively and choose from the selection of desk configurations available. Suites like the Emerald Series EM-417N include all the components needed to fully furnish your executive office to perfection.

 Cherryman Amber DesksDealing with a limited budget? Not to worry! The Cherryman Amber series offers the desk configurations you need to create a stylish executive environment without breaking the back. Available in 5 popular laminate finish options. Cherryman office desks from the Amber collection like the AM-364N offer a modular design that can be configured to form a left or right handed U shape. This 4 piece layout is also incredibly affordable. At a price of only $942.00 with free shipping, you can see just how easy Cherryman makes it for shoppers to furnish executive work environments on a budget.

JA-174N Jade Series Desk by Cherryman
The Cherryman Industries Jade Desks for executive use offer the perfect combination of modern and traditional style characteristics. Available in two popular finish options, Jade series furniture is further accented by glass hutch doors and metal modesty panels to form a very high end look. The JA-174N Jade Desk by Cherryman includes 6 pieces to form an out of this world workstation. This U shaped configuration is perfect for both home and professional applications. In addition to the JA-174N, the Jade series includes stand alone executive desks and larger executive furniture configurations to meet the needs of any space.

Cherryman Ruby Series Desks
The rich cherry finish showcased on Cherryman Ruby Series furniture is sure to impress. At first glance, the Ruby collection will wow you with it's elegant curves and versatile simplicity. This extensive line includes ample desk configurations to choose from including a wide selection of professional tables for conference room use. Stations like the RU-261 are especially popular as they feature a unique front desk section with integrated curve. The RU-261 and it's fellow stations are great for hosting small meetings as well as conducting normal business throughout the work day.

Cherryman Verde Series Desks

We've saved the best for last! It's no secret that the modern look is in. That being said, if you're looking to take your workspace over the top with limited design headaches, the Cherryman Verde Collection is the only way to go. This affordable and unique line includes much more than just furniture for executives. The Verde conference tables with modern style and reception stations with white accents are sure to take your business decor to the next level of style. Ahead of it's time in many ways, the cutting edge Cherryman Verde Desks for home and business are available in two stylish finish options. Verde series furniture features a blend of laminate work surfaces, metal tones, and white accents that are sure to wow any office guest.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's New: Mayline Medina Furniture

When shopping for new office furniture, most buyers are looking for three things: style, affordability, and products that meet their needs. For those folks in search of the best, we're proud to present the Medina series by Mayline! In today's article, we highlight the top reasons why this new line is already a favorite!



The Medina furniture collection by Mayline makes use of the big three to appeal to modern offices: chrome, glass, and wood. However, it's the unique look of the wood laminate finishes that really set this furniture apart. Medina series desks, tables, and accent furniture are all offered in either mahogany, mocha, or gray steel finishes. The result is furniture that flawlessly blends the futuristic aspects of chrome and glass with a tinged wood finish that never disappoints.



The Medina series is one of Mayline's most versatile lines. It's varied array of products include every bit of casegood furniture an office could possibly need. The line includes sophisticated executive desks for home and business use, as well as hutches, wall cabinets, presentation boards, bookcases for office areas, and even conference tables. Everything is offered in one of the three laminate finishes to better match decor. Best of all is that the styles easily match one another so nothing clashes, and shoppers are always left with a space that feels uniform.



One of the greatest aspects about the Medina series is it's affordability. In fact, many of their single office desks cost far less than most office chairs! Medina furniture sets, workstations, and conference tables often feature storage, accent furniture, and plenty of room to work in all for a super affordable price that competitors simply can't match. Most dealers offer Mayline office furniture with free shipping, and even bulk discounts on orders of three or more products, so shoppers can save even more by choosing Medina since it's a line that boasts matching accent furniture as well as high end workstations.



While many of Mayline's Medina series single desks do not offer much storage on their own, the line does offer plenty of options for shoppers to get what they need. In addition to desks, the Medina series boasts affordable storage cabinets for office home and business use. Bookcases, wall cabinets, hutches, and desk pedestals are often staple features of Medina series executive furniture sets. Choosing one of these options lets users save big on everything most users need for a successful executive space, whether at home or in a public office.



Overall, the Mayline Medina series is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deck out their workspace in a perfect mix of modern style and casual charm. The unique wood laminates featured in this line are extremely hard to find with other popular office furniture brands, making the Medina series truly one of a kind. With desks, conference tables, storage, and style in spades, the Medina line provides everything most shoppers are looking for to makeover their workspace. All wrapped up in affordable prices, it's no wonder this new furniture line is already picking up fans!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Office Lingo: Chair Terminology Shoppers Need To Know

Ever been reading through a product's features and had no clue what they meant? You're not alone. Often, most people will buy a product solely based on deductive reasoning, a dealer's translation of the features, or even just based on how fancy the terms are. Well, today we thought we'd some common office chair lingo to help break the mold! This list is your guide to the language of furniture specialists. Enjoy!


Lately, ergonomic is a term that's been appearing all over the furniture world, but what does it really mean? Actually, ergonomics is a scientific field of study. It's dedicated to understanding the efficiency of the human body in a typical working environment. In general, products that are labeled "ergonomic" have been manufactured with intent to somehow increase user efficiency, comfort, productivity (and sometimes, health) in the workplace. A chair with an "ergonomically contoured" back has been molded to better support the occupant by contouring to their spine. Since "ergonomic" probably the most common term on this list, it's one all furniture shoppers should remember!

"Synchro Tilt"

The level of sophistication for ergonomic furniture can vary with price, but fortunately synchro tilt is a common feature that appears on most ergonomic-labeled chairs. Basically, it just defines that a chair's back can lean back freely, often in both a backwards capacity for relaxing or a forward one to support users while typing. Chairs that come with "tilt locks" can lock in a tilt angle chosen by the user. The 6680-0 Takori Chair by Global is a very sophisticated chair with synchro tilt offered at a reasonable price. All this goes to helping ensure that users can rely on a chair that can adjust to varying needs. Definitely an ergonomic feature.

"Pneumatic Cylinder"

A chair with a pneumatic cylinder relies on compressed gas to adjust the height of an office chair. By pressing a button or lever on the office chair, users can force the gas in a piston (or cylinder) underneath them to adjust the chair's height. It allows for sudden fluid movement rather than forcing users to turn a crank. Most pneumatic cylinders can be adjusted while seating in the chair. Fortunately, this is a common feature on almost all ergonomic chair models, regardless of price.

"Lumbar Support"

As one of the most important features to modern consumers, it's no surprise that lumbar support can be found on most chair models - and also on this list! Lumbar support lets users know that there is either a cushion or other support structure in the lower end of the chair's back. When a person is seated, ideally, the lumbar rests against the inward curve at the lower end of the spine, helping it to keep shape. Without lumbar support, most chairs force improper posture, slowly molding the spine out of alignment, causing back pain. For this reason, many back pain sufferers often seek a chair with adjustable lumbar support like the 1961LM-3 Alero Chair by Global.


In the office furniture world, casters just means "wheels." In the factory though, "wheels" is a term that's far too arbitrary. Top quality manufacturers of office furniture and ergonomics recognize that not not all casters are created equal. There are different kinds depending on different scenarios. For example, carpet casters are specially designed so that they don't tear up carpets. Gliding casters are better for environments where the wheels may experience a variety of different floor types, such as carpet, wood, or linoleum. Great information if you worry about your floors.

"Waterfall Seat Edge"

Waterfall seats are a simple invention with a host of benefits for users. All it is is a simple curve at the end of the chair where the edge of the seat meets the legs. A waterfall seat chair reduces stress on this tender place, allowing blood to flow more easily through the knees, legs, and feet. Over time, this can help prevent joint pain, back aches, and even serious issues like blood clots for those at risk for it. While it's not a feature found in all ergonomic chairs, models like the MF-22-ORG chair and the rest of the Hawk Series by Eurotech are becoming more common.

"5 Star Base"

Because of the relatively uneven weight distribution and swivel features common to most office chairs, occupants often find out the hard way that it's all too easy to tip one over. However, a chair with a five star base is far less likely to have this problem. All a five star base means is that the chair has five legs to fan out and help distribute the chair's weight in as many directions as possible. Any less and a chair is highly unstable. It's not likely that you'll find a four-star base office chair, but always make sure to count before buying. Better to be safe than sorry!

"Knee Tilt"

Knee tilt features allow users to rock in their chairs. It relies on a pivot at the front of the seat, letting the occupant recline while also keeping their feet on the ground. Sometimes a chair with synchro knee tilt like the OFM 590-L Mesh Chair adjusts the back at the same time as the knees. This allows users to stretch out in their chairs while keeping their feet on the floor. It enhances blood flow and dynamic body movement while promoting stability.

"Back Height Adjustment"

In chairs that don't have adjustable lumbar support, back height adjustment is a saving grace. This ergonomic feature is just what it sounds like. It lets users move the entire backrest of the chair up or down so any built-in lumbar support lines up with their body more easily. Many popular office chairs by OFM and Global Total Office provide this feature. Since adjustable lumbar support is pretty hard to find, back height adjustment is definitely something to search for.

"Mesh Fabric"

While it's not really a mechanical ergonomic feature, there are plenty of qualities to mesh fabric that render it an ergonomic advancement all on its own. Quality mesh back office chairs with ergonomic features are all the rage these days, especially in warmer climates. The perforated fabric allows for smoother air flow to keep users cool. It prevents illness by slowing the buildup of heat and germs on the user, and is also super easy to clean. Just wipe down the fabric with a disinfectant wipe and you're ready for the dog-days of summer!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Office Design 101: Popular Paint Finishes of 2014

One of the most challenging parts of office design has got to be knowing what to paint. You want a color that draws attention to the decor of your workplace, but you definitely don't want it to make visitors cringe. Walking the line between trendy, professional, and subtle is scary, but hopefully these tips on great paint finishes for the walls in your office can give you that much needed balance!

Going Pro

Mayline Medina Series Modern Furniture Set

Choosing to go with a professional look is something that requires a lot of focus. For this style, you may want to rely a little more on the furniture to draw the attention than your walls, so demure blues like slate, storm, or stone are better if you want color. Grays ranging from dark to light are good too if you have oppositely colored furniture to provide contrast. It all really depends on the color you choose for your affordable chairs and office furniture in the space. Even if they match the furniture, wall paints that are too vibrant will seem energetic and out of place, especially if you're going for a sleek, industrial look to convey your company's professionalism.

Modern Charm

Global Industries Office Interior

The mid century modern furniture style is very popular with smaller local offices. It's a style that relies on bright, happy colors to lift up the moods of viewers, creating the perfect blend of contemporary furniture with an odd sense of rustic charm. Choosing to go with this style is better if you want a much more laid back, business-casual feel for your office. All the colors of the rainbow are pretty much a good choice for walls as long as they match furniture and aren't too overpowering. Cherry finished desks and wood office furniture collections such as furniture by Global Total Office are perfect for this look. Paint your walls any color you want, but be sure to tone down the color's intensity by opting for a lighter hue, for example, a soft periwinkle blue or sage green in place of royal blue or emerald paint.

Old School

Vintage Style Office

Believe it or not, there are tons of popular office furniture brands out there that still produce traditionally styled office furniture for modern day use. For those considering this style, just remember that most vintage furniture pieces rely heavily on wood finishes to achieve that old-school look. This makes grays, steely blues, and any other industrial color a bad idea since they're all psychologically associated with the modern age. In this case, neutral paints are better for walls. Anything with a naturally colored base, like tan, beige, or cream will work easily compliment and draw attention to rustic furniture. Ivy and other plants also make attractive companions that also purify indoor air in the office space!


Chic Office Meeting Area

Choosing a chic style for your office is definitely one of the best ways to convey cutting edge ambition. It's a look that tends to be popular with salons, spas, art, and fashion offices because of outlandish appeal. If you're hoping to have fun with the paint on your walls, this is definitely the look for you, but take a long hard look at the furniture and colors you want before painting. If the furniture seems a bit more demure, don't be afraid to go nuts with vibrant colors like oranges or teals. White is especially popular nowadays and is often seen either in contrast with black, or as part of a monochromatic scheme with varying shades of one color thrown in throughout the room. This is the best style for painted-on patterns or stenciled designs. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to make chic work, but if you really want to turn heads, trendy white office chairs are very in!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cool In The Conference Room: Leather Chairs That Impress!

Designing a professional meeting area for your business? One of the most important factors to consider is the seating for your space. Creating a comfortable and visually appealing experience for your business guests is top priority. That being said, shopping for cool leather conference chairs that won't break your budget can be a daunting task. No need to worry though! Here we'll showcase 5 of the most popular leather seating solutions for your project. Enjoy!

White Leather Chair for Conference RoomJust in case you're not hip to the hottest boardroom design trends, we'll let you know that office chairs in white and gray leather upholstery options are in! Models like the GO-1297H-HIGH-WHITE-GG from Flash Furniture are a great way to capitalize on this popular movement. This contemporary white leather chair for conference room use is incredibly affordable at only $161.99. While the Flash Furniture LeatherSoft upholstery is technically a synthetic blend, it's quite hard to tell the difference when compared to genuine leather options at nearly 5 times the price. Talk about maximizing your budget!

Gray Leather Joplin ChairAs we mentioned, gray leather office chairs for conference room use are definitely in! This neutral upholstery choice is great for matching a wide variety of wood and laminate finishes. Chairs like the Joplin series Mid Back model provide out of this world style at a price any design team will praise. This gray leather chair with mid back offers a space saving European design. The Joplin series is also available in a high back variation that's great for those in search of a more executive approach to the boardroom. No matter your preference, the Joplin chairs by Woodstock Marketing are an excellent choice for professional meeting area seating needs.

Sleek Leather Conference Chair

You can never go wrong with classic black leather in the conference room! This timeless upholstery choice never goes out of style and hides normal wear and tear better than any other color choice. The best selling conference chairs in black leather this year, are now doubt the BT-9826H-BK-GG units from Flash Furniture. This sleek seating solution features a high back design and shopper friendly price tag of $180.99. As an added bonus, these Euro inspired chairs can be purchased with excellent bulk discount savings on orders of 7 units or more. As with the first chair in today's post, this conference room seating solution features a LeatherSoft upholstery that's very durable and affordable.

Brown Leather Hendrix ChairThe Hendrix series chair collection by Woodstock Marketing is a great way to add luxury appeal and wow factor to any conference room makeover project. This Brown Leather Conference Chair with polished frame accents is designed with comfort and elegance in mind. Also available in black and white leather options, Hendrix series chairs can be used to match any new or existing furniture configuration. Priced at $315.00, the high back Hendrix models can also be used effectively in executive office environments. The perfect combination of retro and modern style attributes make these super cool chairs a big winner in 2014.

B9406 Chair in WhiteLast but certainly not least, those looking for a boost of cool in the conference room will have a hard time passing on the incredible B9406 chair from boss. Priced at only $215.99, this uniquely designed chair is available in your choice of black or white leather upholstery options. The mid back design is great for conference room areas and the upholstered arm rests provide excellent comfort for valued visitors. This white conference chair with contemporary style is sure to earn you plenty of compliments and "where did you get these" comments on a daily basis. In search of a more upscale look? No problem! A high back variation is also available from Boss to meet your needs. In terms of price and style, these B9406 chairs are tough to top.