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Office Makeover Q & A with

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When tackling and office makeover, asking the right questions will help keep your project on track and running smoothly. In today's post, we've compiled the most commonly asked office design questions from our readers and combined them into this Q & A article to help provide insight on the latest trends, styles, and advice needed to get your project started off on the right foot. Enjoy!

Q: What is needed for proper space planning?

To properly plan your new office space you'll definitely need a few essential tools. As accurate measurements are everything, having a tape measure will be your first must have. Basic space planning tools like drawing pencils and grid style drafting paper will definitely come in handy. Last but certainly not least, a decent 3 way scale ruler should be picked up at your local hobby store to help you plot your space correctly. Scale rulers are easy to use and will help you prevent space planning mistakes. In the long run, the old adage of measure twice and cut once applies. Be sure to take accurate dimensions of your space while notating where entry ways, windows, and power outlets are located.

Q: What brands are hot in 2014?

In 2014, brands like Mayline, Global Total Office, Cherryman Industries, and OFM are all trending. Mayline offers modern and traditional casegoods furniture collections that work well in both home and business applications along with a wide range of training room tables and new office chairs that really impress. Global Total Office offers provides high end ergonomic seating and excellent professional furnishings for all essential office areas. Cherryman is a full service brand that should be considered for both traditional and modern office makeover projects. There high quality desking and new iDesk series chairs are absolute winners. Last but not least, OFM is a great choice for lounge and lobby makeover projects. Their selection of contemporary seating and tables is sure to take any waiting area over the top.

Q: What finishes are trending?

This year, dark tones are definitely a hit! Finish options like mocha, espresso, and dark cherry offer the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal. Dark wood and laminate finishes show minimal wear and will ensure your office space looks great for years to come. In addition to darker finish options, brands like Mayline are seeing ample success with new finish options like Gray Steel on there popular Medina office collection. Many office makeover professionals are suggesting gray tones in place of classic finish options like maple, mahogany, and cherry.

Q: What does the average office makeover cost?

The cost of an office makeover project depends on the size of your space, brand you choose for your project, and office furniture collection you choose for your project. On average an executive office makeover project can cost anywhere between $1000 and $10,000 depending on the furniture chosen. Lobby and waiting room makeover projects also vary greatly on cost depending on the seating selected and how many guests your business is looking to accommodate. It's important to set a budget for your project that your business can live with, and proceed accordingly. Any good office furniture dealer will be happy to help you maximize your budget and meet your specific needs.

Q: What furniture lines do you prefer?

At we are huge fans of full service office furniture lines. The ability to use one office furniture collection throughout your business areas creates a professional, and cohesive look you can be proud of. That being said, lines like the new Mayline Medina Collection. Global Total Office Zira Collection, and Cherryman Verde Collection are our favorites for modern projects. The Mayline Sorrento Collection and Cherryman Emerald Collection are our top two staff favorites for traditionally themed makeover projects.

Q: How long should my office makeover take?

This is another commonly asked question that definitely depends on the size of your project and furniture brand you select. Made to order furniture typically takes about 3 to 5 weeks to manufacture and ship while in stock products can usually ship within a few business days. You'll want to factor in a few days for transit as well as the shopping, design, and installation process. Be sure to create a realistic timeline for project completion to avoid being rushed. Those who can take there time often end up much happier than those who are working on the fly!

Q: What decor themes are most popular this year?

These year the modern look is in! With the industries top brands in a race to one up each other with the latest and greatest furniture line, you'll be at no shortage of options for modern makeover projects. In addition, the retro look is also coming back in a major way. Vintage decor can be found at local antique stores and swap meets and has become really popular, as well as a great way to create a one of a kind space. In fact, even today's top brands like OFM are now manufacturing cool new furniture that features retro style characteristics!

Q: How do I save the most money when shopping for new furniture?

There are several great ways to save money when shopping for new office furniture. First and foremost you'll want to shop using a comparison engine like Google Shopping. Here you can sort through various products and easily compare pricing from a variety of the industries most recognized dealers. In addition, visiting popular coupon sites will also help you save a buck! For larger orders like multiple office chairs and desks, calling your dealer of choice directly is always a good idea. Be sure to inquire about bulk discount opportunities and additional savings. If you're just starting your search and have time, consider signing up for a few different email newsletters from furniture dealers you're interested in. You should be sent a monthly letter with specials, deals, and closeouts that can help you save.

Q: Do I need to have an interior design team?

Having an interior design team is definitely a huge help. While this service does come at a premium, it's not an absolute must. Believe it or not, you furniture dealer can provide helpful insight and suggestions on what products will work well together. If you're business is dealing with too many suggestions from various employees, an interior designer may be worth the investment. It's definitely hard to make everyone in a large office happy by selecting the desks and chairs for their individual areas! That being said, if you are in charge of your own makeover, it may be best to save the money and work directly with your dealer of choice.

Q: How hard is furniture installation?

In most cases office furniture installation is nothing to be scared of. A two person team can install most any office desk in approximately 1 hour. That being said, office furniture is often quite heavy. If you have a history of back problems, hiring an installation crew is probably a good idea. Office computer chairs can typically be assembled in about 20 minutes and should go together quite smoothly. For larger projects that include cubicle installation, powered furniture, and large numbers of office chairs, you'll definitely want to consult the professionals first before tackling your project. In most cases, you'll definitely want to inquire about professional installation.

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