Monday, September 15, 2014

Office Furniture Shopping 101: Tips And Tricks To Help You Save!

How To Save On Office Furniture
When shopping for new office furniture, it's always important to maximize the budget. That being said, in today's post we'll highlight several awesome tips and tricks to help you do just that. From coupons to bulk discounts, we have all the insider tips you need to furnish your office on a dime!

1.) Coupons

All too often shoppers breeze through the online checkout process in excitement. When this happens, they often go right pass the all important coupon entry box. Be sure to go through the checkout process slow and look for this important way to save. Those little boxes are there for a reason! Sites like and offer free coupon codes from most of today's best office furniture dealers.

2.) Newsletters

Most office furniture dealers send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter with upcoming specials, deals, closeouts, and coupons that you don't want to miss. The newsletter sign up link is typically located on a sites home page. Be sure to take the time to sign up. It's definitely worth it!

3.) Closeouts

Each year the top office furniture brands come out with new collections and products. When this happens, they have to get rid of the old stock to make room for the new. What this means is big time savings for you. Be sure to contact your dealer of choice in regards to current closeouts to help you save.

4.) Clearance

If a dealer becomes overstocked with a particular product, they will often offer clearance pricing to move the inventory. Clearance specials are often shared in monthly emails and should definitely be taken advantage of.

5.) MAP Pricing

Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP pricing) is when an office furniture manufacturer requires dealers to list products online at a certain price point to prevent the devaluing of their brand and products. Commonly, dealers will have notes listed on everything from computer chairs to desks that read "call for additional savings" or something of a similar nature. When you see this, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call. All too often shoppers assume this won't apply to them and miss out on a bundle of savings.

6.) Free Shipping

Paying for standard shipping is just plain silly. There are simply too many online dealers that provide everything from office desks to conference room tables with free shipping to help you save. While additional services like inside delivery come at a cost, tailgate and loading dock delivery charges can always be avoided. In fact, most of the top manufacturers don't even charge their dealers shipping! It's a way that some companies add extra margin into their products. Avoid this at all costs!

7.) Bulk Discounts

Bulk discount pricing is a big time budget helper! If you're purchasing 2 or more office chairs, desks, tables, or accessories for your business, take the time to call your dealer directly. Ask about quantity orders and bulk saving opportunists. Brands like Flash Furniture, Mayline, Global Total Office, and Cherryman Industries all offer price breaks to dealers that they should be happy to pass along to you to earn your business.

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