Monday, May 12, 2014

6 Ways To Cure A Case of the Mondays at the Office

Most of us can relate to a certain orange cat when we hear the phrase "I hate mondays." However, while it seems like the monday blues are a worldwide pandemic, there are plenty of holistic home remedies to help us get through them. Planning ahead, laughing, and accepting that mondays exist are just a few tried and true cures for the dreaded mondays. If you find yourself stuck in a start-of-the-week stupor, here are some helpful ways to wake up!

Ask Some Big Questions

Sometimes, as much as we fear we won't like the answer, we do have to ask ourselves grown-up questions once in a while. If you've been getting the monday blues on friday every week for a while, it's probably because you're unhappy with your job. If this is the case, perhaps it's time to lace up your bootstraps and recognize that this may have been the wrong path for you. Start considering some other things you like that are possible with the skills and experience you have. Meet with career advisors who can help you do some research and create a game plan to pursue a job you're more passionate about. If you're a park ranger at heart, no amount of cool colorful office task chairs is going to keep you indoors. This is your life. Nothing is more important than your happiness.

Create a Battle Plan

On the other hand, if the monday blues are only an occasional fever for you, there are lots of handy home remedies that have been known to work, and they begin by creating a battle plan! Just as flu season demands a strict regimen of hand-washing and Vitamin C, preparing most of monday's work on friday is a big help. Just about everyone is happier on friday. Even though we all like to get home as early as possible, staying after a few minutes at corner desks in the office to prepare your monday routine (and get a few of things done early) is well-worth it by the time the dreaded day rolls back around. It also helps to set goals for on the big day itself to stay on track.

Take Breaks

Most mondays tend to move at a glacial pace, but taking brief breaks to relax and enjoy yourself for a few moments is a great way to help melt the ice. Since you already took the time on friday to get a few things done and set goals for yourself, chances are, you'll probably have a bit of extra time to allocate for playing with fun office accessories and computers. Take five minutes to chow on a favorite snack, read a few pages of that great new book, quietly chat with coworkers, go for a walk, or play a quick game of solitaire to unwind. Just make sure the boss isn't watching!

Make Yourself Laugh

Laughter is the spice of life, and there's no better cure for the monday blues than a case of the giggles! If you find yourself tense, stressed, sad, or bored out of your mind on a monday, use that allotted break time to make use of those retractable computer screen monitor arms and peruse the internet. Set a timer and look at funny gifs online, check Facebook, watch some silly cat videos, draw faces on your office supplies- do whatever makes you happy. If you've got a long-running prank gag with one of your coworkers, they'll probably enjoy a harmless surprise to break the monday tedium too. Nothing's more surprising than an April Fools prank in the middle of May!

Spice Up Your Workday

Any professional comedian will tell you, sometimes you have to create your own entertainment! Mondays are certainly a pain in the neck, but that's usually because there's nothing much else to look forward to. Instead of staring blankly at the rest of your work week like a zombie, look for something fun to do. Knowing you have a fun date with your kids, friends, or significant other monday night will definitely help you plow through the workday easier. Take a moment to check the office presentation boards for events you can participate in. Knowing something fun awaits you every day of the week not only rewards you for those long days at the office, but it also helps you unwind at the end of each day.

Just Keep Swimming

At the end of the five stages of grief waits the one thing that helps us all get through it - acceptance. Unfortunately, the more we dwell on the fact that it's monday, the deeper we're going to sink and flounder. Tips and tricks are always worth a try if something really bothers you, but if they don't work, the only thing left to do is just go with the flow and try to keep a positive attitude. Greeting people at reception desks for welcome areas, doing your job the best you can, and subtly pretending it's a Tuesday are great ways to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Like a shark, sometimes the only way to keep from drowning in the monday blues is to accept it, and "just keep swimming!"

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