Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How To Create An Ergotastic Training Room

With all the important things that go on there, training rooms are definitely some of the most important spaces in the office. The future of a company lies with the new recruits, and making sure they know the ins and outs of the business is crucial. That's why, today, we are offering some great design tips on how to create an excellent ergonomic training room for your office. Enjoy!

Choose Modular Tables

Modern Training Area

Modular tables are a must in just about any office space, from the executive office to the conference room, but it's the training area where these babies really shine. Choosing top notch training tables like the Flip N Go, Sync, and other great training tables by Mayline, or the adjustable Bungee tables by Global can make all the difference in a workplace. Many of these tables offer mobility, flippable tops, and easy reconfiguration for when furniture layouts need to change. They offer excellent working room for training the newbies, but are also of great use for projects and planning when it needs to be done as well.

Select Chairs That Nest

Global Roma Nesting Chairs

Next on the agenda is to include sturdy nesting chairs for office training areas. Most stackable or folding office chairs, like those from the 1899 Roma Chair Series by Global, offer nesting capabilities for easy storage. Class sizes and needs can change throughout the year. Sometimes, extraneous seating can make a place look cluttered or unkempt, and when misplaced, they can even cause accidents. Fortunately, the Roma series and the Valore by Mayline offer nesting options that allows the chairs to fold up against one another to maximize space. As an added plus, they even include ergonomic features for comfortable support throughout the day. Altogether, nesting chairs are a must have that save space, look great, and improve office versatility!

Get Powered Up

OFM Powered Utility Table

For those of you that can't stand weight lifting, don't worry. Here, we're referring to a different kind of power up for your training area (and it doesn't cause muscle cramps). Just about every set of modern office training furniture includes technology, but often, finding a place to plug in computers among islands of training desks can be a real challenge. Not only does it make educational furniture layouts all but impossible, but exposed cords and wires can literally trip people up. To combat this, many manufacturers are offering utility tables with power modules to make wiring a breeze! Awesome discount training tables by OFM and similar brands all offer this solution. Simply hook up devices to the tables and never worry about ensnarement by computer wires again!

Use Versatile Accessories

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

And finally, the last thing you need to gear up training areas for the new recruits is technology! Educational showcases have become much simpler with great devices like projectors and office presentation aids to convey ideas more easily. However, since it's the designer's job to make sure a space is comfortable and user friendly, it never hurts to add versatile ergonomic accessories that make tech more accessible. Ergonomic monitor arms, keyboard trays, foot rests, and adjustable TV Mounts all go to improving workplace efficiency, and each one is something that makes comfortable learning all the better. The best part? None of them will break your bank.

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