Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Create A Luxurious Office Space with Mayline Sorrento Furniture

High end office appeal at it's best! The Mayline Sorrento furniture collection is nothing short of impressive. This line of luxurious office desks, conference room tables, reception stations, and office storage solutions is a favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. Today, we'll be highlighting the exquisite furnishings from Mayline's top of the line collection, guaranteed to take your work environments to the pinnacle of design success.

Sorrento Office Desks

Mayline Sorrento Desks

Mayline desks from the Sorrento collection area available in a variety of styles. Stand alone Sorrento desks are offered and work well for traditionally inspired home office makeover projects. U shaped Sorrento typicals are preferred for high end executive office. These elegant stations offer plenty of work surface space and storage to keep any office higher up working effectively. In addition to stand alone and U shaped desking options, the Sorrento collection also boasts a wide range of writing style desks that are great for both home and business applications. Choose from two absolutely gorgeous finish options including espresso and bourbon cherry to meet your individual decor needs.

Sorrento Conference Tables

Sorrento Conference Tables

The boardroom will never be the same! While many are looking to create cutting edge modern meeting areas designed around the latest and greatest gadgetry, the Mayline Sorrento Collection is staying true to it's traditional roots and finding an abundance of success. Sorrento conference tables are available in a boat shaped espresso version and rectangular bourbon cherry variation. Users will enjoy the wide range of size options from 6' to 30' in length. It's easy to appreciate the quality craftsmanship in these American hard wood tables.

Sorrento Reception Stations

Rest assured, you won't find a better reception station on the market! Mayline Sorrento series reception desks are available with truly stunning granite transaction counters and versatile storage options to keep any receptionist operating efficiently. Both rectangular and L shaped Sorrento stations are offered to meet the space requirements of any guest welcoming area. Both the espresso and bourbon cherry finish options will elevate your space to a whole new level. Just be sure to get the station situated in place the first time you try. These things are heavy!

Sorrento Storage Solutions

Sorrento Wall Cabinet

We've said it before and we'll say it again, no office space is complete without the right combination of accessories and storage solutions to help keep it well organized. That being said, the Mayline Sorrento collection offers plenty of wall cabinets, desk pedestals, and wood executive office bookcases to help any business do just that. Sorrento series wall cabinets are perfect for conference, boardroom, and reception area applications. The desk pedestals from this collection are available in both file file and box box file variations to meet your organizing preferences. Sorrento bookcases look great in both home and business work environments and come in a variety of different size options. Overall, this is a truly well rounded line of luxury office furniture that's sure to provide your space with the high end look it deserves.

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