Monday, June 16, 2014

Global Wind Furniture Boosts Modern Office Appeal

If you're looking for the ultimate in modern appeal for your office, then we've got the solution! Global Total Office is a brand that has been churning out top of the line style for years, but they've hit the jackpot with their popular Wind Series furniture. The sleek lines and shining curves of this collection are just a few of it's many appealing features. Check out why it's a Global favorite in today's article!


Global Wind Style

The Global Wind Series relies on mid-century modern stylings as the basis for it's appeal. This style has become super well known for being the perfect blend of rustic charm and futuristic physique. As a favorite look for many interior designers, it's not surprising to learn that this series, among other popular Global Total Office furniture, has become a favorite for successful businesses that want to add a personal touch for their guests. Because of this, Wind lounge furniture by Global is very prominent in health offices where visitors feel more at ease around comfortable chairs with a homey appeal. Accented with chrome and high end wood laminate, Wind pieces also possess enough professionalism for an up-and-coming business to be taken seriously.


Global Wind Affordable Furniture

Nothing boosts modern appeal like affordability. In a world where everyone is looking for a good deal on impressive modern office furniture, it's no wonder the Global Wind Series has become such a viable choice. With stunning tables, chairs, and sofas at affordable prices, even brand name furniture from a great brand like Global is accessible to the everyday business. Taking the design a step further by bringing one of their amazing discount coffee tables into the home is an excellent way to save a buck on high end home furnishings.


Global Wind Chairs

Global is a brand that's famous for manufacturing high end ergonomic office chairs for executives. However, few people realize they also make incredible chairs for office lounge use. Models like the Armless Leather Wind Chair by Global look just as beautiful with matching armed furniture as they look standing alone. In fact, one of Global's greatest features, especially in the Wind Series, is versatility. With incredible color and finish options available on unique office guest chairs like the 3361 Wind Series Lounge Chair by Global, furniture in the Wind Collection is some of the most varied on the market! Push chairs together, or place them wherever you want to save space and seat guests with ease.


Global Wind Sofas

Large comfortable reception sofas for guests are another one of Global shoppers' most favored office furnishings. Cozy, and loaded with the cool modern styling of the Wind Series, Wind sofas are always at the epitome of style. Not only do they go beautifully with Wind Series chairs, they're also just as versatile. Wind sofas often come, with or without arms so that different models can be bought, arranged, and rearranged to best meet the layout needs of each individual office.


Global Wind Tables

And finally, we proudly introduce what is probably the most versatile feature of the Global Wind Series - Wind Tables. Global Total Office coffee and end tables are always at the forefront of incredible contemporary design. They're favored by interior designers from all over the nation because the styling is always cutting edge. The huge array of laminate finish options offered make the tables a snap to customize for better matching decor. But the most favored aspect of all is definitely that they look wonderful in both homes and businesses alike! Storage features and matching end tables keep track of magazines for office visitors with the same ease as they house light reading for a night curled up on the couch.

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