Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sit Correct with Eurotech Ergohuman Chairs

Ever since the ergonomic movement, manufacturers have been designing chairs to give users constant comfort and support throughout the workday. For most, back pain at work is caused by inappropriate posture. Slouching swiveling, and awkward sitting positions may seem comfortable at first, but over time they can cause serious pain. That's why today's article is all about the chairs that give all day comfort by encouraging good posture - Ergohuman chairs by Eurotech. Enjoy the review!

Eurotech Ergohuman chairs were designed purely around style and comfort. Users can choose from a wide array of colorful chairs, offered in black, navy, or even a burgundy color for maximum versatility. Most models are offered in a breathable mesh upholstery, designed to allow air flow to reach the user, preventing the buildup of heat and germs. However, if mesh isn't your style, don't worry! This series also includes the LE9ERG, a leather ergonomic chair by Eurotech. For those that want the best of both worlds, there is also the LEM6ERGLO, a mesh and leather chair for the Ergohuman series. With all these incredible options, Eurotech has really outdone itself in style, but it's the incredible health features of this chair line that really kick things up a notch!

The Ergohuman chair line boasts one of the most extensive lists of ergonomic features for chairs in the same price range. Although these chairs have been around for some time, they underwent a redesign in 2011 to make them the best of the best. A dynamic lumbar, adjustable headrest, four position adjustable back, pivoting ratchet height adjustable arms, seat depth, and tilt tension control are just a few of the amazing features offered on the original Ergohuman chair model. Each feature is designed to target specific health concerns for office workers. Not only do they work to improve posture and health, but these ergonomic chairs offer comfort to last all day!

Part of why Ergohuman chairs are such a favorite in the ergonomic chair world is that they are highly adjustable. Ever since the redesign in 2011, Ergohuman chairs are more versatile and user friendly. An optional headrest on most models provides adaptable neck support. Arms now boast ratchet height adjustment, pivot capacity, and depth adjustability to maximize workplace comfort. Tired of searching for all the controls on your old office chair? The redesigned Ergohuman has all the important controls conveniently located on the right side, within arms reach. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy them!

Compared with competing brands, Ergohuman chairs are some of the office chairs with health benefits you can find. With all the amazing features covered by these models, Ergohuman chairs can increase comfort, reduce pain, and improve health at work. In the standard Ergohuman model, a four position height adjustable back with dynamic lumbar supports the body and improves posture, leading to a healthier work style with constant use. Highly adjustable arms encourage proper blood flow through the arms. In conjunction with healthy ergonomic keyboard trays, they can reduce hand and wrist pain when typing.

There are lots of great office furniture brands out there, but few can top Eurotech's Ergohuman collection. Not only are these chairs versatile, comfortable, adjustable, and healthy, but they're also offered at an extremely competitive price. Compared with other high end ergo chairs in leather and mesh upholsteries, the Ergohuman line leads the pack in value. If you're suffering from common office aches, such as wrist pain, neck pain, or back pain caused by poor posture, don't leave Ergohuman out of your office lineup!

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