Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Does Your Office Furniture Showcase Your Business Style?

Setting a business theme may seem like a strange concept, but it might be the biggest impression your workplace can have an a first-time client. Simply looking at the style of furniture in an office can help visitors  more accurately determine the values, mindset, and overall "personality" of your establishment. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right style for your workplace, especially with so many options out there, but don't fret! In today's article, we're highlighting some of our best office furniture collections, complete with great recommendations on where they look best. Enjoy!

Traditional Stylings

Ideal Offices: Law firms, government offices

Office furniture collections like the Sorrento Series by Mayline rely mostly on classical design to set the the theme. They give off an air of aged professionalism, vintage appeal, and high morals, so naturally, collections like this are perfect for places of justice. Law firms and government facilities benefit greatly from traditional stylings because they establish a sense of trust with patrons. For them, it feels reliable. With the exquisitely crafted details and stunning wood finishes on Sorrento and classic Emerald collection furniture by Cherryman, patrons expect high standards of the office representatives, and are much more aware that higher standards of dress and conduct are required of them as well.

Modern Appeal

Ideal Offices: Tech companies, office buildings, new offices, future-conscious offices

Sleek, clean, stylish, and useful is always the goal of modern office furniture collections for sale. Series like the  stunning new Medina collection by Mayline, reconfigurable Mayline e5 office furniture with versatility, and cool Verde furniture by Cherryman all boast flashing chrome or glass to provide a fashion-forward sense of the future. It's a style that never fails for tech companies, new office buildings, web company offices, or any place having to do with the future of tech or business. With this style, patrons usually know to expect smart individuals, efficient service, and business or causal attire.

Home Away From Home

Ideal Offices: Home office, dentist's office, doctor's office, psychologist's office, hotels, spas

An office with a personal touch usually tries to make patrons feel at home in the establishment. Warm lighting, mid-century modern style, art, and cozy furniture are the staples of this look. Because the homey warmth helps visitors to feel less anxious, it's a popular choice for spas and medical facilities where patrons often arrive a little on-edge. Dentist offices, doctors' offices, and therapeutic establishments can often be a little bit scary for some guests. Having fun art, comfortable reception sofas, and personable receptionists helps to tone back the fear, replacing it with a relationship that's far less frightening. Popular furniture stress-reduces include the Brighton office series by Mayline, and the stylish Zira reception furniture by Global as well. Both are favorites for business owners since they're basically like decor for a home a home office. This way, designers can let a bit of who they are as people shine through without fear of being unprofessional.

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