Wednesday, November 5, 2014

7 Ways Maximize Your Lobby Makeover Budget

Lobby Makeover Tips
Lobby makeover projects can be quite costly. The seating and accent furnishings needed for your space to shine will no doubt be a strain on your budget. That being said, in today's post we'll share some great tips and tricks to help your business maximize your lobby makeover budget while getting the most out of your guest waiting area.

Set The Budget

First things first, you have to set a budget your business can comfortably accept. To set an accurate budget, consider how many guests you hope to accommodate at any given time in your space. In addition to seating, be sure to account for the style of chairs, sofas, and furniture you feel will best represent your business and do some pricing research to keep things in perspective. Once you've got an idea on what your seating will cost, be sure to factor in an allotment of your budget for room accents. This will help take your space to the next level and should not be left out. Remember, the little details tend to make the biggest difference and will make for a more welcoming and inviting space for your valued guests!


When starting your office lobby makeover, it's best to kick things off by making a list of priorities ranked in by individual importance. In most cases lobby seating and guest comfort will be at the top of the list. Room accents and decor should also be highly prioritized. By determining a list of priorities, you can better allot your funds to accommodate your space.

Budget Breakdown

Once you've created a list of priorities it's time to breakdown your budget. Make a list and determine how much of your funds will be allotted for each area of your makeover. Areas to breakdown include seating, coffee tables, end tables, area rugs, lamps, wall art, and accessories. A properly broken down budget will prevent you from overspending in any one area!


Now that you have the goals for your space prioritized and the budget broken down, it's time to strategize with your team. As time is money, a precise plan of attack and time frame for your project will help you make the most of your makeover funds. With your team, determine how much time should be spent shopping and researching, how much time should be allotted for product shipment, and how to handle your installation process. Sticking to your plan will prevent wasted time, along with wasted budget!

Shop for Value

Once the shopping process has begun, it's time to find some savings! Comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and The Find will allow you to shop for specific products categorized by price, dealer, and often highlight special deals to help you save. In addition to comparison shopping engines, coupon sites like and are a must visit. These helpful sites offer coupons from most of the industries best furniture sites.

Contact Your Dealer

Once you've found the products and a lobby furniture dealer you like, be sure to contact them directly before making your purchase. Take the time to inquire about estimated product lead times as well as current specials and bulk discount pricing. Speaking with your dealer directly may also provide valuable insight as to what products are trending and additional ways to help you maximize your budget.

Source Installation

Installation services can be costly, but are often necessary for larger projects. Smaller lobby design projects can often be handled internally to help maximize the budget. That being said, if your business is in need of professional installation services, you will want to source companies closest to your business. Avoid installation networks that act as middle men. Businesses such as these are indeed helpful, but do come at a premium that can be easily avoided. Sourcing office furniture installers in your area is only a Google search away and will help you save a bundle. Be sure to get pricing quotes from at least 3 installers to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. You can also inquire with your dealer of choice about preferred installers in your area. In the long run, installation services will help to expedite your makeover project while providing a smooth transition that prevents unwanted frustrations and headaches.

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