Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Office Design: Blend Finishes for A Cutting Edge Look

Any interior designer will tell you that textures play a big part in the visual effect of the room. Not only does surface variety draw the eye, but it also helps balance the finishes in a room to keep things from looking stagnant. In 2014, one surefire way to grab the attention of visitors is to play up the looks with high end surface finishes. This year, nothing says professionalism like wood, metal, and glass - and these office furniture collections know just how to give that cutting edge look. Enjoy!


As the newest addition to the Mayline brand, it's no surprise that the Medina office furniture collection is bursting with modern style. Offered in three stunning laminate finish choices, these professional desks and tables offer all the contemporary appeal one could ask for. Glass and chrome accents add just the right dash of flair to turn the heads of everyone within eyeshot. With a whole collection of bookshelves, cabinets, and desk pedestals available as well, outfitting the workplace in style and utility has never been easier!


Since most guests tend to spend a lot of time in the reception area, it's only logical to spend some extra time making sure they're comfortable enough to enjoy the view. Offering reception furniture for sale in all sorts of shapes and sizes, Lesro is another brand known for great variety. If sleek and shiny is what you're searching for, look no further! Lesro Mystic series guest furniture certainly plays up the contemporary them. With plenty of versatile finish options, users can enjoy desks and chairs that easily compliment any existing decor. Skinny tabletops and strong thin supports almost give the appearance that this furniture is floating in mid air, always reeling in the glances of visitors. Add in shimmering silver accents, and you've got a furniture line that's truly worth it's mystic namesake!


For the ultimate in user choice, look no further than the e5 collection by Mayline for your workspace. Offering stellar furniture for home and business use, Mayline's e5 collection offers plenty of style, surface, fabric, and finish options to deck out the office in your own personal style. Although metal and glass accents are part of the deal on almost all of their modular desk sets, the real appeal of this line comes in the unique laminate finishes. Tones like Biltmore Cherry and Cocoa are hardly found anywhere else, always providing a warmth to put any guest at ease. But these desks are not all about looks. Power and data capabilities help users stay in touch with the modern age without ever losing track of that modern style!


The Global Total Office fans out there will definitely recognize the originality of this modular furniture collection. Since it's founding, Global has made affordable quality office furniture it's mission. Even though what's in fashion changes daily, they have always stayed on top of the game. For those that like to choose their own theme, the Zira series has a timeless look that never fails to turn heads. Users can choose from a huge collection of modular desk sets, each with a swath of attractive finishings. Metal, glass, and optional handle styles for drawers and doors add a personal touch that any shopper will appreciate. The wide variety of textures, tones, and fabrics always keeps the eye interested, so the workplace never gets old!


For Cherryman Industries, the Verde series is definitely a jewel in their crown of collections. As one of their most popular lines, it's no surprise that Verde products boast incredible style, utility, and affordability. In this line, the dark wood laminate of desks contrasts perfectly with their brightly polished chrome and glass accents, providing a superior modern look that's very popular in 2014! Users may choose one of two beautiful finishes to match their individual needs. Plenty of desks, storage features, and accent furniture bring an excellent sense of uniformity to the whole office without sacrificing appeal or budget!

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