Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How To Select A Versatile Office Chair for Your Specific Business Environment

Every office needs excellent seating, but for the new decorator, knowing what to look for can be a tough task. There is a huge world of office chairs out there, with different manufacturers and features for every model. Choosing the wrong style can take a big bite out of your wallet. But not to worry! In today's article, we'll be highlighting the basics of the five most popular chair styles for the office. Every chair is different, but with this guide, we hope you'll be better equipped to make an informed decision and get the most bang for your buck. Enjoy!

Executive Office

Global Executive Office Chairs

Executive offices are typically where the boss and higher ups are found. That means more comfort and excellent style!  Typically, professional executive office chairs are all about luxury, so expect to see lots of high back models with plenty of cushion for a comfortable sit. Gray, white, and black are the most popular color choices for high end executive seating because they convey a sense of expertise on the part of the sitter. Wood, metal, and leather are the most popular materials for executive chairs because they give off a cultured, classical style. Today, you can find contemporary executive chairs in mid back stylings with mesh upholsteries and ergonomic features for added comfort. Nothing but the best for the boss!

Cubicle and Desk

Eurotech BodyFlex Desk Chairs

"Cubicle and desk chairs" is the most versatile category on our list. Commonly called "task chairs," people of all shapes, sizes, occupations, and individual needs rely on them to get the job done. As a result, most modern desk chairs are ergonomic, with adjustable features to increase utility. They can be found both in high back and mid back stylings for convenience. Leather, fabric, plastic, and mesh are the most common materials used, but high end options, like the Arti Chair by Global will rely on more sophisticated materials. This category offers chairs at low prices with the most basic ergonomic features, as well as top dollar items and precision ergonomic design. Shoppers can peruse models by style, price, or attributes to narrow their search. This is definitely a category that caters to the individual!

Conference Room

Global Kate Conference Chairs

Because conference rooms are typically used far less often than an executive office or employee desk space, conference chairs tend to exhibit fewer ergonomic features. Today's models usually provide adjustable backs with tilt so guests can stay as comfortable as possible during long meetings, but that is usually the extent of their features. The most common attribute of these models is exquisite style! Office chairs for boardroom meeting and conference area use always look good. They're often made with mesh, fabric, or leather, and can be found in a variety of colors, with white and gray being the most popular. Anything to make a great first impression!

Welcome Area

Lesro Guest Furniture

Next to task chairs, few categories can come as close to versatility as welcome area seating. Meant for use in lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms, modern guest chairs and seating rely on comfort and durability as their selling points. With constant use, guest chairs wear down pretty quickly, so many contemporary models are manufactured with sturdy materials to last for years. Shoppers can choose guest seating in the form of chairs, loveseats, and sofas. Models can range from simple to luxurious in order to provide exactly what every office needs. Many modern guest chairs feature leather, wood, fabric, and mesh upholsteries. Stackable, foldable, beam, and nesting options are the perfect choice for an office that wants to save space without sacrificing room for clientele.

Training Room

Office Training Chairs

Training rooms are one of the newest additions to the modern work scene. With all the growing businesses out there in search of new recruits, there has been a huge demand for affordable office training chairs to outfit the rooms where new hires will be introduced to the company. Typical training chairs are excellent for educational environments like libraries, schools, and computer rooms. They're often compact with mid back styling, and equipped with casters for mobility. Most contemporary models come with stack-ability or nesting capabilities for easy storage. A small array of adjustable features will give users comfort during those long training sessions.

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