Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cool & Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Office

If you've been feeling sluggish and sleepy at work and can't figure out why, perhaps you're looking in the wrong place. Sure, all the other blogs are right in saying that diet, exercise, and sleep can have a big impact on the way you feel, but so can environment. If your everyday workplace is looking drab and boring, it could be the cause of your own boredom. Here are a few simple, fun, and affordable ways to dress up your office and enliven your life!

Consider the Layout

Cool Office Layout

There's a reason interior design students have to study feng shui and spacial reasoning so intensely. In design, furniture layouts have a big impact on so many aspects of a room. Everything from a person's perception to overall functionality can be hampered by where things are placed. To spice things up, try considering new ways of repositioning your office furniture. Often, simply moving a desk from a corner to a place by the window can change everything! If you like, draw the room out to scale on a piece of graph paper (making notes of where doors and windows are), then do the same for furniture. Cutting out the furniture pieces and moving them around on the drawing will help you discover the most efficient layout. Don't forget to save it all in case you ever decide to add new furniture for office makeover projects in the future! The scale-sketches will come in handy.

Add Cool Plants

Office Indoor Succulents

Believe it or not, there are two things that diet, sleep, and healthful living just can't fix - style, and poor air quality. This makes plants the prefect one-two punch for boring office space. Not only are they a hit on all sixes for style, but many of them also knock out the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that diminish brain functionality and deter focus at work. Many plants like lemon balm, peace lilies, spider plants, and gardenias can act like natural discount air filters for office use. They're gorgeous, great indoors, and usually pretty easy to care for. Taking the green thing one step further by finding plants with a style that speaks to you, then finding cool ways to plant them or decorate pots is just another bonus way to decorate!

A Room With A View

Creative Cubicle Walls

In an office with no windows, it's hard to find a room with a view. Staying cramped in a cubicle with no outlet isn't healthy, but it does make a wonderful excuse to decorate! Rather than shopping for expensive paintings or photographs to deck out your workspace, take some time on break to search for scenes of places you'd like to visit. Print them out and frame them along with some of your favorite art, and hang them up all over. It's is an excellent way to gain some cool low cost office accessories that open up new windows and turn a boring cubicle into a home away from home.

A Splash of Color

Colorful Office Space

Its a well-known fact that most kids can't stand school, but they're usually pretty excited for back to school shopping. Why? In a word, colors. In the months of July and August, office supplies stores are packed with compact student desks, paper folders, binders, pens, pencils, and crayons in all the colors of the rainbow, and it gets the kids pumped. This is because colors have deep psychological effects on our minds. They even effect mood. Instead of settling for white walls and gray furniture, throw a splash of color in the mix! Don't worry about painting walls if you can't afford it (the whole process is a pain in the butt anyway). Livening things up can be as simple as colorful pens and paper. Hang some colorful origami cranes from the ceiling or make colorful cutouts to put on lampshades. It stimulates the eyes and promotes creativity!


Cool Office Walls

A blank wall is like… well, a blank wall. There's nothing expressive about it. Most professional decorators train for years trying to discover ways to tear down walls by dressing them up, and it also happens to be the perfect way eliminate the drab in your office. Our tip to you is to fill up wall space with something. Anything. Paint designs, put large potted plants in front of them, add bookcases or shelving to increase storage space. Do whatever it takes. If you're feeling extra creative, try coating the walls in dry-erase paint to give yourself a wall-sized drawing board. A wall doesn't have to be a wall. If you make it a window into another world or a useful tool, the boredom in your office will all but disappear.

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