Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boost Your Boardroom With A Global Zira Table!

The Global Total Office Zira Collection is truly spectacular. This line of cutting edge office desks, reception stations, and storage solutions now includes out of this world modern conference tables for professional business use. In today's article we'll highlight these incredible new tables that are sure to give any boardroom a boost!


Zira Boat Shaped Table

Global Zira series conference tables are available in rectangular, racetrack, and boat shaped top designs.  Rectangular conference tables offer a traditional look that allows users to sit comfortably at table ends. Racetrack models, also known as oval conference tables feature straight sides and curved ends that allow for curved seating layouts. Zira boat style tables are the best of both worlds and the most popular shape available from this collection. Boat shaped conference tables feature a combination of curved sides and squared of ends that offer a sophisticated look that's sure to impress.


8' Zira Conference Table

Users will enjoy the ability to choose from a variety of surface lengths ranging from 8' to 12' to meet the needs of their specific meeting areas. An 8' Zira conference table will sit 2 users comfortably per table side and 1 user per end for a total of 6 guests. 12' Zira tables accommodate 4 users per side and 1 user per end for a total of 10 guests. Remember to measure boardroom area effectively before purchasing a table. These new conference tables are made to order and take approximately 3 to 5 weeks to manufacture. We're told that Global is currently expanding the Zira line to include larger boardroom tables including 16', 18', and 20' long models.


Absolute Acajou

Tired of the traditional cherry, maple, and mahogany office furniture finish options? If so, you'll love this line of boardroom tables from Global. Zira is available in 18 out of this laminate tones including super cool new colors like Absolute Acajou, Tiger Walnut, Dark Espresso, and even white! Accent your laminate preference with a choice of black or brushed cobalt base finish options.


Perhaps the coolest feature of the Global Zira series conference table collection is the ability to add customizable power options like HDMI, USB, phone, cable, and audio inputs. Gone are the years of running cords all over the conference table to share presentations. Global has revolutionized the multi media meeting world with the Zira line. Basic modules are available that include 3 prong outlets and phone jacks that come factory installed for users. Custom Zira power options are also easy for users to specify. Simply choose what you need and a module can be outfitted for your specific needs using plug and play telecom plates. This line is truly cutting edge and way ahead of it's time. The competition is literally scrambling to keep up in terms of quality, style, functionality, and price! Use a high tech conference table with power and you'll never settle for anything less.

Final Notes:

Zira Furniture

In the long run, the Zira collection is truly innovative and unique. With it's wide range of desks, tables, and accessories, you can easily outfit your office with stunning furniture from front to back. This full service line is completely customizable and offers the versatile features needed to accommodate even the toughest projects. Zira boardroom tables are a must consider for any business looking to update their meeting space. They are fully functional, affordable, and down right impressive. If you have to time to wait the 3 to 5 week manufacturing time, you'll definitely be rewarded with a table that's ready to impress your valued guests for a lifetime.

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