Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Design Tips For A Retro Office Makeover

Mid century modern is a style that's all the rage nowadays, especially in home and office design. For anyone who wants to blend the cool retro appeal of the past with the convenience of modern technology, this is the style for you. In today's article, we'll be providing some great tips to decorate your home or business office in cool retro furniture. Enjoy!

Pick An Era

The good thing about mid-century modern decor is that there are so many eras to choose from. For this style, all of history is an open book, but generally, most designers tend to draw inspiration from decades between the 1920s to 1970s. Before designing, its best to do a little research on different styles to see which ones you like, and then pick an era to blend with your modern furniture. Thankfully, popular office furniture brands like Woodstock Marketing, Global Total Office, and OFM already specialize in both retro and modern furniture. They offer many desks, chairs, and table options that blend the best of both worlds, creating furniture with all the style of the past, and all the innovation of the future!

Choose A Chair

For mid-century modern and retro stylings, most interior designers choose chairs between the 50s to 70s for their comfort and sophisticated old-school style. For the most part, many of these chairs tend to look alike. Some models are bigger and boxier, while other chairs are very skinny. It all depends on the needs of the user. Thankfully, most of the chairs from these eras boast thick comfortable cushions. However, for those that want an older look, Woodstock offers retro chairs that go even further back for inspiration. Many of their wire furniture pieces draw from Bertoia, the Eames brothers, and other 1940s characters for classic designs. When combined with the ergonomic advancements of contemporary seating, any of these modern retro office chairs make a super compromise.

Deck Out Your Desk

An office is only as good as it's desk. In the workplace, this is typically the place where users sort, organize, and work for most of the day, so it's important not to skimp on functionality here. Fortunately, many of the modern modular workstations from contemporary manufacturers like Cherryman and Mayline provide excellent capability for vintage design. Many of these desks boast metallic accents like chrome, along with stunning wood laminates and veneers. These classic details in combination with current design innovations such as plentiful storage and modular layouts create beautiful, functional workspaces.


Any designer will tell you, "accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!" For most, this is the funnest part of any decor project, and with retro as the theme, the potential is endless. The cool thing about vintage styled office design is that there doesn't have to be a pattern. Generally, as long as colors go well together, "retro" will stay the theme no matter which eras you pull from. Bulky 1960s style mid century modern chairs are easily matched with minimalist 70s style lamps and decor. "Modern" art from any era between the 1950s to the 1980s should look exceptional on the wall if placed with a designer's eye. Don't be afraid to mix up the ages!

A Burst Of Color

With retro furniture, there are usually two ways to go: lots of color, or very little. Both styles have the potential to look amazing. We find that black and white or monochromatic tends to look better for older furniture inspired by the 1920s-1940s, giving everything a sort of "vintage photograph" look. Alternatively, because retro stylings from the 60s and 70s tends to be more colorful anyway, we say, "the brighter the better" if you're more inspired by those eras. These days, its easy to shop colorful office chairs for sale from reputable dealers. Most furniture is offered in a wide variety of upholsteries, from fabric to mesh to leather. However, current shopping trends show that gray leather office chairs for monochromatic schemes are all the rage in 2014!

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