Monday, November 24, 2014

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Turkey Day At Work!

With more and more companies demanding that employees work the Thanksgiving holiday, the least they can do is allow a little extra fun in the break room. Even if you don't have to spend your holiday at work, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy Thanksgiving with coworkers (and get rid of some of those leftovers)! For an office Thanksgiving party everyone can be thankful for, enjoy today's article!

Get in the Spirit

Getting in the holiday spirit with decorations is everyone's favorite way to celebrate this time of year. Dressing up the modular office cubicles with baby pumpkins and cinnamon sticks will not only help the office look the part, but also help it smell amazing! Sprinkling colorful leaves and cornucopia centerpieces on reception area coffee tables will earn a host of comments from guests as well. Don't be afraid to light a few scented candles to kickstart your fall-themed fun!

Easy Recipes

Store-bought is not a sin! One of the worst parts of an office Thanksgiving party for allergy sufferers is that they have to suffer through potlucks of delicious homemade dishes with skeptical ingredients. Making simple dishes, with recipes that can be printed offline and put on the table too, helps create a more allergy-friendly potluck all coworkers can enjoy. With this in mind, fill up the modern break room tables and ring the bell for lunch. We guarantee you'll have a grateful crowd in no time!

The Morning After

With all the hassle Thanksgiving dinner already is, sometimes trying to organize a potluck before the big day can feel like pulling teeth. The morning after though, no problem! Typically, the day after Thanksgiving, any sort of potluck is welcome by employees. A big work lunch or dinner with coworkers and their families will help to get rid of the copious leftovers that would go bad unless eaten!

Office Potluck

On a holiday that's known as the biggest dinner of the year, calling for a potluck the day after Thanksgiving is rarely an opposed event. Easy recipes like turkey-salad, turkey sandwiches, turkey-noodle soup, turkey pot pie, and turkey frittatas will be the obvious stars of the break room. Since most people tend to make the same foods on this holiday though, a sign up sheet is a must to ensure a diversified table. You may even choose to include a list of recipes for employees to look up for alternative Thanksgiving leftovers. Tons of suggestions are all over the internet this time of year. Include a few with the email invite to the potluck. We promise the training room and event chairs will be filled with folks wanting to share their new dishes!

Here's a few recipe look-ups that aren't totally turkey:

- Eggs in purgatory
- Vegetable samosas
- Fried stuffing bites with cranberry pesto (or gravy sauce)
- Stuffing-stuffed mushrooms
- Leftover veggie frittatas
- Potato cakes
- Stuffing cakes
- Fried veggies
- Turkey chili (okay, we cheated a little…)
- And if all else fails, paninis!

Party Tricks and Parades

After all that food, it's never hurts to participate in a few office party games to (hopefully) shed some of those pounds. Trash-bin basketball and office chair races are long-time favorites of the workplace, but shaking things up with Thanksgiving-themed events is fun too. Pin the tail on the turkey, cornhole, egg-toss, and potato sack races are all fun Fall Festival games that can be played outside. Of course, this is a lazy holiday after the dinner. For those that would rather relax, use office presentation accessories to set up a projector in the conference room. Watch the parade, football, or any other Thanksgiving favorites!

Pay It Forward

With all the shopping and overtime Americans are forced through this time of year, it's easy to forget that Thanksgiving is, first and foremost, all about being thankful. Thanksgiving isn't meant to be about finding the perfect recipe, slaving away in the kitchen, or shopping Black Friday deals. Taking time to be thankful and giving without expecting are the morals this holiday is meant to teach. For businesses, this means sending out appreciation notes to employees, participating in charity food drives, and letting the staff enjoy time with family this holiday season. The office task chairs will only be empty for a day, take the time to enjoy it!

We hope you enjoyed these holiday party tips!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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