Monday, June 30, 2014

Office Ergonomics: Cool Products From Systematics, Inc.

Wondering if your office needs an upgrade? Well, whether you're looking for ergonomic design, efficiency, security, or top grade tech to impress guests, Systematix has what you need. This top notch tech producer has developed an arsenal of office products for users to improve work experience tenfold. With high grade ergonomic products like monitor arms, keyboard trays, and task lights available, you can finally outfit your office with the stuff you need to stay ahead!

Monitor and Laptop Arms

Monitor and Laptop Arms

Nowadays, most office work begins and ends with a computer. However, these can be both the best of and the bane of one's existence. Instead of settling for less, why not improve workplace efficiency with high tech office computer accessories from Systematix? Whether you're a fan of the desktop comp or a laptop, Systematix, Inc. has churned out a vast array of versatile office products to enhance productivity and experience in the workplace. Rather than risking neck, muscle, or back pain, Systematix users simply include ergonomic monitor and laptop arms to their office. By mounting to walls or desks to support single or multiple computer screens on retractable arms, these devices save users the loads of pain and inefficiency they would face with a stationary computer screen.

Keyboard Trays

Keyboard Trays

For those that suffer office related pain in the wrists, joints, elbows, or hands, you should know that it likely stems from an improperly placed keyboard. In much the same way as an improperly placed computer screen can strain and rehabilitate muscles into a painful position over time, straining to type can alter blood flow, causing pain. Thankfully, Systematix has offered a solution! By adding one of their cool adjustable keyboard platforms to your desk space, pain will be a thing of the past. Systematix has developed these trays so they mount under a desk to remain at arm level. From there, users can lift, lower, tilt, or retract their keyboard trays as they see fit to reduce office related pain. Take that, carpal tunnel syndrome!

CPU Holders

CPU Holders

Anyone that's ever been treated to an unscheduled fireworks show at work knows that it's not gonna be a fun day. All it takes is some spilled coffee over a computer's hard drive to do the deed, and after the sparks fly, it's pretty much a downhill day from there. But rather than risk a torturous day of listening to an angry boss, cleaning up the mess, trying to find a new hard drive, and losing years of stored data, why not just remove the risk in the first place with an efficient mobile CPU holder from Systematix, Inc? Models like the DCPUC computer hard drive carrier make office work a snap. Mounted on mobile carts or to the desk, most affordable CPU holders offer swivel features for easy rewiring, and they keep hard drives away from kicking feet and out of the splash zone. It's an investment that always pays for itself ten times over when a rogue coffee cup gets knocked over.



What good what a computer be without a mouse you ask? Not much. For those spending eight hours a day at the desk, ergonomic office accessories to improve efficiency and productivity are a must. Dress up the desk with devices like the efficient Systematix PD pencil drawer to make work faster and smarter. Low profile, easily accessible, and mounted on ball bearing slides for smooth movement, the PD pencil drawer is just one of the many cool tech accessories from Systematix to change the office dynamic!

Security Features

Security Features

Although no one likes to admit it, office environments are prime targets for thieves to nab expensive work products at a five finger discount. Anyone that's worked in an office environment for several years has more than likely had something stolen from them, and if not, know that you're very lucky. But whether or not you've encountered it, taking the steps to prevent workplace theft before it happens is never a bad idea, and with Systematix, the process is a snap! For less than the cost of dinner, the LSCLK laptop security lock by Systematix discreetly and effectively locks your laptop to any stationary object. This way, anyone that tries to sneak off with your PC will have to take your whole desk too. Good luck getting it through the door with Systematix security!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Office Snacks: Simple and Easy Recipes for the Summer

Just because you spend most of your time in a work suit doesn't mean you should neglect the swimsuit - especially in the season for looking and feeling good! The summer is the perfect time for hitting the beach on the weekends. However, staying fit and healthy is hard with a sedentary desk gig. But never fear! Here are some of the best easy work snacks and recipes to keep you trim at the office. Enjoy!

Recipe 1: The Natural Stuff

Sometimes there's no better choice for a healthy snack than the ones that come straight from nature.  We always know that natural fruits, nuts, and veggies are good for our bodies and minds, but there are some that are better for an office life than others. Next time you're stuck in cool work cubicles without a lunch break, here's what we recommend to tide you over!

Apples: Slice 'em up, and they make a super immune booster to stave off the flu in a crowded workplace. Pair them with a bit caramel or peanut butter for something a little heartier that won't break your diet.

Blueberries: These babies are great straight out of the carton. Scientists say they're stress reducers that also turn back the clock on age-related diseases like Alzheimer's. They're killer brain foods to pop in a smoothie or toss on a salad if you've got leftovers at lunchtime too.

Mixed Nuts: Brain food. The high content of vitamin E found in most nuts and seeds helps turn back the clock on aging. Go with walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, sesame seeds, and flax. Raw and roasted are both cool, just make sure you lay off the salt to stay healthy.

Mixed Veggies: Everybody knows the benefits of veggies. They're tasty, they're healthy, they're awesome - the list goes on. Don't leave them out of your office lineup. Grab some baby carrots, tomatoes (technically a fruit, but whatever), celery, peppers, kale, or anything else you love. Eat them raw or with a light dip for a work treat that's hard to beat.

Recipe 2: Avocado Anything

You never had a better excuse to mix up some guacamole before work, and now you do! They're a little fatty, but with excellent fiber content and low calories, they make an excellent healthy snack choice for those with blood and circulation problems. WebMD credits them with good blood flow to the organs and brain, improving cognitive abilities at the office. Here's a few quick recipes that make them the perfect easy snack for the office!

Avocado Toast:

1 avocado
Pinch of salt

This recipe is simple. Hold the butter on that whole-wheat toast, and mash up a few avocado slices instead. Salt it to taste and smear it all over that bread!

Easy Guacamole:

2 Avocados
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 clove minced garlic
1 lime, juiced
Salt and pepper
1 tomato, chopped

Peel and mash them avocados and mix them in with all the goods. Season it with the lime and salt and pepper to taste. Once you get to work, store it in the office fridge next to the professional modular desks and workstations for around 30 minutes to chill until you're ready to break out the whole wheat chips and get rockin'!

Avocado Topping:

1 Sliced Avocado

Sliced avocado is perfect for almost every sandwich ever invented, but it's an ingredient that gets neglected way too often. Next time you make a salmon, chicken breast, or steak, save the leftovers and top it with avocado, tomatoes, cheese, onion, lettuce, bacon, or your other favorite toppings for a great work sandwich for lunch or snack time.

Recipe 3: Healthy Banana Pudding

1 Banana
A handful of raisins
1/4 cup of grated coconut
A bit of honey (optional)

It's hard to screw up this yummy office treat by Jack LaLanne. Just mash up that banana in a plate or bowl, and mix in the raisins, peanuts, and coconut. Top it all off with a dab of honey (or even some BelVita crackers in place of the Nilla Wafers) for a healthy version of banana pudding. It's a super simple recipe for those that spend their day at modern desks for computer use without a modern snack to match. Store it in the break room fridge and enjoy for breakfast and snack time.

Recipe 4: Mini Egg Frittatas

1 small onion, diced
1 diced red bell pepper
1 diced yellow bell pepper
1 diced zucchini
1 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
8-10 eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons of chives
Salt and pepper
Olive oil to drizzle
* Recipe makes 10 is knocking it out of the park with this recipe. While we're willing to bet that it isn't exactly low cal, smart use of the veggies, salt, and Parmesan would make this a very healthy breakfast, lunch, or snack alternative at the office.
The night or morning before, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a big skillet, heat up a small drizzle of olive oil over medium high heat, and sauté the veggies in there for around 5 minutes until they're slightly soft. Season them with the salt and pepper to taste (go easy on the salt, guys) and add them to individual muffin molds in a tin.
In another bowl, whisk up the eggs with some salt and pepper (again, go easy on that salt if you want to stay healthy) and add in the chopped chives. Pour the mix over the veggies in each muffin tin, then sprinkle it all with the Parmesan (Parm is a great way to get that salty taste without the added salt). Bake for 10-12 minutes.  It can be served warm or cold, and makes a great, clean companion snack for those contemporary mesh office chairs at work.

* Bonus tip: For those that don't have the oven time, college students say this recipe can be cooked in a microwave safe bowl in the mike for around 2 minutes. Also, salsa with broccoli makes a great veggie substitute if you don't have what you need. They can also be made with baby tomatoes and mushrooms.

Recipe 5: Frozen Fruit Salad

A bowlful of your favorite fruits (so easy)
Yogurt (optional)

God forbid the AC is out at the office, but it is the summer, and for those with hot corner office desks under a sunny window, we know the heat can be sweltering. Thankfully, this dish is both healthy and cool! All you've got to do is head to the store and pick out a few of your favorite fruits (and maybe even some veggies if you're feeling edgy). Buy frozen or freeze at your own risk, then take them to the office for a super frozen treat. Bananas, strawberries, mangoes, and blueberries are usually a little soft, even when cold. After allowed to thaw for a minute, they can be mashed up and thrown in some yogurt for another chilly work snack!

Bonus tip: We find bananas and grapes are spectacular when frozen. In an ice tray with your favorite juice (such as orange, watermelon, or grapefruit juice) poured over the top, they easily freeze into wonderful work sized popsicles!

Recipe 6: Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salsa

2 ears of corn, shucked
1 cup of chopped, seedless cucumber
3/4 cup black beans, rinsed
1 medium jalapeño, seeded and chopped fine
2 tablespoons chopped mint
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon coarse salt
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

This recipe from should take you no more than 35 minutes to prepare, but it keeps pretty well and makes a great snack for the next few days at the office. Over high heat in a grill pan, char the corn slightly on all sides. Let it cool a minute, then cut off the kernels into a bowl. Finally, just toss in the rest of the ingredients and cover it. By the time you get to work, you'll have a fiesta of flavor that's amazing with whole-grain chips, warm pita, baguette, or veggies. We promise you'll have everyone at the office break room tables jealous!

* Bonus tip: This salsa also makes an excellent topping for wraps and sandwiches as well. Consider throwing it in with some of that avocado from earlier! Frozen corn kernels is the easy way out, but the results are still tasty, so give it a try!

Recipe 7: Chocolate Apricot Nut Bars

1/2 Cups of dried apricots
1/2 Cup raw toasted almonds
2 Tablespoons unsweetened shredded, toasted coconut
1/2 Ounce melted dark chocolate
Coarse salt

Thanks to Martha, you can finally reward yourself at the end of the week with this healthy sweet treat! Just pulse the apricots, coconut, and almonds in a food processor until they're finely ground. Then, line a 9-by-5 inch loaf pan with parchment, leaving about an inch hanging off the pan to grab later. Transfer the mixture to the pan and press it into rectangles (or squares, circles, or triangles if you like). Next, use the paper overhang you left to remove the parchment from the pan. Drizzle the mixture with the dark melted chocolate and leftover coconut shreds, and let it set in the fridge for around 15 minutes.
Altogether, this yummy snack should take around less than 25 minutes to prepare in, with ten minutes of prep. Spend the 15 minutes of chill time getting ready for the workday, and break out these treats when you hit the cool office reception area furniture to snack in style!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Perfect Pairs: Desks And Chairs That Work In Harmony!

Time for an office makeover? We've got you covered! In today's article we'll highlight several top office desks and chairs that work great together. A well rounded space designed around ergonomic efficiency and productivity is sure to help you reach your peak levels of performance. That being said, the perfect pairs highlighted in today's post will get you up and running on the right foot!

1.) Mayline e5 Workstation and Commute Chair

Mayline e5 Typical

Mayline Commute ChairIf you're looking for modern appeal, this first pairing is just for you! The new Mayline e5 furniture collection offers exquisite desking configurations with cutting edge characteristics that are sure to impress. This e5K12 station includes a 60" table desk with ample storage components to help keep you well organized. Pair this configuration with the super comfy Mayline Commute chair and you'll be on your way to a high class space with an abundance of ergonomic qualities.

2.) Cherryman Verde Desk with Respond Task Chair

Cherryman Verde Suite

Respond Series Adjustable Task ChairThe Cherryman Industries Verde furniture collection offers high end modern appeal at a fraction of the cost of comparable lines. This upscale line includes a wide variety of desks for executives, tables for the conference room, and storage products to help keep any space well organized. Pairing this VL-743N Verde set with a Respond Series task chair is just plain smart. The breathable mesh back design, polished features, and ergonomic qualities make this chair a perfect match.

3.) Global Zira Desk Configuration with Accord Mesh Chair

Global Accord Mesh ChairGlobal Zira DeskingWho knew luxury office furniture could actually be affordable? The Global Total Office Zira collection offers budget friendly desking layouts with sophisticated modular benefits. This line of furniture also includes awesome reception desks, conference tables, and filing cabinets to complete your other office areas. Rest assured, not just any chair can be paired to perfection with the Zira line. These desks require an equally stylish and comfortable chair to get the job done right. That being said, we think the 2676-4 Global Accord Mesh Chair is up to the challenge. Available in an extensive selection of mesh back colors as well leather and fabric seat upholstery options, this chair can be customized in a variety of ways to showcase your personal style. The long list of ergonomic qualities ensure optimal performance you can rely on. This pair is a real winner!

4.) Offices To Go Superior Laminate Desking with 10904B Mesh Chair

Offices To Go Espresso Desk Configuration

10904B Mesh Back Task ChairThis next pairing offers plenty of wow factor at a price any shopper will appreciate. The Superior Laminate Desking collection combines durable laminate work surfaces and quality craftsmanship from one of the industries best manufacturers. Five finish options are available to compliment your space. We recommend pairing any of the OTG desks with the incredible new 10904B mesh back task chair with polished base. Priced at just under $200, you'll be hard pressed to find a better and more comfortable ergonomic office chair at even twice the price.

5.) OFM Venice Desk with 560-L Executive Chair

OFM Venice Series Modern Furniture

560-L OFM ChairYou can't go wrong with this last pairing! The OFM desks from the popular Venice collection combine the perfect amount of modern and traditional style characteristics. This modular line includes a variety of interchangeable components and accenting storage products that will no doubt help you create the workspace of your dreams. Accent the cherry finish of your new Venice desk to perfection with the OFM 560-L leather executive chair with wood accented arm caps and base. This high back leather chair with wood accents offers a pillow style headrest for improved comfort and high end appeal. Ergo features like a knee tilting control mechanism provide smooth chair movements while making for easy adjustments when needed. Matching guest chairs are also available to help take your space over the top.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Coolest Lounge Chairs For A Modern Office

Every public office needs a guest area. Whether that space is a reception area, lobby, or waiting room is up to the business, but as many of those places are usually the first impression visitors will have of a company, it's important that they always look good. In today's article, we'll be showcasing five of the coolest lounge and guest chairs to impress in a modern office. Enjoy!

2813LM Kate Chair by Global
 Thin, streamlined, and glowing in modern style, few chairs for office guests are better than the 2813LM Chair by Global in the workplace. A beautiful option for reception areas and lobbies, the Global Kate Leather Lounge Chair is very versatile. It goes beautifully with other matching lounge furniture by Global Total Office and comes in more than ten stunning color choices to easily match office decor.

Uno Chair
Next on our list is the 420-Taupe-Nickel Uno Chair to spice up the workplace. This cool guest chair by OFM certainly offers something unique to a contemporary workspace. The singular design is memorable and stylish, so guests will be more inclined to develop a relationship with the establishment. Business owners will love that these chairs come two to a pack. Offered in numerous colors, they're comfortable, stylish, and affordable guest seating solutions that always provide ample wow factor.

 Reception Chair by Boss
The BR99001 Reception Chair by Boss certainly leaves an impression on guests. With an imposing physique, chrome accents, and fashionable black leather upholstery, it provides a memorable look of modernity that easily appeals to guests. Its comfort, style, and discount price will easily compliment lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms alike.

Q1431G8 Ravenna Guest Chair
Lesro Industries is a brand that's well known and respected for their mastery of office reception furniture. Always on the cutting edge of modern design, it's no surprise to find one of their sophisticated office lounge chairs on a list like this. The Q1431G8 Ravenna Guest Chair is a model specimen for contemporary appeal. Not only does it boast incredible comfort and versatile fabric colors, but it's also part of the extremely diverse Ravenna Series, with reception sofas, chairs, and loveseats for every office layout imaginable. However, the best feature of this model is definitely the tablet. A lounge chair with tablet tables will allow guests to use laptops, set purses down, or enjoy beverages with ease!

Arlo-Black guest chair
Lastly, we're proud to present the top new lounge chair from Woodstock Marketing. Bursting with cool modern appeal, the Arlo-Black guest chair is the perfect thing for a trendy office lobby. It boasts 100% Italian top grain leather for the ultimate in workplace luxury, as well as chrome accents for superior contemporary style. Seen here in black, the chair is also offered in brown and tan leathers. It provides a stunning piece of seating that guests are sure to enjoy.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Essential Ergonomic Office Products by ESI

From monitor arms to top-of-the-line workstations, ESI has become a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to office accessories. Their customizable ergonomic products have improved efficiency and productivity for users all over the nation by using clever design to get the job done. For those in search of the right tools to improve work experience in the office, here are some of their best products for increasing user effectiveness. Enjoy!

Monitor Arms

Gamers and computer gurus have long relied on ESI for top notch tech accessories, both at home and in the workplace. One of the brand's most popular accessories, however, is definitely monitor arms for computer use. Available for use with one screen or multiple ones, ESI monitor arms increase workplace efficiency drastically. By using an articulating arm to hold up a computer screen, users can adjust the height, tilt, and length of their monitor so they don't have to strain to see it. The design has improved productivity in offices all over the nation, but with users sitting properly with their computers in the right place, perhaps the biggest benefit of all is increased health and comfort!

Keyboard Trays

Another amazing tool no computer user should be without is a good keyboard tray, or more accurately, discount articulating keyboard trays by ESI to improve efficiency. These handy little tools are a lot like monitor arms in terms of adjustably. Mounted under office desks, most ESI models can stretch out, retract, rise up, lower, or tilt to meet a user's exact needs. The result is a product that's easy and comfortable to use. In addition, they also increase health by improving blood flow to the wrists, reducing arthritis, joint pain, and risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.


For all your other office needs, versatile office accessories by ESI can take care of the rest. Whether you need discount office desk lamps or CPU holders to save your hard drive, this brand has got you covered. With great models like the Solstice multi purpose desk light to charge handhelds while lighting up the office, and the CPU05 Easy Access CPU Holder to rescue computers from spills, kicks, and accidents, these ESI products can easily save the day. They're investments that increase the user-friendliness of the workplace while also protecting investments!


And finally, we leave you with ESI's incredible mobile workstations to meet the rest of your office needs. Perfect for hospitals, teachers, and anyone that needs an office on the go, the WOW collection by ESI is always a great choice. These workstations on wheels will definitely have users in awe of their convenience, and their affordability is something competitors could only dream of. Complete with all the efficiency of all other office products by ESI, these workstations are truly a tech guru's dream!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Does Your Office Furniture Showcase Your Business Style?

Setting a business theme may seem like a strange concept, but it might be the biggest impression your workplace can have an a first-time client. Simply looking at the style of furniture in an office can help visitors  more accurately determine the values, mindset, and overall "personality" of your establishment. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right style for your workplace, especially with so many options out there, but don't fret! In today's article, we're highlighting some of our best office furniture collections, complete with great recommendations on where they look best. Enjoy!

Traditional Stylings

Ideal Offices: Law firms, government offices

Office furniture collections like the Sorrento Series by Mayline rely mostly on classical design to set the the theme. They give off an air of aged professionalism, vintage appeal, and high morals, so naturally, collections like this are perfect for places of justice. Law firms and government facilities benefit greatly from traditional stylings because they establish a sense of trust with patrons. For them, it feels reliable. With the exquisitely crafted details and stunning wood finishes on Sorrento and classic Emerald collection furniture by Cherryman, patrons expect high standards of the office representatives, and are much more aware that higher standards of dress and conduct are required of them as well.

Modern Appeal

Ideal Offices: Tech companies, office buildings, new offices, future-conscious offices

Sleek, clean, stylish, and useful is always the goal of modern office furniture collections for sale. Series like the  stunning new Medina collection by Mayline, reconfigurable Mayline e5 office furniture with versatility, and cool Verde furniture by Cherryman all boast flashing chrome or glass to provide a fashion-forward sense of the future. It's a style that never fails for tech companies, new office buildings, web company offices, or any place having to do with the future of tech or business. With this style, patrons usually know to expect smart individuals, efficient service, and business or causal attire.

Home Away From Home

Ideal Offices: Home office, dentist's office, doctor's office, psychologist's office, hotels, spas

An office with a personal touch usually tries to make patrons feel at home in the establishment. Warm lighting, mid-century modern style, art, and cozy furniture are the staples of this look. Because the homey warmth helps visitors to feel less anxious, it's a popular choice for spas and medical facilities where patrons often arrive a little on-edge. Dentist offices, doctors' offices, and therapeutic establishments can often be a little bit scary for some guests. Having fun art, comfortable reception sofas, and personable receptionists helps to tone back the fear, replacing it with a relationship that's far less frightening. Popular furniture stress-reduces include the Brighton office series by Mayline, and the stylish Zira reception furniture by Global as well. Both are favorites for business owners since they're basically like decor for a home a home office. This way, designers can let a bit of who they are as people shine through without fear of being unprofessional.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Global Wind Furniture Boosts Modern Office Appeal

If you're looking for the ultimate in modern appeal for your office, then we've got the solution! Global Total Office is a brand that has been churning out top of the line style for years, but they've hit the jackpot with their popular Wind Series furniture. The sleek lines and shining curves of this collection are just a few of it's many appealing features. Check out why it's a Global favorite in today's article!


Global Wind Style

The Global Wind Series relies on mid-century modern stylings as the basis for it's appeal. This style has become super well known for being the perfect blend of rustic charm and futuristic physique. As a favorite look for many interior designers, it's not surprising to learn that this series, among other popular Global Total Office furniture, has become a favorite for successful businesses that want to add a personal touch for their guests. Because of this, Wind lounge furniture by Global is very prominent in health offices where visitors feel more at ease around comfortable chairs with a homey appeal. Accented with chrome and high end wood laminate, Wind pieces also possess enough professionalism for an up-and-coming business to be taken seriously.


Global Wind Affordable Furniture

Nothing boosts modern appeal like affordability. In a world where everyone is looking for a good deal on impressive modern office furniture, it's no wonder the Global Wind Series has become such a viable choice. With stunning tables, chairs, and sofas at affordable prices, even brand name furniture from a great brand like Global is accessible to the everyday business. Taking the design a step further by bringing one of their amazing discount coffee tables into the home is an excellent way to save a buck on high end home furnishings.


Global Wind Chairs

Global is a brand that's famous for manufacturing high end ergonomic office chairs for executives. However, few people realize they also make incredible chairs for office lounge use. Models like the Armless Leather Wind Chair by Global look just as beautiful with matching armed furniture as they look standing alone. In fact, one of Global's greatest features, especially in the Wind Series, is versatility. With incredible color and finish options available on unique office guest chairs like the 3361 Wind Series Lounge Chair by Global, furniture in the Wind Collection is some of the most varied on the market! Push chairs together, or place them wherever you want to save space and seat guests with ease.


Global Wind Sofas

Large comfortable reception sofas for guests are another one of Global shoppers' most favored office furnishings. Cozy, and loaded with the cool modern styling of the Wind Series, Wind sofas are always at the epitome of style. Not only do they go beautifully with Wind Series chairs, they're also just as versatile. Wind sofas often come, with or without arms so that different models can be bought, arranged, and rearranged to best meet the layout needs of each individual office.


Global Wind Tables

And finally, we proudly introduce what is probably the most versatile feature of the Global Wind Series - Wind Tables. Global Total Office coffee and end tables are always at the forefront of incredible contemporary design. They're favored by interior designers from all over the nation because the styling is always cutting edge. The huge array of laminate finish options offered make the tables a snap to customize for better matching decor. But the most favored aspect of all is definitely that they look wonderful in both homes and businesses alike! Storage features and matching end tables keep track of magazines for office visitors with the same ease as they house light reading for a night curled up on the couch.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Use Eurotech Chairs for Improved Ergonomic Comfort

Eurotech Logo

While it isn't exactly difficult to find ergonomic chairs these days, with all the models offered out there, it can be a challenge finding on that meets your needs. However, with brands like Eurotech out to help, tracking down an office chair to bring improved ergonomic comfort to your workplace is a cinch! Here are a few popular Eurotech models that give a whole new meaning to the words "ergonomic comfort!"

Mystic Series Multifunction Task Chair by Eurotech
For those that like to save a buck, few chair options can top the FT5551 Mystic Multifunction Task Chair by Eurotech Seating. The perfect blend of comfort and affordability, Eurotech has really outdone itself with the Mystic series. With tilt tension control and locks, as well as versatile adjustments for improved comfort in the workplace, users can surrender themselves to the Mystic whenever stress is running high at the office. The styling is perfect for use at desks, cubicles, and tasking applications alike. It's the ideal discount task chair with ergonomic benefits for anyone on a budget.

Monterey Office Chair by Eurotech
Speaking of awesome ergonomic benefits, why not take a gander at the MMSY77 Eurotech Monterey Mesh Computer Chair if comfort is what you're seeking? This cool modern chair is more than just a head turner in the workplace, it's also got the ergo features to back up the style! Boasting tilt tension control, tilt locks, synchro-tilt, a waterfall seat to improve circulation, seat depth adjustment, and adjustable arms, the Montery is packed to the gills in ergonomic design. It even features a maneuverable back piece, making it a rare office chair with adjustable lumbar support for those that need it.

Maxx Leather Office Chair by Eurotech
Ready for an upgrade? Then check out the LE410HI Maxx Leather Chair by Eurotech at the epitome of style. Perfect for use in executive offices and high end conference rooms alike, the Maxx chair provides all the comfort a visitor needs. With tilt tension control, knee tilt, tilt locks, height adjustment, and a waterfall seat, it's the perfect partner for those long corporate meetings. Clothed in a luxury dark leather, it contributes style!

Eurotech Seating 24/7 Office Chair
For the home and the public office, few models are more applicable than the 24-7 Eurotech Ergonomic Chair to computer settings. Perfect at desks and cubicles where users spend the day typing away, this inexpensive computer chair offers plenty of comfort for surfing the web. The chair includes all the basic  staples of ergonomic comfort, such as tilt tension control, but it also brings it's own unique flair to the party as well. With rare mechanisms such as a forward seat tilt and seat angle adjustment, this unique computer chair provides healthy ergonomic comfort for a better seating experience.

Eurotech Seating Adjustable Computer Chair
Available in four stunning color options and with ergonomic features galore, it's no wonder the FM4080 4x4 Series Adjustable Chair by Eurotech is such a great option. Whether it's used for the work office or for the one at home, this healthy adjustable task chair is the ideal model for tasking and computer applications. It offers plenty of basic ergonomic features with molded foam seat cushions to cradle the occupant during those long work days.

4x4 Office Chair by Eurotech
Also from the 4x4 Series, the 49802A Ergonomic Chair by Eurotech is an excellent choice as well. More compact than it's twin, the FM4080 featured above, the 40802A model office chair makes the perfect addition to office rooms for public use. The smaller size makes it ideal for offices tight on space, such as cubicles or personal offices. The unique adjustability and design also makes this model great for educational facilities such as schools or libraries, or training and computer rooms in office buildings.

Eurotech Bodyflex Chair
And lastly, we leave you with the 5100FPORG Bodyflex Chair to turn your office into a sanctuary of stylish comfort. Perfect for executives and employees alike, the Eurotech Seating Bodyflex Chair is just one part in a favorite series that includes chairs of many styles and colors. As a high end ergonomic office chair, it's only expected that this model would include plenty of top notch features to improve workplace comfort. Capable of balancing body weight to result in a smooth, effortless sit all day, the BodyFlex is well named. It certainly lives up to Eurotech's above-and-beyond standards.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New In June: Zira Reception Desks by Global Total Office

Looking for the ultimate in sophistication and modern office appeal? The new Zira reception furniture collection by Global Total Office is just the ticket. This high end line of upscale reception desks is sure to impress even the harshest critics. In today's post, we'll be highlighting 4 of the hottest new stations this unbelievable office furniture collection has to offer!

Zira Reception Station
Kicking things off with a bang is this custom two tone Zira reception desk with glass and metal trim. The blend of Global's tiger maple and brushed cobalt laminate finishes combine to form one of the most impressive new reception desks for sale on the market today. With ample storage components and an abundance of modern appeal, this U shaped station is sure to impress.

Global Zira Collection Reception DeskNext up, is this super stylish U shaped reception desk from the Zira collection. Also featuring a unique two tone finish, the combination of dark espresso and willow gray laminates unite to form this impressive welcome desk. Highlighted by glass and metal accent trim, this Zira station defines modern appeal in the workplace. At a price of $4921.99 this high end unit may not be in the budget, but for those who can swing it, you won't be disappointed!

Zira Reception FurnitureIf achieving ample wow factor is your reception area makeover goal, look no further than our next station! This reception desk configuration showcases what Zira series reception desks by Global are all about. The elegant glass modesty panels, metal trim, and blend of laminate finishes makes this package an absolute winner in the workplace. At $6535.99, this reception desk set is nothing short of luxurious. The 3 lateral file cabinet with organizers included make for excellent organizing potential while the U shaped design provides plenty of room to work. This spacious single user reception desk is sure to be a hit with interior design teams and industry professionals alike. Need more space for additional users? No problem at all! A Zira series 2 person reception desk with this same combination is also available.

High End Modern Reception DeskLast but certainly not least, our last Zira reception desk is nothing short of amazing. The U shaped design is highlighted by a hatchet style work surface in addition to ample storage cabinets and aesthetic highlights. This high end welcome desk with glass accents boasts a contemporary look that's sure to showcase your business appeal. Looking to take your office decor to the next level? No problem! This Zira collection includes a wide range of matching modern conference tables, filing solutions, and contemporary executive desks sure to leave a lasting impression on your valued clientele.