Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Boardroom Basics: How to Better Accommodate Your Guests

Bringing guests into the conference room is always a crucial moment in business. As a business leader, you want the room to exhibit professional modern style, but it also needs to be comfortable, inviting, and impressive. Without these things, the experience can fall flat for corporate visitors and diminish the light of a great company. That's why, today, we're offering some helpful boardroom basics for tips on how to better accommodate guests!

A Beverage Cart For Refreshments

Everyone enjoys a little pick-me-up, and so do corporate visitors. For anyone that's ever suffered a long board meeting on an empty stomach, sometimes the simplest granola bar can seem like the holy grail. That's why our first tip is to make sure your corporate guests are always refreshed. Keeping one or two beverage carts for refreshments in the boardroom shows visitors that you care about their experience. For business leaders used to taking care of themselves, offering refreshments helps to burn a memory of hospitality on the part of the host. With cookies, crackers, and little cups of coffee, the task is inexpensive, unexpected, and always welcomed!

Provide Comfortable Seating

When uncomfortable chairs are combined with grumbling bellies at a long board meeting, you can bet the memory will be unsavory no matter how great the corporate outcome. Making certain your space provides comfortable boardroom chairs for guests is one of the most important office basics. Fabric, mesh, and leather are the three most common types of seating for conference rooms, and each has it's own merits. Consider the climate of your area, and try to choose the upholstery that will keep guests happy. Affordable guest chairs with ergonomic features will help accommodate the comfort needs of each individual, letting them adjust each chair to meet their own specific needs!

Create A Welcoming Space

When trying to create a welcoming conference room, refreshments and comfortable seating do all the heavy lifting. However, it is important to leave a lasting impression. Overall look is a big deal for corporate guests because they're always sizing you up subconsciously. When decorating, try to keep the right balance. The space should be stylish and useful, but also reflect the theme of theme of your company. Try to have a good idea of the number of people your room will accommodate, then pick from some discount modern boardroom tables that meet your needs. A good rule to judge the right table sizes is to remember: two feet of table length per person. In addition, be sure the space is inviting. Tasteful colors, matching tones, varied textures, modular power capability, and a logo someplace in the room will help get the most out of the space.

Add Fun Presentations

While a good looking boardroom certainly adds a lot to your cause, looks are not the only thing that matters. As we've established, comfort goes a long way toward impressing the colleagues, but so does utility. First and foremost, a good boardroom must be engaging, and that means providing fun presentations. Adding the right technology, such as high tech conference tables with power modules, and overhead projectors will help to make the space more useful and keep guests interested. Adding conference tables with modular design and reconfigurability will help maximize utility so the space can be used for group projects when guests aren't visiting. Bright colors, graphics, and stylish accent furniture will help guests stay engaged and excited about your company.  

Use Visual Learning

In an age where technology is becoming more and more integrated into our lives each day, it's important that every corporate conference room offer power ability. Presentation screens, projectors, and powered conference tables for tech purposes have become a necessity in the workplace. Remember, the most common type of learning style revolves around the eyes. Having an office equipped with presentation and visual aids will help everyone understand more easily. In the end, your boardroom will not just be stylish, comfortable, and welcoming, but it will also be incredibly useful!

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