Thursday, May 8, 2014

The 2014 Office Chair Draft

With all the excitement surrounding the 2014 NFL Draft, we thought it would be fun to do a little draft of our own! In today's post we'll highlight the top 10 office chairs we feel would make the absolute best draft picks. The chairs selected here are absolute winners in terms of value, style, and ergonomic qualities. Enjoy the 2014 Office Chair Draft.

1.) Concorde Presidential Chair 2409 by Global Total Office

2409 Concorde Presidential Chair by Global Total Office

The first overall pick in the 2014 draft is the 2409 Concorde Presidential Chair by Global Total Office. As one of the most high end and comfortable office chairs for sale on the market today, 2409 is an absolute chart topper. As the $2281.99 price tag indicates, this unbelievable chair is all about luxury. For those in search of peak performance in the workplace, the Concorde Presidential Chair is the closest thing to perfection on the market today.

2.) Verte Series 22011 Chair by RFM Preferred Seating

22011 RFM Verte Chair

As one of the absolute best ergonomic chairs for sale on the market today, the RFM Verte Chair is rightfully deserving of the 2nd overall pick. This cutting edge seating solution, inspired by the human vertebrae, was a decade in the making. Envisioned by a team of engineers, designers, and ergonomists, the 22011is truly one of a kind. Sit in it once, and you won't be able to settle for less.

3.) Ergo Elite High Back Chair by Eurotech Seating

Ergo Elite High Back Chair by Eurotech

With the third overall pick in our draft, the Eurotech Seating Ergo Elite High Back Chair becomes the first mesh back model taken off the board. With an abundance of user friendly ergonomic attributes, this ME22ERGLT model chair offers customizable comfort that's hard to top. The Ergo Elite high back is a solid selection with the Concorde and Verte already off the market in the first two picks.

4.) Avenger Series Big & Tall Chair by OFM

Avenger Series Cream Leather Big & Tall Chair

Often praised for their innovative office furniture designs, it may come as a surprise to some that the OFM 811-LX cream leather Avenger chair came in as our 4th overall draft pick. However, we absolutely love this chair! The 500 lb. weight capacity, heavy duty metal accents, Greenguard Certification, and full body support provided by the 811-LX were just too good to pass up.

5.) Vion Series 6331-8 Chair by Global Total Office

High Back Vion Chair

A relative new comer to the office chair world, the 6331-8 Vion Series High Back Chair by Global Total Office has made it's impression felt in no time at all! The weight sensing technology infused into the 6331-8, along with a list of ergonomic features too long to write out make this cutting edge chair a sure fire choice at with the number 5 pick.

6.) High Back Wau Chair by Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating Wau Chair with High Back

As the second Eurotech chair taken in the top 10 of this years draft, the High Back Wau Chair by Eurotech is another sure fire bet for high end office comfort. This designer chair comes in a variety of color combinations to meet the modern decor needs of any space. Priced at $464.00, this superb office chair is an excellent choice for executive office, conference room, and computer tasking applications. 

7.) G20 Series Office Chair 6007 by Global Total Office

G20 Series Mesh Chair by Global

It's no secret that chairs by Global Total Office have been the biggest winner of this years draft, but quite frankly they deserve it. This industry leading manufacturer is steadily raising the bar in terms of ergonomic innovation and office chair design. The G20 series 6007 office chair with mesh back boasts sweeping lines with delicate edge details that showcase the highly tooled nylon components. A new synchronized mechanism was designed to allow the chair back to smoothly tilt while the seat gently reclines and slides to the rear. Like we said, the G20 boasts office innovation at it's finest!

8.) High Back Gray Leather Hendrix Chair by Woodstock Marketing

High Back Hendrix Chair in Gray Leather

Named after Jimi Hendrix, this office chair knows how to perform with style! The Hendrix series gray leather office chair with high back segmented cushion design showcases retro modern appeal at it's finest. This $315 solution is one of the most affordable models highlighted in this years draft. The Hendrix high back makes an instant impression in executive office areas and conference room spaces without breaking the budget.

9.) ORO200 Big and Tall Tablet Chair by OFM

ORO200 Tablet Arm Executive Chair by OFM

With the 9th overall selection, taking the ORO200 tablet arm executive chair for a big and tall person makes perfect sense. This versatile product boasts a list of features that include a 29" five star base, adjustable tablet arm, 400 lb. weight capacity, and Greenguard Certification.

10.) Arti 6670-2 High End Office Chair by Global Total Office

6670-2 Global Arti Chair

What better way to end the draft than with one of the coolest office chairs on the market today. The 6670-2 Arti series chair with slotted polypropylene back is sure to impress even the harshest of design critics. Don't think for a second that the 6670-2 Arti chair was only picked for good looks. No way! This high performance chair offers a unique back that mimics the human spine. Available in a wide range of seat upholstery options, this customizable chair is an absolute winner.

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