Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why A Curved Reception Desk Is Right For Your Business

It's true what they say. You never get a second chance at a first impression. In a competitive business climate, it never hurts to make a statement in with interior design. Lobbies, waiting rooms, and reception areas are often the first places guests and visitors will see when they enter your office, so it's important that these places pack plenty of modern appeal. One of the top trending ways to get this appeal is with stylish curved reception desks. In today's article, we'll be highlighting the benefits and shortfalls to help you decide if a cool curved desk is right for you!

One of the greatest benefits of curved reception desks is that they look good from any angle! In big reception areas, waiting rooms, and lobbies, a desk that can face the whole room is a huge plus, because visitors can feel welcomed from any place in the room. Also, the receptionist typically has more space to work from with a curved desk. Available in crescent, half moon, and circular designs, curved stations are easily the most noticeable piece of office reception furniture for guests to find, so they will never be without the receptionist's assistance!

In addition to eye-catching appeal, curved modern reception desks offer plenty of advanced design features. Not only does the curved wall enforce a modular layout, but many curved reception desks offer space for multiple users. This way, receptionists can reach everything at their desk easily and greet customers from every corner of the room. Additionally, most curved reception desks also feature sophisticated transaction counters for dealing with visitors. Many curved front reception desk collections, such as the Marque from OFM boast contemporary stylings as well. Wood finishes accented by chrome and glass are trending looks that definitely turn heads in the workplace.

Marque series reception desks, like many others, are also available in a variety of size options for shopper convenience. Where curved desks used to be a favorite only of large office spaces, now smaller reception areas can enjoy all the style and practical benefits of these desks as well. Options like the Marque 55290 small reception station by OFM can seat one receptionist. The compact design makes it the perfect corner desk for a waiting room or lobby. However, if you've got space to spare, larger reception desks for sale, such as the Marque 55314 reception station are still rocking the old school designs!

Unfortunately, while curved reception desks do offer all sorts of amazing style benefits to a contemporary workspace, everything has its drawbacks. With curved desks, sometimes it's that cool curvy construction that keeps offices from using them. On rare occasions, the bulging edges can interfere with existing furniture layouts or decor. As with all furniture additions to a space, accurate measurements of the room need to be taken before deciding if a curved desk is right for you. Too often, amateur designers fail to take doorways, windows, and power outlets into account, causing problems down the road when decorating. If a curved desk isn't right for you, don't worry. There are plenty of stylish salon reception stations to fit in offices of every size and shape!

For those who have measured their spaces and taken additional furniture into account, we cannot recommend curved reception stations enough. Stylish, utilitarian, modular, and modern, these curvy desks are always on the cutting edge of contemporary design. However, of all the curved desks out there, the Marque reception desk collection by OFM remains the favorite. With no tools required for assembly and an expandable modular design, these desks function as good as they look. Most Marque desks are offered in three stunning finishes, with shining chrome and glass accents to boot. Available in a number of sizes, these dazzling desks are too tough to top!

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