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Office Chair Reviews: Offices To Go 11730

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For those of you in search of the perfect chair for your workspace, it's time for our office chair review! In today's article, we'll be showcasing the style, price, and features of the popular 11730 model Luxhide Chair by Offices To Go. Trendy and versatile, this cool contemporary chair may offer just the right stuff for your business at a price that won't break your bank. Enjoy today's chair review!

Luxhide 11730B Model Chair by Offices To GoOffices To Go 11730-BL28 Luxhide Chair


One glance should be enough to tell anyone of the exquisite modern style in the 11730 Luxhide Chair, but you might be surprised at just how many trends this chair sets off. With ribbed back styling, beautiful color choices, a streamlined design, and polished chrome accents, this stunning modern office chair is a hit on all sixes! In fact, the popularity of the 11730B chair has even inspired a second model, the 11730-BL28 White Luxhide Chair. Use either to earn your office a host of compliments from clients and coworkers.

Color Options

Anyone worried about a decor clash can set their fears to rest. As a spin-off of the highly successful Global Total Office brand, it's no surprise that a reputable office chair maker like Offices To Go designed the 11730 Luxhide Series to cater to user needs first. For those in need of darker tones for their office, the 11730B offers plenty of versatile style. The attractive Luxhide leather upholstery is available in black, burgundy, dark brown, charcoal, parchment, and saddle for this model - all of which deliver on high end appeal! As an alternative, the similar 11730-BL28 model chair is offered in an eye-popping white to capture the attention of everyone that walks into the room.

Ergonomic Features

As cool as the 11730 Series looks, these chairs would be nothing without their high tech ergonomic features. Adjustable, user-friendly styling is the backbone of quality office seating. Thankfully, the Luxhide chairs deliver on this too! In the more affordable 11730B model, height adjustment and tilt locks work in conjunction with the soft Luxhide leather to bring quality comfort to users. The 11730-BL28 chair offers pneumatic seat height adjustment, a single position tilt lock, a swivel tilt mechanism, tilt tension adjustment, removable chrome arms, and a concealed frame for greater ergonomic comfort. Together, the series meets all the needs that any discount mid back ergonomic chairs should.

* Here's the rundown for each 11730 model:

11730B Luxhide Chair

Luxhide 11730B Model Chair by Offices To Go

Height Adjustment
Tilt Locks
Luxhide Leather Upholstery
Versatile Colors

11730-BL28 Luxhide Chair

Offices To Go 11730-BL28 Luxhide Chair

Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
Single Position Tilt Lock
Swivel Tilt
Tilt Tension Adjustment
Removable Chrome Arms

Price Point

Resting at only around the $200 range, the 11730 Series Luxhide chairs are some of the most affordable ergonomic chairs on the market. With comfortable Luxhide leather, versatile color choices, and ergonomic features included, these adjustable leather office chairs maintain an excellent value that competing brands just can't keep up with. The price sounds remarkable at first, but we wouldn't expect anything less from Offices To Go!


Perhaps one of the greatest features about the 11730 Series is it's versatility. Both of these chairs could easily find a home in a multitude of office environments. Furnish your home office, conference room, or executive workspace with the style and features of this series. Anywhere mid back styling, versatility, and comfort is needed in the office, we have no doubt one of these chairs can stand up to meet the demands!

Final Thoughts

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: the 11730 Series by Offices To Go is definitely a hit on all sixes! With a stunning mid back style, leather, color options, and polished chrome, these chairs obviously touch on all the hottest trends of interior office design. Basic ergonomic features earn incredible value at the affordable price offered, while color options and versatile styling can carry this chair through every office environment imaginable. If you've been on the fence about which chair to get for your workplace, don't miss out on this incredible office seating solution. The 11730 Series chairs are an A+ grade that no office should be without!

Offices To Go 11730-BL28 Luxhide ChairLuxhide 11730B Model Chair by Offices To Go

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