Monday, August 25, 2014

Office All Stars: Cherryman Verde Collection

Cherryman Industries is a brand that's always on the cusp of the next big thing. With modern and vintage styled furniture in tow, their office furniture collections are always a hit, so it was no surprise when they unveiled their contemporary Verde collection that people were blown away. Again, it's no surprise today that this office furniture favorite from Cherryman has made our list of Office All Stars!

For fans of contemporary interior design, few things can top the Verde series in executive professional style. Shining metal accents surrounded by stunning wood finishes speak to the designer in all of us, pleasing both bosses and visitors alike. Most of the desks and workstations for sale in the Verde series feature a modular construction for efficiency. By positioning most of the desks' utilities within arm's reach, users no longer have to waste time running around the office for the things they need. Almost all the furniture in the Verde collection is available in either a light latter or rich, dark espresso finish. Polished off with glass and chrome, the Verde is a look we just can't get enough of!

As desks are typically the most common pieces in a workplace, it's no surprise that the Verde collection boasts plenty of them. However, most office designers are happily stunned at the variety of desks offered. The Verde collection boasts desks big and small, dark and light, right and left, and all with the same signature style. The subtle differences help to make each desk unique, allowing multiple models to be added to a space without the look getting tiresome. Thankfully, Cherryman offers Verde desks for every office environment. Shoppers can choose from a smaller wood office desk like the VL-619, or they could go with a big impressive executive desk like the VL-745 to outfit their space. The result is versatility with a high end uniform style!

Speaking of versatility, executive desks of every shape and size is not all the Verde collection offers. Cherryman understands that a workplace needs more than just desks, which is why they also feature modern conference furniture and reception stations for sale too. Like the desks, conference and meeting tables are offered in all sorts of sizes to better meet the needs of each individual space. This way, office designers can take that cool Verde look and share it with the entire workspace, from the lobby to the boardroom!

For most of us, even the best of versatile office furniture collections are only as great as their price tag, so it's a good thing that most pieces in the Cherryman Verde furniture collection offer a competitive cost! Part of what makes this collection an office all star is that it brings quality craftsmanship without breaking the bank. In some cases, desks are even offered for around the same money as a high end office chair. With discount versatile furniture, great variety, and loads of matching accessories, the Verde collection has definitely earned itself a spot in the furniture Hall of Fame!

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