Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How To Choose The Perfect Ergonomic Office Desk

Adjustable Ergonomic Desk
Do you want to create a fully functional, comfortable, and versatile space designed around your specific business needs? Of course you do! As the whole world is going ergo crazy, it's important to evolve your workspace with the times to stay operating at peak performance levels. However, the task at hand can be a bit tricky without the right tips and advice! In today's post we've highlight our step by step process to help you choose the perfect ergonomic office desk for your space. Enjoy!

Step 1: Assess Your Area

Before the shopping process gets underway, it's important to assess your office space properly. Start by taking the dimensions of your work area. Be sure to note entry ways, windows, and power outlets. Once you've attained accurate measurements, you'll have a much better idea of what desks can be used most effectively. Rest assured, nothing is worse than purchasing an expensive, non-returnable ergonomic desk... only to find that it doesn't fit properly in your office. As the old saying goes, "measure twice, cut once."

Step 2: Choose A Worksurface Shape

These days, desks come in a variety of shapes to fit nearly any space. For the purposes of today's article we'll focus on the three main styles you'll need to choose between when selecting your new desk. See our chart below and move on to step 3. Be sure to settle on a shape that will work with the design of your current office.


Rectangular Ergonomic Desk


Corner Ergonomic Desk

L Shaped:

L Shaped Ergonomic Desk

Step 3: Select A Size

Next you'll want to choose a desk size based on the dimensions of your space, and the desk shape you feel will best accommodate your work environment. Rectangular ergonomic desks are typically available in 48", 60", 72", and 84" widths. Corner desks vary widely based on brand and should be researched individually. L shaped desks usually consist of two rectangular units joined together and the same lengths apply. If you have the available floor space and need ample surface area for working, consider joining to L shaped ergonomic desks to maximize your office.

Step 4: Select A Mechanism

There are two basic ergonomic desk mechanisms to choose from. Both hand crank and push button operation systems are popular for home and business applications. These mechanisms control how, and the rate at which your desk raises and lowers. While hand crank units are typically more affordable, they are a bit more difficult to use on a regular basis. If daily desk height adjustments are common, an electric height adjustable desk may be preferred.

Step 5: Research and Review Ergonomic Furniture Brands

In order to maximize your budget, researching top ergonomic furniture brands and finding reviews on popular desks can be a big help. While most tend to skip this step and buy purely on visual appeal and a long list of complicated features that are seldom used, those who take the time to do their homework are rewarded in the end. When it comes to ergonomic furniture, choosing simple and easy to operate products from reputable brands will ensure office success!

Step 6: Shop for Value

Once you've assessed your space and selected a desk from a manufacturer you trust, it's time to shop for value! Research the product you've found using a variety of comparison pricing engines like Google Shopping, Amazon, and BizRate. Look for dealers with good reviews and customer service history to start. Then make a list of the top 5 dealers selling the desk you've chosen. Contact these companies directly to inquire about free shipping, closeouts, specials, and where to find coupons. In the long run, getting a good deal will make you feel all the more better about your new desk.

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