Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Office Inspirations: Cutting Edge Conference Rooms That Impress

In any interior design project, it never hurts to get some inspiration. Conference rooms are places where professionalism, high tech design, and expression must all combine in order to serve the business. With all this entailed, naturally, they can be a huge challenge to decorate. That's why, in today's article, we're highlighting some cutting edge conference rooms along with some smart decorating tips to help inspire you. Enjoy!

Be Professional

Don't worry. Even if this term usually implies clean lines stark designs, "professional" doesn't always have to mean boring. There are businesses out there of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and each has it's own personality. Whether your company deals in expensive luxury cars or fun video games, don't try to mask it's nature. However, every business needs to be taken seriously at some point, and smart conference room furniture is the perfect medium! When designing, keep things clean and professional like the conference room pictured here. Not only does it boast clean lines and sophisticated appeal, but that personal eco-friendly touch is still there in the plants, tones, and wallpaper!

Express Your Business

When hosting for business guests, it's important to make yourself memorable. Even though professionalism is important, it's always best to add a little bit of personal flair in your design so visitors know what your conference room represents. One of the best mediums for personal expression in a corporate office is through stylish conference room seating for visitors. The best office chair brands like Global Total Office and RFM Seating will offer plenty of color choices for fabric, mesh, and leather upholsteries. The office above uses distinctive chair, engaging wall art, and sculptures to capture the memories of guests. Other great mediums for office expression are distinctive plants, furniture, glass conference tables, fish tanks, architecture, and company colors!

Go High Tech

With the rise of the digital age, high tech is a trend that's always on the rise! Never be afraid to impress corporate visitors with technology, and always make sure your conference room is outfitted with the basics in presentation accessories for business use. Lecterns, whiteboards, and projectors compatible with tablets, computers, and smartphones are a must in the current business climate. However, the most important piece of tech in your arsenal has to be the conference table. For those on a tight budget for space and money, reconfigurable modular tables for conference use are the best option. Most feature high adaptability and power ability for connecting devices. Like the photo above, clean lines and clever lighting are staples of high tech appeal!

Keep It Clean

No matter what your office looks like, nothing says professional quite like clean! When designing a conference room, a simple, elegant design is always the best way to go because it doesn't overpower the eye. Try to stick with the basics, like a table, some chairs, a presentation board, and a few accessories. Sometimes, adding unnecessary items like bookshelves, cabinets, or even lots of artwork can push the look of your room off the edge, making it seem cluttered. When in doubt, take a tip from the office above and stick to the bare necessities!

Stand Out

The goal of a conference room is not just to provide space where executives can discuss business plans and golf games - fundamentally, it's purpose is to make an impression! It is possible for a conference room to remain clean, high tech, professional, and clean and still stand out. Conference rooms are places to make a statement about your company and showcase what it represents. Be ready to shop around until you find the best office furniture that appeals to you. Don't be afraid to go bold with chrome, dark wood boardroom tables, and stellar glass furniture. Colors, tech, logos, lighting, and shapes are all made to capture attention, so don't shy away from them in design. Sure, it's easy to go overboard, but even an unconventional space like the one shown above can  make a great utilitarian conference space. Be brave enough to express your ideas!

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