Thursday, September 11, 2014

Office Organizing Solutions Explained

Not all office organizing solutions are created equal! In today's post we'll highlight a variety of file cabinet styles, storage products, and their individual benefits to help you maximize your workplace potential. From the common vertical file cabinet to heavy duty mobile filing systems, we've got your every office organizing solution explained here!

Vertical File Cabinets

Vertical File Cabinets

Vertical filing cabinets will always have their place in business. This traditional office organizing solution can be seen in just about every office building throughout the country. Vertical file cabinets consist of 2 to 5 drawer units, commonly made of metal. Drawer pull out towards you to reveal top tab file folders organized from front to back. While this style of office filing is becoming less and less common with today's modern organizing advances, brands like Global Total Office still offer high quality vertical file cabinets in a variety of sizes to meet your business needs.

Lateral File Cabinets

Lateral File Cabinets

Those who transition from the use of vertical file cabinets often move into the lateral filing spectrum. This more effective way of organizing has become the preferred choice of most businesses. Lateral cabinets feature flip top doors that retract into the cabinet to reveal files organized via end tab folders, or pull out drawers to reveal files organized horizontally much like the vertical file cabinets listed above. Both metal and wood lateral file cabinets are available from most of today's top office furniture brands. Units can be found easily with up to drawers.


Desk Pedestals

Mobile and stationary office file pedestals are the most commonly used form of organizing device in business today. These desk side units come in a choice of file-file, box-box-file and smaller box-file styles to help keep stationary and important documents close at hand. Most of the top office furniture collections feature matching pedestals that lock for added security and a cohesive visual look. A desk side pedestal is truly a must for any professional furniture configuration!

Plan and Flat File Cabinets

Flat File Cabinet

Plan and flat file cabinets are used to keep art, blue prints, and maps stored safely. Often, architects and artists alike will utilize this type of cabinet to store their important works effectively. Both metal and wood cabinet styles are available from brands like Mayline. Plan file cabinets can be comfortably situated at floor level or on elevating stands for ease of access. When you don't wont your important documents wrinkled or crinkled, a plan file cabinet is just the solution!

Roll Files

Roll File

Roll files are another common organizing solution used by architects and artists alike. This type of system usually features a metal cart that organizes documents in rolled form. If your blue prints and maps are accessed regularly a roll file cart will provide quick and easy access. The lack of a lock is one of the main downfalls of a foll file system, however if your documents don't need to be secured they can definitely make your workplace more efficient.

Rotary File Cabinets

Rotary File Cabinets

A great way to maximize floor space for businesses with an abundance of files! Rotary file cabinets feature a secure locking system to keep important records safe and open to reveal files organized in horizontal rows. Rotary file cabinets are a bit deeper than the average lateral file system as they contain a double sided unit that rotates within it's frame. These heavy duty cabinets are typically used in law office, real estate, and health care environments.


Mobile File Cart

Office organizing carts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to serve specific business purposes. Locking file carts provide secure and effective transport or medical records throughout healthcare facilities while laptop carts prevent multiple trips to the IT room to transport one computer at a time to an office training area. In addition to filing and laptop carts, utility carts are also common around the workplace. A good utility cart is worth it's weight in gold! These little workhorses can be used to transport anything of adequate weight you don't feel like carrying by hand. You can never have enough of these at your disposal!

Mobile Filing System

Mobile Filing System

Last but not least, hospitals and healthcare facilities with huge numbers of files are best served with a high density mobile filing system. Mounted on rail and track setups, these large units roll and compact to lock when needed. The ability to mechanically assist large filing units into place with a handle makes these systems incredibly user friendly. As the world moves rapidly into a digital age where file folders are becoming extinct, mobile storage systems are being integrated to secure police evidence, fire arms, and even team sport equipment!

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