Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 Office Chairs That Will Work For You

Working in an office, the last thing anyone needs is the distraction of physical pain. Thankfully, furniture manufacturers have been working hard to develop comfortable ergonomic chairs to relieve aches and pains, while also providing excellent utility. To help you narrow the search for your perfect office chair, we've compiled a list of supreme, highly ergonomic office seating solutions that will work for you. Enjoy!

Yoga fans and fitness enthusiasts everywhere have long appreciated the healthier seating solutions provided in Eurotech's renowned Chakra chair series. If your office could use a little zen and relaxation, these are definitely the option for you. All five of Eurotech's colorful Chakra chairs feature an open zoomorphic structure for a seating experience that's lighter than air. Seven independently moving cushions are designed to move with the user, always supporting the body's pressure points for maximum comfort. With an almost frameless design, as seen on the Chakra-Pink-Gray pink ergonomic chair, this seat looks as amazing as it feels!

Next on our list is a favorite of Global Total Office fans everywhere. The Arti 6670-2 ergonomic chair for pain relief was designed solely to enhance workplace comfort. The chair is equipped with articulating back mechanisms that actually mold to the human spine. Bending and twisting as the user does, owners of this chair never have to worry about lacking support. Up to 95% of this chair is easily recyclable, and in case your having doubts, Global also gives multiple colors for users to pick from!

For anyone seeking a price friendly chair to outfit the whole workplace, look no further than the affordable 654 OFM Vision Executive chair. Ergonomic features include a fully adjustable ratchet back, seat position sliding adjustment, and a removable, washable mesh cover. Of course, this chair won't boast nearly as much comfort as the others on our list, but for an affordable option capable of going anywhere in the office, the Vision couldn't be a better choice. For those looking to maximize workplace potential and increase style, this versatile executive chair  is the one!

It's hard to beat Global Total Office for chairs that are stylish, comfortable, and well priced. Perhaps that's why we can't get enough of their Spree chair series! Much like the Arti, Global Spree chairs are designed to revolutionize workplace comfort. The 6041 white ergonomic office chair from the Global Spree collection not only features a wrapped lumbar for constant support. It also includes a seat slider, flexible seat structure, pneumatic lift, and non-restrictive shape.

Finally, we leave you with the best of the best in terms of ergonomic comfort! The 22011 RFM Verte chair has long been reputed as one of the most comfortable ergonomic office chairs in the world. This highly developed chair was years in the making. It boasts eleven torsion spring loaded joints that take an exact impression of the sitter's spine and can be locked in place. This chair is a little pricier than most, but for office workers who have had extensive back surgery or suffer from constant pain, this office chair that improves posture is the ticket!

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