Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What Would You Score Your Office Space?

High Quality Office Space
To determine your workplace needs, it's important to effectively grade your office space. In today's post we'll highlight our 60 point system based on style, layout, functionality, durability, organization, and comfort to help you do just that. By examining the score you've given your space, you'll be able to identify areas of concern, success, and where improvement can be achieved. Enjoy!


Rate the overall style of your office space on a 1 to 10 point scale. Is your space up to date with the latest trends? Are you getting compliments from your guests? Asking yourself important questions like these will help you achieve an honest score. If you are at 5 points or lower, it may be time for some upgrades! A variety of best selling furniture collections from brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries offer affordable desks and accent products that are sure to help you boost your score. You can also consider alternative ways to improve your style that include painting, adding a few plants, and updating your lighting fixtures.


A well thought out office layout is built around functionality and efficiency. If you find yourself getting up for needed items more than once an hour, there may be room for improvement. Consider the storage layout of your space and the placement of your file cabinets. Do you have a desk side pedestal or overhead storage hutch for your stationary? These items will improve the effectiveness of your layout and help you reach your peak performance levels. Popular layouts include U shaped desks that help to maximize worksurface and storage space, as well as modular furniture configurations designed for along-the-wall applications. Grade your office layout on a 0-10 scale to determine areas for improvement. You might find that some basic reconfiguring will improve your style and overall work day.


These days it's all about functionality it the workplace. The hottest desks on the market are being equipped with work surface power modules and versatile storage components designed for conducting modern business. Grade the functionality of your space from 0-10 points by considering factors like available worksurface while considering areas you feel would improve your office functionality. Functionality is a main factor of any highly graded space as it's all about making your work life easier. Consider your specific needs and current success to grade fairly.


Is your office space built to last? It's important to consider the durability of your space to determine how much life your furniture has left. If your workstation feels flimsy or like it's on it's last leg, try some basic maintenance like tightening the connection screws and joints. You can also try adjusting your desks leveling glides to improve stability. If your workstation feels firm and sturdy, your probably in good shape. Grade this factor based on the current status of your furniture, short term maintenance needs, and on how much use you can realistically expect to get from your desking.


We've saved the most important factor for last! In short, if you're not comfortable in your office space, you can't perform at your best. Grade the overall comfort of your work day from 0-10 points. Consider factors like your office chairs, desk, and fatigue throughout the day. If you're dealing with back paint and stiffness, consult with a physician to determine if your current office chair is actually hurting you. All too often, a few simple chair adjustments can make a world of difference. Still not seeing the comfort your demand? Consider adding ergonomic accessories like an articulating keyboard tray, dual screen monitor mount, and foot rest. These common products will no doubt improve your efficiency. You might also consider pricing a few adjustable office chairs with lumbar support features. Upgrading your current chair to a model that's built for your specific needs and body type can be a life changer!

Based on the five factors covered above you should now be able to determine your score. Those who've achieved 50 or more points are in good shape! Consider the few minimal details necessary to take your space over the top. If you've found yourself in the 30 to 40 point range, minor upgrades and adjustments can be made on a budget to improve your day. Consider meeting with an office furniture specialist to discuss your options. Stuck under 30 points? Not to worry! Try creating a list of your office needs starting with your top priorities. Contact an office specialist and inquire about solutions that will meet solve your issues while staying within a respectable budget. In the long run, there's hope for every office space to achieve high scores!

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