Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Global Shadow Series Seating

Anyone that knows the office furniture and design industry has probably heard about Global Total Office. Their amazing ergonomic chairs for pain relief are some of the best options on the market for those seeking to relieve common office aches. That's why, today, we're showcasing one of their best chair series to improve office health. With the Global Shadow Series, users can enjoy ergonomic comfort thats as close to them as their own shadow!


Ergonomic comfort is hugely important in the developing workplace, especially since most high tech ergonomic products are the culmination of years of scientific study. All ergonomic devices are designed in some way to benefit the workplace by synchronizing comfort with utility. Thankfully, the Shadow Series by Global Total Office is one of the few high end chairs for business that does all of these things and more. Available in four designs, each chair in the Shadow series offers varying degrees of ergonomic comfort. It's most notable feature is the unique suspension system that lets the chair gently flex to every move of the user's body for constant support. 

*Here's a list of ergonomic features that appear on most Shadow chair models:

"Floating" seat depth technology
Back movement
Adjustable arm height
Adjustable lumbar
Rotating armrests
Adjustable arm width
Tru-Response Technology

Health Benefits

With so many ergonomic features, it's only natural that the Shadow Series chairs would come with some amazing health benefits. Many of the ergo features listed above are specifically designed to alleviate certain pains. "Floating" seat depth, adjustable lumbar, sychro-tilt, and the signature active flexing technology of the Shadow series all go a long way towards encouraging proper posture by providing support. This will relieve back pain over time. Adjustable, rotating armrests with adjustable width are designed to encourage healthy blood flow to the wrists, hands, and forearms, reducing risk for arthritis and carpal tunnel. All these excellent features are offered on the 2711 Global Shadow healthy ergonomic chair for office use in the home and business. 


Being from Global Total Office, it's no surprise to learn that the Global Shadow Series chairs are super stylish! Featured most frequently in a shadow dark fabric, these cool colorful office chairs are also available in a whole host of other hues. Lime, chestnut, sable, wine, and nutmeg are just a few of the stunning fabrics shoppers can pick from. Separate models can be purchased in a rich, dark leather for executive appeal. Shining chrome accents and a five-star base with casters are just icing on the cake!


Because of the high powered technology of these superior ergonomic chairs, most of the Shadow series rests on the more expensive end of the spectrum with regards to price. While they are not the priciest options by a long shot, the Shadow series also is not the most affordable option either. However, considering the value of Tru-Response technology and the wide array of other supportive ergonomic features to improve user health, the Shadow series still remains an incredible deal when compared with competitor options of the same price. 


There are many excellent reasons to choose the Shadow series of office chairs by Global for your workplace, but one of the best is versatility! Available in both high back and mid back designs, the Shadow series can go just about anywhere. Whether you're looking to furnish your executive office, conference room, or even your cubicle, your Shadow is waiting for you. Pick from a huge host of colors, or from a nice dark leather to meet diverse decor needs, and reel in the compliments from coworkers!

Final Grades

Despite being a tad pricey, the Shadow series by Global Total Office has definitely earned it's place on the ergonomic hall of fame! With incredible support systems, versatility, extensive adjustable features, an a unique flexible technology, the Shadow is really an incredible deal against competitor chairs. Style and versatility are bursting through the seams on these models, with four chair options available for purchase. All in all, we grade the Global Shadow Series an A++ in terms of value, style, and healthful ergonomic design!

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