Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Here's What's Cool To Take Back To School!

It's that time of year again! The summer is wrapping up, and all over America, kids are packing their bags and parents are throwing their hats as we all prepare to head back to school. This year has seen some amazing innovations in ergonomic design and office supplies that would be great for educational applications. In today's article, we'll highlight all the must have back to school items for teachers and students to stay cool in the classroom!

Cool Backpacks

Every cool kid needs an ultra cool backpack to keep their things in. Whether you stuff it with books or air is up to you, but it never hurts to have a trendy pack that's ready for action every day of the school week. The right pack will balance utility with personality, allowing students to express their interests while also keeping them organized.
Lots of pockets is always a plus, but remember, more and more kids are suffering from back strain every year due to heavy schoolbooks. To avoid injury and residual pain, we recommend choosing a pack with the lightest weight you can find, and shoulder straps to keep the pack high up on a students back, so weight is absorbed by the shoulders an not the lower back. For those that already experience pain, doctor's notes are usually a surefire way to ensure a wheely-pack is allowed. Also consider getting some adjustable ergonomic chairs for pain relief to encourage a healthy life.

Dry Erase Boards

It wasn't that long ago that chalky blackboards were replaced with dry-erasable whiteboards in most schools, and just about everyone is happy with the change. Perhaps that's why office furniture and supply makers have taken the whiteboard trend to a whole new level! Nowadays, dry-erase boards aren't just for the teachers. Students can make use of a cool dry erasable desk like the 1938GT Safco Xpressions Workstation (which also comes with a shelf set in the 1936TX model) to take notes and memorize! Small locker-sized dry erase boards provide great reminder boards for students in between classes. For college kids and teachers, just  stick on on the door a great place to leave notes for roommates and students. It's paperless, green, reusable, and lets students stay ultra creative!

*Bonus Tip: For cool teachers and older kids, consider painting the wall in dry-erase paint. This basically let's you turn your whole wall into a whiteboard. Paint is available both in color and transparent!

New Clothes

For kids and teens bummed about the end of summer, one surefire way to lift their spirits is with trendy new school clothes! Most schools have a dress code, so be sure to review that before shopping. In general, hats, tank tops, and flip flops are usually a no go (unless you live in a hot, sunny state). But cool tees, long shorts, and jeans are almost always approved! For students stuck in uniforms, don't be afraid to dress up your outfit with non-distracting accessories. Hair barrettes and flowers, bracelets, necklaces, handsome watches, bags, and keychains are school-friendly ways to express yourself while staying in dress code. There's loopholes everywhere, so don't be afraid to express yourself!

An Awesome Desk

Desks are an essential part of every student's educational life, so it's important to find one that meets your student's needs while also keeping them healthy. A compact size is ideal for use in a bedroom or dorm. Most smaller desks by Flash Furniture are excellent for elementary kids. They're colorful, utilitarian, very affordable, and come in all sorts of interesting shapes to catch the eye. For older kids, Flash Furniture is still a great source, as well as Safco, but we highly recommend the Eastwinds collection by Mayline for good-sized discount desks that offer storage and computer applications. The line provides excellent desks for college and school use. And lastly, for teachers, there is nothing better than the desks by Global Total Office to provide utilitarian comfort and modern style to command the respect of students!

Comfortable Chairs

A comfortable chair to promote health is important in any place where users must sit for more than three hours. Believe it or not, human bodies are much better designed to stand and run, rather than sit for long periods of time, which is partly why so many Americans, both young and old, suffer from back pain. Keeping comfortable, adjustable chairs for students is just as important as exercise to a healthy lifestyle. Today, healthy ergonomic chairs for the classroom are offered both with and without wheels. Most are specially designed to mold to the body. They provide support and encourage proper posture, so students will form healthier habits to reduce back pain in the future.

Binder Clips and Other Trendy Accessories

Finally, we get to the accessories that make it all happen! Every student needs an arsenal of supplies to survive a rigorous school year, and here we'll highlight the best of them:

Craft Supplies - Young minds need lots of stimulation to stay hyped for learning, and for this reason, most elementary teachers rely on creative projects to entertain and engage. That's why for younger kids, the must have supply of this year is definitely craft supplies. A good pencil box can hold it all, crayons, pencils, erasers, safety scissors, and maybe even a glue stick. Pick one up to always stay prepared!

Binder Clips - Older kids, never underestimate the power of binder clips! Sometimes the simplest designs are always the best. Binder clips have way more uses than just holding papers together. For those of you into electronics, the internet is full of awesome binder clip hacks to make school and home life that much easier. Get to Googling, and you'll never regret it!

Mobile Storage Cart - And finally, for the teachers, what better way is there to keep your class organized that with a handy cart to hold all your stuff. With file holders, shelving, pockets, and wheels, mobile storage carts are like the R2-D2 every schoolteacher needs to defeat the Empire! They'll always go a long way to keeping the classroom stocked with useful tools for you and your students.

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