Wednesday, December 3, 2014

7 Great Gift Ideas for The Deserving Boss!

Has your boss been good all year round? If so, it's time to show some appreciation for the head honcho with a great gift from your team. All to often, finding the perfect gift for a boss can be a real headache. The years of buying ties and wallets are far and gone. That being said, you'll get a lot more bang for your buck if you chip in with your team on one great gift. The ideas listed below are sure to impress your boss and earn you and your team some serious recognition. Avoid the naughty list and get your boss a gift he deserves!

1.) Ergonomic Office Chair

Ambarella Chair

Is your boss squeaking around the office in an old and uncomfortable office chair? If so, it's time for an upgrade! Chairs like the new iDesk Ambarella from Cherryman Industries are just $214.00 and provide unbelievable support. For just a little over $20 from 10 team members, your boss can be computing in style!

2.) Dual Screen Monitor Arm

dual screen monitor arm

Dual screen monitor arms look cool and provide a lot of great benefits in the workplace. A dual screen monitor mounting system costs around $250 and will instantly make your bosses work day more effective. With just 10 team members contributing $25, you and your staff can look like rock stars.

3.) Solstice Lamp

Solstice Desk Lamp and Charging Station

The Solstice desk lamp by ESI provides more than just energy efficient lighting. This handy unit acts as a charging station for any device that operates via a USB charging port. If you boss loves technology and the good old smart phone, this gift idea is a real winner!

4.) Office Desk

Medina Desk

Believe it or not, for just $292.99 you can get your boss the office desk they deserve. Models like the MND63 from the Mayline Medina collection are super stylish and affordable. These professional quality desks offer executive appeal and plenty of matching accessories to add on future holidays. If you're looking for a great gift with wow factor, a new desk might just be the way to go. You can have the desk setup in your bosses office waiting for he or she to arrive and enjoy it. Rest assured, they will be impressed with your creativity and ingenuity!

5.) Whiskey Stones

For those who don't know, whiskey stones provide users with the ability to chill their favorite alcohol without diluting it down. These affordable and swanky stones make the perfect gift for the boss who has a bottle of high end whiskey on the credenza to impress valued clients! You may also consider adding a some cool drinking glasses for a double gift.

6.) Espresso Maker

Espresso Maker

Is your boss a coffee lover? An espresso maker makes a great gift idea! Sometimes that breakroom coffee just won't cut it, and an espresso boost is needed to make it though those long days at the office. As personal espresso makers have become more affordable than ever, they make awesome gift ideas for the deserving boss. Be careful though, you'll want to be sharing this gift regularly!

7.) Laptop Caddy

Laptop Caddy

A laptop caddy desk is perfect for any boss on the go! These little devices come in handy during meetings and during travel. Laptop caddy's from brands like Mayline, Flash Furniture, and more offer excellent ergonomic benefits that any boss will appreciate. Typically available for under a hundred bucks, you just can't beat this value.

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