Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Office Chair Reviews: Global Weev Seating

Global is a brand that's well known for producing some of the best office furniture around. Not only are their products priced to reach a wide variety of budgets and comfort needs, but many of their chairs are Greenguard certified, and made with the finest materials in the most current styles! This week, we're introducing one of their newest hits. Weev Seating by Global lives up to the company's highest standards. Enjoy today's article on this fabulous new chair line!

First off, the style of the Weev line is definitely nothing to be scoffed at. With high end mesh upholstery accented by stellar Global Total Office fabric, this chair is already hot on the heels of it's successful predecessors. An excellent way to increase office versatility is by choosing Weev chairs in multiple colors. Global offers most Weev models in up to ten stylish swatches. Framed in modern design and breathable fabric, these comfortable mesh office chairs will certainly turn heads in the workplace.

However, style isn't the only thing Weev chairs have in spades. Being from Global, these chairs also boast incredible ergonomic features to prevent office pain. Weev chairs are offered both with and without armrests, for user convenience. Chairs like the Weev GL-2222-6 armless mesh chair by Global are designed to bend and give as users move and lean back. This alleviates the pressure points all along the spine, which can sometimes lead to discomfort and pain in the office.

As far as features go, Weev chairs boast just the right amount for their price. Most Weev models are equipped with adjustable seats and sliding seat depth, as well as lumbar support, an injection molded base, and an optional polished aluminum finish. The mesh back of these chairs is perfect for warm offices as the thin upholstery allows cooling airflow to reach the user. These chairs are also designed to flex as the user leans back, preventing pain on the pressure points of the back. As an added plus, Weev chairs are Greenguard Certified for indoor air quality!

For all the features these highly ergonomic chairs for sale are equipped with, they certainly maintain an extremely low price. Weev chairs are ideal for conference rooms, cubicles, and for use around other discount executive furniture in the workplace. Their versatility in both style and features makes them an excellent bargain compared to competitors.

Overall, we believe the Weev Collection by Global Total Office would make a wonderful addition. It goes wonderfully with both home and business office furniture, and provides adequate comfort without costing a fortune. With ergonomic features in tow and multiple choices in both fabric and design, Weev seating offers an excellent chance for users to customize their workplace. Competitors will have a hard time keeping up with the newest addition of chairs from Global Total Office for sure!

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