Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October Fun: Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Office

Halloween is only a few days away, and it's never too late to decorate! Adding some festive pumpkins, ghosts, and bats to your office arsenal is an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit, and show guests that you know how to have fun. In today's article, we're highlighting some great professional ways for you to dress up desks, workstations, and office chairs to make this year's Halloween a real hoot! Enjoy!

 Petrifying Pencils

This year, let's clean out our pencil drawers and put those babies on display! Pumpkins are excellent Halloween decor, and great for warding away all the spooky spirits on Halloween night, so why not include them at the office too? Craft and party stores all over the nation are selling adorable plastic jack-lanturns to light up the house. Take them to work and full them with pencils, pens, and scissors, and you'll have the perfect Halloween themed pencil box to sit on your desk. If the cool office workstations are a pumpkin patch already, don't be afraid to break out some construction paper, felt, or clay to make your own design. Owls, bats, witches, ghosts, and spooky creatures make wonderful pencil protectors!

Trick or Treat!

Everybody loves candy. This year, why not win the love of your boss and all your coworkers by keeping candy at your desk? Or better yet, at everyone's desk! A trick or treat basket full of goodies is one way to earn yourself tons of visitors throughout your workday, and if your office is the kind frequented by clients and customers, they'll certainly appreciate it too. Just head to the nearest craft store to find an orange bucket (or any creepy color you like). Then, take a sharpie or some black construction paper and glue to create a candy-holding jack-o'-lantern. Don't be afraid to get creative with different creatures for your buckets. Finally, sit them on classic corner office desks for some tricky treats at work!

Bonus Game: Have everyone in the office create their own themed candy jack-o'-lantern (green buckets for frankensteins, spooky white ghosts, black for vampires, brown for owls, purple for witches, etc.) On Halloween, have your own trick or treat game at work. Everyone must find some time during the day to go collect one piece of candy from every desk. Whoever has the most candy and all their work done by the end of the day wins!

Spooky Screensaver

Nothing sets a mood for home and business office furniture like a screensaver! This year, have everyone do a web search to pick out something really spooky (yet professional) to celebrate the holiday. You may even decide to do a new theme each year, such as "favorite halloween movie" or "favorite monster." This particular activity is perfect for those offices where dressing up in costumes is prohibited. It provides the perfect outlet for Halloween energy while staying within corporate rules.

Raven Lunatics

Just about every office has a place for some friends to perch. Cubicle walls, desk edges, ergonomic computer monitor arms and bookshelves all provide excellent places to add some halloween friends. Halloween stores all across the nation are selling little plastic ravens, rats, and owls by the bucketload. Pick up a few at the dollar store and stand them up around the office for some spooky guards. Toy black cats are also affordable ways to get into the holiday spirit, and they make the cutest office decor!


If your workplace is the kind that lets employees go all out with decorations, why not take advantage of it? Spooky stylish modern executive desks provide the perfect playground for office decor.With Halloween as the theme, office decor is only as limited as your imagination! Dress up computer mice to look like real mice, turn cabinets and bookshelves for office storage into spiderwebbed props, hang construction paper ghosts, make masking tape crime scenes on the floor - just make sure you stay within the rules!

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