Friday, May 16, 2014

Office Design 101: Popular Paint Finishes of 2014

One of the most challenging parts of office design has got to be knowing what to paint. You want a color that draws attention to the decor of your workplace, but you definitely don't want it to make visitors cringe. Walking the line between trendy, professional, and subtle is scary, but hopefully these tips on great paint finishes for the walls in your office can give you that much needed balance!

Going Pro

Mayline Medina Series Modern Furniture Set

Choosing to go with a professional look is something that requires a lot of focus. For this style, you may want to rely a little more on the furniture to draw the attention than your walls, so demure blues like slate, storm, or stone are better if you want color. Grays ranging from dark to light are good too if you have oppositely colored furniture to provide contrast. It all really depends on the color you choose for your affordable chairs and office furniture in the space. Even if they match the furniture, wall paints that are too vibrant will seem energetic and out of place, especially if you're going for a sleek, industrial look to convey your company's professionalism.

Modern Charm

Global Industries Office Interior

The mid century modern furniture style is very popular with smaller local offices. It's a style that relies on bright, happy colors to lift up the moods of viewers, creating the perfect blend of contemporary furniture with an odd sense of rustic charm. Choosing to go with this style is better if you want a much more laid back, business-casual feel for your office. All the colors of the rainbow are pretty much a good choice for walls as long as they match furniture and aren't too overpowering. Cherry finished desks and wood office furniture collections such as furniture by Global Total Office are perfect for this look. Paint your walls any color you want, but be sure to tone down the color's intensity by opting for a lighter hue, for example, a soft periwinkle blue or sage green in place of royal blue or emerald paint.

Old School

Vintage Style Office

Believe it or not, there are tons of popular office furniture brands out there that still produce traditionally styled office furniture for modern day use. For those considering this style, just remember that most vintage furniture pieces rely heavily on wood finishes to achieve that old-school look. This makes grays, steely blues, and any other industrial color a bad idea since they're all psychologically associated with the modern age. In this case, neutral paints are better for walls. Anything with a naturally colored base, like tan, beige, or cream will work easily compliment and draw attention to rustic furniture. Ivy and other plants also make attractive companions that also purify indoor air in the office space!


Chic Office Meeting Area

Choosing a chic style for your office is definitely one of the best ways to convey cutting edge ambition. It's a look that tends to be popular with salons, spas, art, and fashion offices because of outlandish appeal. If you're hoping to have fun with the paint on your walls, this is definitely the look for you, but take a long hard look at the furniture and colors you want before painting. If the furniture seems a bit more demure, don't be afraid to go nuts with vibrant colors like oranges or teals. White is especially popular nowadays and is often seen either in contrast with black, or as part of a monochromatic scheme with varying shades of one color thrown in throughout the room. This is the best style for painted-on patterns or stenciled designs. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to make chic work, but if you really want to turn heads, trendy white office chairs are very in!

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